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  1. ok, so it looks to me like you wear a stomach pump around your neck with a straw through a port into your stomach. Um..just no. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? YIKES!
  2. wannaBthinsoon

    Husband left me!

    @@Yadie2006 You probably don't realize this now, but in a month or two, your confidence is going to go through the roof! You will realize that you are worth it. You will look back at how "he" wasn't there for you, and be glad you made the decision to become healthy and thin, instead of obese and unhappy with a man who loves only himself. If he had truly loved you, he would've been there to hold your hand when you were scared before the surgery, and he would be waiting in the recovery room for you to wake up, and be so relieved when you do. But, I don't see that with your man. I see a chickenshit, who wants to control you. Good for you for choosing YOU and your kids. I really don't think you will ever regret that decision. .................and like others have said.....forget him!
  3. wannaBthinsoon

    United health care?

    I have UHC, and they dropped that requirement (via my employer) 2 years ago. You do have to have "some" proof of "some" structured weightloss via a PCP or weight watchers,etc. That used to be 6 months, but now there is no actual specific number of months. You must have a BMI of 40 or if BMI of 35-39 you must also have comorbities (ie sleep apnea or diabetes, etc) You do have to use a Bariatric COE as well. The bariatric hosp will require a EGD and psych eval. Oh..and you must be over 18 years old
  4. wannaBthinsoon

    Surgery Monday. I'm about to back out!

    Popsicles kept me from dehydration since it is so hard to drink at first. You are so smart to have gotten them ahead of time. Keep the fluids going!!! So happy you are on the mend!
  5. @Romo4miles I also have UHC and after I had my surgery last April they did drop that requirement of 6 months supv diet.
  6. Oh the hoops they make us jump through to become healthy. It may seem like an issue, but it isn't, really. During the 6 months, you can knock that out, plus find out what else you need to get done, and get that done during the 6 months~ so once the 6 months is done, you are ready to go! My Insurance co dropped the 5 (or 3) previous years of weight...but I had it for them just in case (from my OBGYN visits, and from WW meetings weigh ins) During the 6 months I was preparing, I did a sleep study in case I had apnea (which I found out I did...but don't anymore!) I scheduled my psych visit and NUT class at the bariatric hospital. You can do this. It is so worth it...and really....it's only 6 months. You've waited this long....what's 6 more months?! That is what I kept telling myself.
  7. Same as @@Elode . I called my insurance company on THE day it was in effect for the requirements from them. I had spoken to others at my company who had the surgery the previous year, so I knew what I had to get done even before I had the coverage (seminar, 6 month supv diet with my PCP, and a co-morbid....so I did a sleep study and had to get a c-pap). So, on the day I had coverage I called our "bariatric resource" dept with our health insurance co. She said I had to go through a COE Bariatric hospital. They assigned me a contact person, who handled everything. I scheduled my appt with the COE Bariatric hospital, who scheduled my Psych visit (on site Psych on staff at bariatric COE!!) and Nut visit, and EGD...all scheduled in the same week. Once psych visit was completed, the psych approved me for surgery, and the next day or two I had the nut visit and EGD (required by COE Bariatric hosp,.....not the insurance co). My surgery was approved within a week after the psych approved me!! My surgery date was a month later! WOW! Typing that all out brought it all back to me. It was such a whirl wind time!!
  8. wannaBthinsoon


    sorry you are having such an emotional time of it. Try to remember that no one can make someone else happy. It is each persons responsibility to make themselves happy. Just take care of YOU. (I'm not sure why you feel the need to text your hubs, who is in the next room). consider that you are not the same person you were prior to surgery. You probably weren't as emotional, or as sick, either. It will calm down soon, just give it some time, and rest, and recover.
  9. wannaBthinsoon

    Prior abdominal surgery

    @@j16 I asked my surgeon to not go thru my belly button, because I had so many laproscopies in my early years before my hysterectomy. so He went above my belly button. He went above it for my gallbladder too.
  10. wannaBthinsoon

    Is it really worth it?

    @@BrightEyes42 Well, being a planner..."plan" to have a wonderful new life after your bariatric surgery. It is a true life saver.
  11. wannaBthinsoon

    Gall Bladder surgery!

    I wish mine would've been removed when I had my sleeve surgery, but there were no stones in it then. I did this after losing the weight. And I'm not even done losing yet. I'm glad it's gone, and that I never have to worry about another attack. But I'm having a rough time. That, and not winning the powerball. Kinda ruined my week.
  12. wannaBthinsoon

    Gall bladder taken out after sleeve?!?!?

    My surgery is next Thursday. I've prepared my boss, and I have someone in place to cover my desk. I will be out for sure for a week until my follow up appt. The nurse told me today that my surgeon will require at least 2 weeks off work, and my FMLA plan requires a minimum of 2 weeks of STD leave....so this girl is going to take off a month. Which works for me!! I hope it is as easy for me as it seems to have been for others who have commented. Then it can be another long vacation!
  13. wannaBthinsoon

    Kansas city area sleevers?

    I just can't say enough great things about the surgeons at the KC Bariatric center of excellence. Dr Hoehn is amazing! I get to see him again in 2 weeks so he can remove that dang gallbladder!
  14. @@Dub Dude!! You are a hottie!
  15. wannaBthinsoon

    GoFundMe accounts?

    Its a wonderful thing that we are all entitled to our own opinions if we believe a GoFundMe account is not appropriate for someone to set up, when they can't afford weight loss surgery on their own. If honest opinions aren't wanted, then the question maybe should not have been put out there for everyone to see. Again...just MY opinion.
  16. wannaBthinsoon

    Gall bladder taken out after sleeve?!?!?

    I am 8 months post op and my gallbladder surgery is a week after Christmas. Happy New Year to me.
  17. I will see all family over the holidays. This is the family that cautioned me to not have the surgery because it "doesn't work" or because I will "die" on the operating table. Well...I totally survived, with no issues, other than losing about 85 pounds (almost). Everyone was very interested in what I ate, or didn't eat at Thanksgiving. I think they're over it now... I do have a jealousy thing going on with my older sister, who told my Mom that she was on a "diet" so she can be thinner than me at Christmas. lol
  18. wannaBthinsoon

    Appetite suppressants (prescribed) 2 years out...

    @@Kindle I'm still following you. Can't wait to be rid of my gallbladder and stop being snacky! I also have no ball in this game of regain, as I am still in the losing phase, even though it is slowed down to a snails pace. My calories stay around 600-700, with an occasional 1000 day here and there (being more careful to stop those occasional days). If a rx to help the jump start is needed....I'd totally go for it. So far the resets have been effective for my stalls.
  19. wannaBthinsoon

    Am I going to be starving?

    Most people are hungry at first. Trust me. But it does go away. Even tho you are hungry, it takes very little to satisfy the hunger.
  20. wannaBthinsoon

    Tomorrow is my day

    @@cookies_queen Congrats to you!! I bet you don't sleep too much tonight! You are almost there! Take care and holler and let us know how you're doing afterward!
  21. wannaBthinsoon

    20% Long-Term WL?

    @@songsmith We have the same surgeon. He didn't say anything to me about 20%-30%. Mine was 70%-80%...and more likely 100% if I was diligent and followed the rules.

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