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  1. hmk715

    Personal trainer

    I day I start with a personal trainer. I'm a little over 3 months post-op - was sleeved on April 21, 2014. I've only been doing cardio, for the most part - walking, treadmill, elliptical and now doing the couch-to-5K app outside since the weather is gorgeous. The problem is that I know nothing about strength and weight training and I'm not the kind of person who can watch a YouTube video to work on it - I need a teacher, I need actual guidance - someone to tailor something for my needs, watch my form and most importantly - keep me accountable!! I'd prefer not to have any more surgery and I think the best way to avoid cosmetics/plastics is to really kick the weight training in/up. I found a number of people online and she seemed the most reasonable and she actually got me in touch with another bariatric client of hers, which made me feel great!! I'm nervous! Maybe that's weird but I'm nervous. The idea of failure is always sitting in the back of my mind - can I do this? Will I bail? I don't meet with her until 7 and I've been awake since 4!! Has anyone else gone the personal training route? Pros? Cons?
  2. Don't cry! lol My family did that at a recent family wedding - I reduced people to tears and was near ruining my make-up lol Thank you!
  3. I did my second 5k this morning and averaged a 13:34 pace, which is great for me!!! My puppy ran it with me and was such a champ I have 2 in November - the Color Run and then a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and one last one for the year in December, an ugly sweater holiday run haha So excited!!!
  4. Hey all, I'm interested in meeting other single women who have been going through the same experience that I have as a WLS patient. Just curious who, if anyone, is out there in the Maryland area.
  5. hmk715

    FB group for lesbian/bi women!

    It is! Search for the group, I think that'll work.
  6. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    September 5 - 196 September 11 - 193.2 (-2.8) September 19 - 195.2 (+2) September 26 - 191 (-4.2) October 3 - 191.6 (+.6) Kinda bummed. I had weighed less through the week. But I'm finally getting back to working out again after being off for 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to pull it together for the next 4 weeks and lose the 12 pounds!! Halloween GW - 180
  7. From the album: hmk715

    The photo on the left is May 2013 - 300+ pounds, size 20. The blonde hair/blue dress is from September 12, 2014, on the way to a friends wedding - 193 pounds, size 10 dress. I was able to walk into an outlet store and buy a dress off the rack without any problems or issues!
  8. hmk715

    Halloween challenge

    Yay new challenge!! September 5: 196 Halloween GW: 180 Thanks for all the work to maintain this! Good luck everyone
  9. hmk715

    Official: FitBit Thread

    I just got my Fitbit One and would love friends!! Feel free to add me: https://www.fitbit.com/user/2VV2FX Thanks! Hana
  10. hmk715

    Labor day Challenge

    July 7 - 220.2 July 14 - 214.6 July 23 - 211.8 July 29 - 210.6 August 4 - 208.6 August 12 - 203.2 August 20 - 201 I'm 4 months out from my VSG and 70 pounds down since then and 100 pounds lost since my HW ever, last August :) Labor Day GW - 195 Thanks!!
  11. hmk715


    From the album: hmk715

    Here is a side-by-side, before and after pic.... I've never taken one of those "Look how much room there is in my pants" shots haha
  12. I am now officially the lightest weight I've ever been in my adult life... The last time I weighed 219 was 10 years ago. Excuse me while I have a moment.
  13. hmk715

    4th of July Challenge

    I started on Monday, May 26 since my last weigh in is today, Monday, June 30. I leave for vacation tomorrow and won't be online until I get back next week. Monday, May 26 - 237.4 Monday, June 2 - 234.4 Monday, June 9th - 231 Monday, June 16th - 227.2 Tuesday, June 24th - 224.8 Monday, June 30th - 220.6 GW (for challenge): 218/219 I didn't make goal but I'm really not upset. I lost an awesome amount, kept on track and am still the lowest weight I've been in almost 10 years... I'LL TAKE IT! Let's hope I can keep on track while on vacation at an all inclusive resort! Bea - thanks so much for this! You've been an inspiration and these have been great challenges! Good luck in your future endeavors! Congrats to everyone who has reached (or will reach goal). Good luck this next week!
  14. hmk715

    Dizzy spells

    I did, yes, to both. I'm definitely going to up my fluids. I've been worried about that from the beginning.
  15. hmk715

    Memorial Day Challenge

    8/2/13 301 (Highest weight) April 7 282 April 14 275 April 21 270 (Surgery weight) April 28 255 May 5 249.4 May 12 244.8 (First goal met, new goal of 235 set for Memorial Day) May 19 241.2 May 26 237.4 I didn't get to my second goal but I'm super happy at my results! This challenge started on April 21, which was my surgery date, and have lost nearly 33 pounds in those 5 weeks. Count me in for the 4th of July challenge!!
  16. hmk715

    photo 9.JPG

    From the album: hmk715

  17. hmk715

    APRIL 21st Sleevers!

    Im on soft/mushy foods but it's been hard getting my requisite fluids and protein in. Think of it this way - you're maximizing weight loss potential!! ;P
  18. hmk715

    APRIL 21st Sleevers!

    Weekly check in! 1-starting weight/height before preop diet 2-weight day of surgery 3-weight today 4-goal weight 5-accomplishments this week 6-whats your goal for this week My stats: 1- HW 301; Started pre-op at 282; 5'5 2- SW 267 3- CW 244 4- 150 5- Back to work and feeling good! 6- Still need my fluids in!!! It's been difficult! - Hana
  19. hmk715

    Newly sleeved :)

    Thanks guys!! Good luck to you both on this ride

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