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  1. So what did I win? That was a total guess, btw. Theres so many IT techs out there. I had a good chance of getting it right!

    My guess: IT tech...

    Ding, ding: Winner!

    You're welcome to have any of my opened and full, but digusting, Protein Shake containers.... :)

  2. I'm assuming you work outside or you could work inside but have issues rolling your eyes at people..thus the sunglasses.

    Ok, one more try.. landscaper? or maybe cattle rancher? I think I'm terrible at this game.

    Points for suggesting I roll my eyes at lot - sometimes, they're actually tired after work.

  3. Again, I have to ask, what do the guys wear? Are men also walking around wearing these bracelets and necklaces?

    Anyway, I need to check with my surgeon. I've honestly never heard of anyone with any medical condition wearing anything like this in the country I live in, so I don't know if emergency responders would even know to look.

    I was thinking of just using a small labeller and putting "Gastrecomy - no NSAID or NGT" on the bottom of my license. GIve that I'm also a guy, it's extremely unlikely that I won't have my wallet on me and my license is right in front. Thoughts from the nurses/medical professionals?

  4. Stupid question, but can you regain the weight after VSG. I mean, most of your stomach is gone so there's only so much a person can eat. If losing weight is about Portion Control and you can't each so much, how is it possible to gain weight. A little weight yeah but regain most or half the weight lost? I'm scratching my head.

    You can stretch your sleeve out. Also, if you consume HC/HF foods that slide through your narrow sleeve such as ice cream you will regain.

  5. Question?? I fixed me some ice Water in a cup instead of drinking it out of the bottle habit I put a straw in it. I didn't realized until about half way thru the cup. I was like oh goodness I did that out of habit. I took it out and now just drinking from the cup. I am 8 days post op. Now worried if I have hurt myself or damaged anything??? I feel fine as of right now. Any input would be very much appreciated!!!

    You should be fine. Using straws isn't recommended because you will intake air on every sip causing more gas. For some wls folks the opposite seems true.