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  1. I've now reached 110 pounds lost! That is more than my sister weighs haha I go around saying "I lost a Sammy" lmao And my mom keeps saying "Half-a-Hana" lol The feeling is incredible. I'm buying size 10 outfits, medium dresses... I'm working out and running a lot and just generally enjoying life so much more than before. This past weekend I went up to NY for a family wedding. I hadn't seen a number of these people in a long, long time and the response was overwhelming. Some people cried, they were so happy for me and my success and my good health. I felt and looked incredible. It was just an incredible weekend. Below are a couple of before photos and the last photo is a small collage from the wedding! November 2012 June 2013 May 2014 (4 weeks post-op) September 12, 2014 September 27, 2014 (5 months post-op, 110 pounds lost) HW (recorded): 301 SW (4/21/14): 271 CW (9/27/14): 191 32 years old 5'5"
  2. hmk715

    Personal trainer

    I day I start with a personal trainer. I'm a little over 3 months post-op - was sleeved on April 21, 2014. I've only been doing cardio, for the most part - walking, treadmill, elliptical and now doing the couch-to-5K app outside since the weather is gorgeous. The problem is that I know nothing about strength and weight training and I'm not the kind of person who can watch a YouTube video to work on it - I need a teacher, I need actual guidance - someone to tailor something for my needs, watch my form and most importantly - keep me accountable!! I'd prefer not to have any more surgery and I think the best way to avoid cosmetics/plastics is to really kick the weight training in/up. I found a number of people online and she seemed the most reasonable and she actually got me in touch with another bariatric client of hers, which made me feel great!! I'm nervous! Maybe that's weird but I'm nervous. The idea of failure is always sitting in the back of my mind - can I do this? Will I bail? I don't meet with her until 7 and I've been awake since 4!! Has anyone else gone the personal training route? Pros? Cons?
  3. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    I forgot to weigh in last week! Mostly because I got off the plane on Thursday night and weighed 5 pounds more because of water weight and probably in part do to travelling the week before! Ugh I definitely did not meet my goal but I was happy to end in the 180s. These last two months have been a little rough. But onward and downward I go! Thanks for all the work to maintain this thread! Starting weight: 196 Ending weight: 189 GW: 180
  4. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) September 19 - 195.2 (+2) September 26 - 191 (-4.2) October 3 - 191.6 (+.6) October 10 - 191 (-.6) October 17 - 189.8 (-1.2) Well hello there 180s!!! Halloween GW - 180
  5. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) September 19 - 195.2 (+2) September 26 - 191 (-4.2) October 3 - 191.6 (+.6) October 10 - 191 (-.6) So I think I'm finally in a dreaded stall, coming up on my 6 month surgiversary. Despite that, I feel great, I look great, I ran my second 5k this past weekend, I've got at least 3 more coming up. I may not hit goal for this challenge but I'm totally rocking the challenge of getting my life back!! Halloween GW - 180
  6. It sounds like it's going to be completely ridiculous and I'm allllll about that haha I have an old sweater that I'm going to have to pin/take-in some how lol
  7. My username on MFP is hkabashi82
  8. I use myfitnesspal.com to keep track of my diet and food diary. My diary is public so you can see all the nitty gritty details on their if you use it and want to be my friend I haven't been as diligent lately but you can certainly go back through the weeks/months to see what I've been doing. Generally though, I do have coffee, at least one cup a day, the caffeine deprived headaches were super painful and I hate taking pills so I figured one/two cups of caffeine wouldn't kill me... I start with coffee... I have a Protein shake most mornings or for a morning snack... I love low-fat cheese (string cheese, bonibels, fresh mozzarella) - so that's a super easy snack. I boil a lot of eggs and snack on egg whites or make an egg-white salad with a little mustard, salt and pepper (i tend to stay away from mayo, mostly). I love those individual tuna packets!! They're soooooo good and so easy to handle. I toss a teaspoon of a deelish aioli mustard from Trader Joe's and I'm happy as can be. Trader Joe's does have this incredible low card, low calorie, high Fiber tortilla - if you allow yourself any carbs, this is the way to go! The net carbs are only like 4g a serving, only 45 calories - They're incredible and pretty much the only bread-like product in my diet. The rest of my carbs come from dairy, yogurts, etc. I cook a lot of chicken, get tips from bariatric sites for all different kinds of meals that don't require breading, oils, bad fats... I do lots of low-sodium cold cuts - rolled with low-fat cheese, wrapped in lettuce, or one of the aforementioned apps.... sugar free popsicles, no-sugar-added fudge pops, greek yogurt pops, vita-cakes... all good sweet, snack options. Target has a simply balanced line of duets - these greek yogurt blends - they're delicious, under 100 calories and a nice source of protein. Hmmm... The last few days on myfitnesspal have been HORRIBLE because of work stress and being poorly prepared so if you do find me on there, don't judge me! haha But feel free to look through some of my better days and reach out with questions Thanks everyone!
  9. Don't cry! lol My family did that at a recent family wedding - I reduced people to tears and was near ruining my make-up lol Thank you!
  10. I did my second 5k this morning and averaged a 13:34 pace, which is great for me!!! My puppy ran it with me and was such a champ I have 2 in November - the Color Run and then a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and one last one for the year in December, an ugly sweater holiday run haha So excited!!!
  11. Hey all, I'm interested in meeting other single women who have been going through the same experience that I have as a WLS patient. Just curious who, if anyone, is out there in the Maryland area.
  12. hmk715

