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  1. Congrats!
    itzmekc reacted to Tracyringo in Reflux remains after revision 😩   
    Its been about a week now and i have not been waking up with burning !! I am very hopeful .
  2. Sad
    itzmekc got a reaction from Tracyringo in Reflux remains after revision 😩   
    I had revision from sleeve to bypass on 3/5, due to severe reflux. The day after surgery I already felt the reflux still, I’m so disappointed. I still have reflux, the medicine isn’t working to keep it away. It’s not as bad as it was before surgery but it’s still there daily and still wakes me up. Has anyone else had revision for reflux and not had it go away like me? What did you do next? My dr said maybe it will still go away, and if it doesn’t hopefully it won’t be as bad as it was before, I don’t accept that as an answer. It needs to go!
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    itzmekc got a reaction from Tracyringo in Reflux remains after revision 😩   
    Well I hope it gets better, I will update if it does! Good luck on your surgery, it sounds like the majority has reflux go away completely so I’m sure you will be one of them 😊 I have lost 23, been stalked for 3 weeks now...
  4. Hugs
    itzmekc got a reaction from Tracyringo in Reflux remains after revision 😩   
    In the beginning I was shocked at how much I could drink, never felt full from drinking like I did with the sleeve. Once I started eating solid food I felt the restriction, and I am still learning not to take that extra bite because I will have a very uncomfortable feeling and thick saliva and throwing up is the only thing I can do to feel better. I have had a few instances where out of no where I am running with a watery mouth to vomit. I remember being told you can’t throw up after bypass and that’s clearly not true! My reflux still sucks, and the weight loss is SLOWWWWWW.
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    Holy crap...that's amazing!
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    itzmekc reacted to Pretty_In_Purple in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    When I'm working out and take a gulp it hurts a little but makes me feel "pukey" for lack of a better word. I'll fill my mouth with Water and swallow half, wait a few seconds and swallow the rest. I find that helps me.
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    itzmekc reacted to danaevett in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I'm 9 weeks out and I can gulp it as long as I don't try to do it too soon after eating.
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    itzmekc reacted to marmello in Stall   
    Good luck everyone but I know you'll b fine. I think we have gotten so used to trying diets and failing that when we hit a stall we think its happening all over again. But this time is different. U will lose the weight. Just have faith and do what drs and nut tell u and you will see.
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    itzmekc reacted to sleeved215 in Stall   
    I definitely understand and hopefully we both can look back months from now and see the transition from where we are today to where we wanna be in the future. Best of luck to u, keep me posted!
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    itzmekc reacted to mnmlst in sleeved with a baby?   
    I'm also curious about this. I now have a 19 month old who will probably be turning 2 right around my surgery date. She's old enough to talk and understand me (which is a major help) but she'll be about 30 lbs by then and several weeks without lifting my baby girl will be tough.
    To the original poster, I broke my arm when my daughter was 12 mos and I couldn't lift her for a couple of weeks. I had help from my husband and mom, and I also found work-arounds. If your child can crawl and do a little climbing, that will ease your work a lot. You'll figure it out.
    A good friend of mine had a gastric bypass when her daughter was 3 (this was 5 years ago or so). She says now that her daughter doesn't ever remember having a fat mom, and she feels good about teaching her healthy eating. It's worth it! The thought of teaching my child how to be fat and the thought of embarrassing her when she's older just kills me. This is the right thing.
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    itzmekc reacted to McButterpants in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    My opinion on straws - I think they are a bad idea right after surgery. I think they are OK once you're heeled and a couple of months out.
    My surgeon didn't say "no" to straws, in fact, the Water bottle he gave me had a straw.
    My local doc, and fellow VSG patient, said no to straws...he said this while he was drinking a diet soda thru a straw. Basically, a do as I say, not as a do moment for him.
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    itzmekc reacted to LipstickLady in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I respectfully disagree. Many doctors allow straws, mine included.
