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  1. Every Sunday I boil 5 eggs and grill 5 pieces of chicken for the week. It is boring to eat the same thing every day, but it works. It is easy to grab and go during the week. Boring I know, to eat the same thing every day, but it keeps me on track.
  2. I had a leak. I was sleeved on 4/9, everytime I ate or drank anything I would vomit. On 5/11, I started having substantial pain i my left shoulder/chest area. I toughed it out the remainder of that day and night. The next morning 5/12 my mother took me to the ER and within 1 hour I was in emergency surgery. The doctor told me if I had waited much longer I could have died. It was the WORST pain I had EVER endured.
  3. I recently had a girls weekend. At one of the bars, I noticed they had small cups (like the ones you buy for your bathroom to rinse your mouth). I asked the bartender to use those cups instead of the larger ones. The large cup just exhausted me to look at it. To know I had THAT MUCH to drink overwhelmed me. I had about 2 1/2 of the small cups. Mostly vodka with a splash of cranberry. I got a little buzz, but not too bad. Definitely could not have eaten and drank all of that. I opted for alcohol instead of food that weekend. lol...I didn't gain any weight and wasn't yacking either, so all in all, I guess I handled it pretty well.
  4. I have heard it is the worst between months 3-7.
  5. LidiBell

    Give it to me straight.

    I am 4 months out now. For the first month I thought it was the stupidest thing I had EVER done. I regretted it, and even begged my husband to put me out of my misery. A month and 2 days after surgery I began hurting really bad in my left shoulder, to the point I could not move. I went to the ER and it ended up I had a tear in my stomach. They did emergency surgery within 1 hour of my arrival to the ER. If you would have asked me during the first 2 months after surgery, I would have said...DO NOT DO IT. YOU WILL REGRET IT. lol...Today, I say, GO FOR IT. The results I have thus far make it all worth it. I would not change a thing. I would go through it all again just to be where I am now. Good luck to you!
  6. I was a big alcohol/beer/diet soda drinker before surgery. I drank like Kindle said she did. I have not tried alcohol since my surgery 4/9. I have not touched a diet soda since the day before surgery, butttttt I do have about 1/4 cup of Dr. Pepper every morning. I do not drink coffee, my Dr. Pepper is sort of my "coffee". I do not have any problems from it. I don't over do it. I make sure I do not drink more than 1/4 cup each morning. I say go for it. Within reason. I wouldn't drink a 12 pk...ONLY because of the calories, but I would partake. Enjoy it while you're young. You only live once. Don't listen to all the preaching. It drives me NUTS!
  7. LidiBell

    16 Weeks Post Op

    Thank you all for the kind words. It was a very rough start for me, but this makes it all worth it. I had a tear in my stomach a month after surgery and had to have emergency surgery. So....I didn't get released to exercise until July 11th. The hard work is paying off.
  8. LidiBell

    Amazing Journey

    Oh cool. Welllll...did you hear me screaming? I went after work and tried on jeans....I did it! A 16 woot woot!
  9. LidiBell

    got my date

    Good luck. Walk walk walk after surgery to get rid of the gas.
  10. I am a month and a half post op and this week I could eat the walls down. Granted the first 5 weeks were total hell. To the point I had to go back in for emergency surgery at 5 weeks. My energy level is back and I finally feel human again, but I feel guilty for being hungry HELP!!!!
  11. I was sleeved and had hernia repair 11 days ago. I am experiencing severe pain in my sternum and in between my shoulder blades. I cannot sit up straight without being in excrutiating pain. I don't know what it is. If it is gas or something else. Has anyone else had this pain? I have spoken with the doctor to be told it is normal??? I am wondering how long this will last?
  12. Today is 9 days out for me and this is the first day I have been able to drink much of anything. I have been extremely thirsty today. I actually think I was on my way to becoming dehydrated. Every day is a new day though. Thank god! Michael Reed what are you pureeing? Can you give me some examples. I think I need something other than soup broths. I need something of substance!
  13. Hello, I am 7 days out from the gastric sleeve procedure as well as hernia correction. I am MISERABLE. I can barely drink 12-16 oz a day of clear fluids, nevermind the Protein shakes...they left me hugging the toilet and crying like a baby, as for FULL liquids...I can handle maybe 2 oz at the most per meal. I have cried and cried wondering if this was a bad decision. After dinner tonight and then the pain, and sickness that follows, I decided to look into a support group. I get the worst pain in the area the hernia was repaired and in between my shoulder blades. Almost like gas. It is the WORST pain. It hurts up to my throat. Can anyone please give me any insight?

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