    FB group for lesbian/bi women!

    It is! Search for the group, I think that'll work.
  13. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) September 19 - 195.2 (+2) September 26 - 191 (-4.2) October 3 - 191.6 (+.6) Kinda bummed. I had weighed less through the week. But I'm finally getting back to working out again after being off for 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it together for the next 4 weeks and lose the 12 pounds!! Halloween GW - 180
  14. I was fortunate to not worry about complications. Despite your complications, your progress has been great! Good for you with sticking with it and not getting discouraged! And thank you!
  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words and awesome response!!
  16. @@SherB I lost 80 pounds in 5 months, 30 before surgery. And yeah, I do work out a lot and was foruntely able to start the week after surgery and haven't really stopped since. It's a big part of my success, really. I started with only cardio - walking, ellipticals, treadmill... Eventually started a couch-to-5K training app and 2 months ago I started with a personal trainer to help incorporate weight/strength training to work on toning the loose skin.
  17. @@katesuccess Thank you so much! And you should be happy! You're doing fabulously too! @@Comeflywithme An inspiration? Me?! That's so cool haha I love it! Everyone on this site has helped so much as I progress on this journey so any little bit I can do to make someone feel motivated/better/accomplished, I'm more than happy to provide it!
  18. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) September 19 - 195.2 (+2) September 26 - 191 (-4.2) WOOOO HOOO Halloween GW - 180
  19. So, not that I'm complaining, but I think it's weird that I can fit into size 10 pants and dresses and yet I weigh 193lbs... I don't get it. That seems strange, no?

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    2. hmk715


      You're right and I am totally proud! I guess I just need to get my brain on board :)

    3. woo woo

      woo woo

      Sizes have also changed if you are comparing to years ago, 10 is not the same as it was in the 90s for example.

    4. JeanZ_RN


      I agree with woo woo. What is now a misses size 10 would have been labeled a 12 a few years ago.

  20. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) September 19 - 195.2 (+2) I'm super frustrated with myself! I've never had to post a gain. I've been feeling so ravenous this week, doesn't help that it's that time of the month and now, due to another health concern unrelated to my weight and WLS, I can't work out for the next 10 days... It's going to be a rough couple of weeks. Halloween GW - 180
  21. From the album: hmk715

    The photo on the left is May 2013 - 300+ pounds, size 20. The blonde hair/blue dress is from September 12, 2014, on the way to a friends wedding - 193 pounds, size 10 dress. I was able to walk into an outlet store and buy a dress off the rack without any problems or issues!
  22. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    I'm weighing in a little early because I am travelling this weekend - starting tonight - and I'm not sure I'll like the scale anywhere else haha September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) Halloween GW - 180
  23. I completed and rocked the Dirty Girl 5K mud run a few weeks ago. Onward: I signed up for the Tunnel-to-Towers 5K in NYC at the end of September, a local neighbors 5K on raise funds for her son'a medical condition in October and the Baltimore Color Run 5K in November. I also want to do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning at my parents place in NY. Lots of plans and big plans to rock them all!!