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  1. heavy things. have heavy things on you.
  2. Keep purse on shoulder, keep coat on when you weigh. If purse large enough I bet an ankle weight would fit in it. Just saying. Heavy shoes.........
  3. ok, so it looks to me like you wear a stomach pump around your neck with a straw through a port into your stomach. Um..just no. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? YIKES!
  4. wannaBthinsoon

    TMI: My first BM

    I lived that a year ago! It is the absolute truth!
  5. wannaBthinsoon

    Dog experts...let's talk yorkie mixes!

    I have a purebred yorkie and a yorkie mix with silkie, and she is a bitch in every sense of the word. She would prefer to be an only dog, and attacks my purebred. I also have an old italian mastiff in the house, and she picks on him too. One day she will get herself hurt or dead when the mastiff doesn't want to take it anymore. He already snaps back.....pretty close to her little head. She is only 8 pounds soakin wet. She is 12, and so are all the others (yorkie and mastiff, too). Good luck. I think I will stick to only 1 dog once these babies pass on to the rainbow bridge. (which I hope is a long long time away from now!)
  6. Oh my! I hear ya about hitting the deductibles early. I met mine on 1-14 with gallbladder surgery, which is what I assumed yours was (till I read a little further) I sure hope things are better for you soon.
  7. Are you 6 months "post op"? You put this in the Pre-op forums. (Just FYI) I also have experienced stalls. I believe we just need to ignore them and just keep following the plan.
  8. wannaBthinsoon

    I hate vitamins

    Don't skip the Vitamins. Lots of bad things can happen with Vitamin deficiencies. Learn to LOVE them. They are your BEST friend! That and Protein and Water.
  9. wannaBthinsoon

    There is poop and I cant poop

    I take stool softeners every day of my life! hate constipation! Don't let it become a blockage. Drink lots of Water, and maybe a couple stool softeners.
  10. wannaBthinsoon

    Husband left me!

    @@Yadie2006 You probably don't realize this now, but in a month or two, your confidence is going to go through the roof! You will realize that you are worth it. You will look back at how "he" wasn't there for you, and be glad you made the decision to become healthy and thin, instead of obese and unhappy with a man who loves only himself. If he had truly loved you, he would've been there to hold your hand when you were scared before the surgery, and he would be waiting in the recovery room for you to wake up, and be so relieved when you do. But, I don't see that with your man. I see a chickenshit, who wants to control you. Good for you for choosing YOU and your kids. I really don't think you will ever regret that decision. .................and like others have said.....forget him!
  11. wannaBthinsoon

    Gel nails

    I removed mine, because I assumed I had to. When I told the nurses I did that, they said I didn't have to. I was pretty bummed, because for the next two weeks I couldn't pick anything up!!!
  12. wannaBthinsoon

    NSV + "oh my goodness" moment!

    @@Elode Girl............You're hot! (congats, you really do look amazing, and I'm super jealous)
  13. wannaBthinsoon

    Medical Records/BMI

    I have UHC via my employer, and they dropped that requirement a couple years ago. Are you certain that is really a requirement? My bariatric office thought it was a requirement, but I had it confirmed through my Bariatric Resource dept via UHC that, it was dropped as a requirement. Check to be sure.
  14. wannaBthinsoon

    Stretched Sleeve

    I have done well to just read through and keep my lips zipped, but someone stirring the pot to purposely cause hard feelings when people are having a discussion about their experiences is RIDICULOUS and I had to say so. How is discussing individual experiences the same as being a medical professional?? GEEZ LOUISE people!! GROW UP! That is all.
  15. wannaBthinsoon

    Fat Doctor

    @@sassyfrass23 I did watch them. They are heart breaking to me. I'm just so sad that they are all in such bad shape before they have the surgeries.
  16. wannaBthinsoon

    Fat Doctor

    I found full episodes on you tube
  17. wannaBthinsoon


    Try drinking Water from the opposite side of the glass. That always works for me.
  18. wannaBthinsoon

    United health care?

    I have UHC, and they dropped that requirement (via my employer) 2 years ago. You do have to have "some" proof of "some" structured weightloss via a PCP or weight watchers,etc. That used to be 6 months, but now there is no actual specific number of months. You must have a BMI of 40 or if BMI of 35-39 you must also have comorbities (ie sleep apnea or diabetes, etc) You do have to use a Bariatric COE as well. The bariatric hosp will require a EGD and psych eval. Oh..and you must be over 18 years old
  19. wannaBthinsoon

    Stretched Sleeve

    Well, by golly, if someone can get by a seminar, or a support group at their bariatric hospital, can you ask about this please? My work shift prevents me from attending, but I really would like to know what the surgeons have to say about this. I was told it couldn't stretch, because the stretchy part had been removed, also.
  20. wannaBthinsoon

    All Of Me. Wow.

    I watched this over the weekend, and it made me so sad. And, like those of you who posted about this already, scared me a little. I haven't met goal yet. I still struggle with grazing. But, I am still in the losing phase. If I don't get a handle on the grazing now, what will become of me once I hit maintenance? I am really glad to be a part of this group, so if I lose control and fess up.....someone will virtually slap me and set me straight. Thank you, virtual friends.
  21. wannaBthinsoon

    Fat Shaming Husband...so hurt

    Absolutely unacceptable. Who the heck does he think he is, anyway?? (can you tell that really steams me??) If it were me in that scenario instead of you, I'd be packing him up and moving him out. Maybe then he would realize that sort of control will get him nowhere fast! MAN!
  22. wannaBthinsoon

    Surgery Monday. I'm about to back out!

    Popsicles kept me from dehydration since it is so hard to drink at first. You are so smart to have gotten them ahead of time. Keep the fluids going!!! So happy you are on the mend!
  23. wannaBthinsoon

    Husband not supportive

    When I decided to have this life saving/changing surgery and started making my appointments, my "then" un-supportive husband didn't want to HEAR about it. We didn't "talk" about it, we didn't have "discussions" so he could better understand. I really think it irked him that I had put into place the means to get the surgery I had been wanting for decades, but couldn't....without his help or input. I made the decision on my own. I think he was still against it when he drove me to the hospital the day of my surgery last year. But once I was out of recovery....he has been my biggest advocate. I'm sure glad I stuck to my guns!
  24. wannaBthinsoon

    Any problems with Salad?

    I'm at 9 months, and I steer clear of the salads. There just is no room for it after the Protein, and I just don't seem to be able to chew salad greens small enough. It takes very little salad to fill me up because I just can't chew it enough.

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