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  1. Hi, I'm scheduled for surgery June 30 in Mexico.
  2. I am in a stall and I am starting a reset today! Goal is to get in over 100 grams of Protein, Fiber and drink 8-9 glasses of water! I am also keeping my cals in check by using myfitnesspal.
  3. DarbiMolly

    Before after Nov 2014 May 2016

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  5. Sleeved June 30. I'm down 56 lbs. 23 more to go! Feeling great!!!!!! No regrets.
  6. I couldn't even get Water into me. I still struggle and I'm 3 months out.
  7. Well, you said you slacked off so that's one thing you can do - be really consistent with weighing and measuring. I started at 209. I lost 24 lbs on my 1 month pre op. Then after surgery, I lost another 17 lbs the next month. I've slowed down now that I'm on solid foods but I weigh everything on my scale. You can do it!
  8. DarbiMolly

    Anyone want to be fat again?

    No way!!!!!!! I've been able to stop some meds. I'm no longer plagued with headaches. I look fantastic and my hubby tells me every day how sexy I am. (he told me before my weight loss too btw). I feel awesome!
  9. DarbiMolly

    Bullying Other VSG'ers

    I agree somewhat. I think its great that some people are making such great strides in their lifestyle by adding exercise and eating right. Kudos to you - not everyone is the same which is what makes this world wonderful. I think that if someone is on here whining and crying because they aren't losing weight but they are scarfing down Cookies and ice cream then figure it out!!! Don't be a victim.
  10. LOL. I love to cook so I still cook and my hubby eats and he has gained a bit!
  11. DarbiMolly

    Secret Surgery

    I told almost no one. My kids know, my hubby, my best friend, my sister in law, 3 friends at work. That's it.
  12. DarbiMolly

    6 days Post Op

    You are doing so well! Keep up the good work! It gets better every week! Keep your spirits up. I had some pretty dark days but at 7 weeks out I am doing really well!
  13. DarbiMolly

    Sleeved today

    Congrats. Just take it one day at a time. Each week gets better and better!!!!
  14. My facilitator has said the same - she said its a 1-2 year process. I had my surgery on June 30. I was 209 and at 5'3" my BMI was relatively low compared to a lot of people so for me, I would have expected that I would lose weight much slower. At just 7 weeks post op I am down 46.6 lbs. I have 33 lbs to go to reach my goal weight. I've lost 58% of my weight so far. I have started to lose slower but its coming off and I'm happy. My goal date is December 17. That is 4 months away with 38 lbs to go. I'm hopeful! )
  15. DarbiMolly

    anyone REGRET the sleeve?

    Hi, it will get better! Keep on doing what you are doing! )
  16. DarbiMolly

    7 days til surgery

    You will be fine! Good Luck!
  17. DarbiMolly

    1 week post op, need advice/help...

    I've had a similar experience. Wondered if I am now lactose intolerant. I also broke out in bad hives all over - had them for 3 weeks as soon as I started my Protein shakes. I stopped the shakes and just thought today I'd try again and WHAM - cramps and on the toilet. Ugh. I can tolerate milk though and eggs so I'm unsure what's happening. Good Advice!
  18. DarbiMolly

    1 week post op, need advice/help...

    Hi, I can understand how you feel. It can be frustrating. The head hunger is very hard. It does get better though. I was sleeved June 30 - 5 weeks ago and it gets better every single week! Just remember as you go through each stage its like learning all over again, you master one stage and then you have to relearn a new stage so be patient with your sleeve.
  19. DarbiMolly

    June 2014 Sleevers Check In!

    Sleeved June 30. Down 44 lbs. Happy Happy but its not easy learning to eat again. There are days when I'd like to just sit down and eat without making it a job. LOL
  20. DarbiMolly

    Out 7 Days & Pissed

    I had surgery June 30 and my drain was out before I left the hospital. I'd go get that thing out.
  21. I had the same thing. At first I thought it was because I started premier Protein from costco and maybe I was allergic to milk protein. BUT, I had been having milk before and was fine. It's 3 weeks now, I was given prednisone and benadryl/claritin and it seemed to help but the meds were making my tummy feel awful. I stopped everything after the prednisone. I seem to be getting better slowly on my own but going to my family doctor tonight to talk to him about it. I've never had food allergies - EVER - so I am stumped.
  22. I'm 4 weeks out. Today I had an egg for breaky. Felt ok so I stopped. I'm losing interest in food. It's just such a job to even eat it. Hoping to get better after I recover longer but right now food doesn't have any magic for me anymore.
  23. DarbiMolly

    Paleo Diet

    My naturopath raves about this diet and it does make you feel better. I am a dairy lover though so I find it challenging at times. But there are tons of good recipes out there!
  24. DarbiMolly

    Pre-op diet

    I would say that "Unfun" is a good way to describe it. It's tough for sure, you an do it. I'm 4 weeks out from surgery and down 41 lbs. Just stay focused. If you feel your energy is low just take care of yourself. I was also without protein for 2 weeks after surgery and i couldn't even walk around the block without being exhausted. It gets better day by day.

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