    Air won't stretch your sleeve. If that was the case, you wouldn't be allowed to eat broccoli, Beans and other foods that create gas.
    I use a straw all the time. I still can't eat more than 2-4 ounces, and I'm a year out.
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    itzmekc reacted to sophie'sChoice in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I'm 2 months out and glad to tell you I'm a happy gulper. I can't gulp as long as I could prior to surgery but I can certainly quench my thirst. I drink through a straw most of the time. My surgeon has no issue with the straw. WOOT!
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    itzmekc reacted to BladeFox in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I read that water goes through fast because it's liquid and no you won't stretch your tummy out by gulping and yes your sleeve is working and still small. Experts say that your sleeve will stretch a bit but only after 8 months to a year which is normal.
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    itzmekc reacted to Ms. Yoyo in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I can gulp and I can drink from a straw without too much gas but I found myself wondering whether I'd stretch my sleeve due to this. Then I remembered the barium test after the surgery where I could see the speed of liquid flowing through the sleeve andI think it's normal that I can gulp. My surgeon made a pretty tight sleeve, so I get full pretty early but have hardly any restrictions on liquids.
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    itzmekc got a reaction from lulumomof2 in Stall   
    Thanks for this post because I am 2 weeks and 3 days post op, lost 10 the first week, now its not moving. I keep thinking its not going to work for me either because I don't understand how I can be eating so little, and all good things, drinking so much walking everyday and the weight doesn't fly off! I really hope its just an adjustment period for my body because need to see result its depressing me!
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    itzmekc reacted to McButterpants in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I am not able to gulp down Water - it causes major pain for me.
    When I work out, I make sure I stay hydrated before my work out and fill up a 17 ounce bottle for the work out...I usually finish about 1/2 to 2/3 during a 60 minute workout.
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    itzmekc reacted to SuperFab in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    3 months out and I drink fluids normally. Several swallows at a time
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    itzmekc reacted to Fiddleman in Slider Food   
    Essentially a food that does not make you feel full is a slider. Typically it is junk food like chips, but it can also be other foods depending on individual. For me, a slider would be popcorn. Since I know I would eat too much of it, I choose not to eat it. Even Protein Bars can be a slider. A non slider usually is dense Protein like chicken or beef.
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    itzmekc reacted to mentalistfan in My NUT got into my head!   
    How can I say this...for some reason there is always one or two people that has a "different" personality in the crowd, and it's just who they are and we're not going to change them. You are doing great! If I lose 55 lbs. in three months I will be ecstatic!
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    itzmekc reacted to GotItDoneInHarlem in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I have no restriction with liquids!
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    itzmekc reacted to joatsaint in Gulping water when your really thirsty?   
    I can gulp down Water, but I know it's not near the amount I could pre-surgery. It takes time to learn how much you can swallow at one time without going too far. But eventually it becomes a habit. I've learned that I can take 4 big swallows (about 1/2 a mouth full each time) without feeling too full. But water is a slider food for me. :-P
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    itzmekc reacted to healthymommy in 7 days post op, hunger   
    I am 3 days post surgery and feel like I want real food. I hope this is just a phase. I have not stepped on the scale, but I will at a week. I'm super excited about this journey. We can do this!!! Best of luck!!
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    itzmekc reacted to marfar7 in 7 days post op, hunger   
    I got my hunger back (real hunger, not stomach acid) on day 10. I too was dissapointed. I think you'll notice on this board that it's split about 50% - those that lose their hunger for a long period (a yr or so) and those of us unlucky ones that don't. Totally normal.
    I was on liquids for 4 weeks. I couldn't cheat like I did when I was lapbanded 4 yrs prior cuz I was then married to the "diet Nazi" and he woulda tattled on me at my 4 wk post op appt. SO I stuck with sipping Tomato and pea Soup every 3 hrs or so - warm stuff fills u up more than cold stuff. I sipped my Protein shakes all day, seemed like.
    Congrats on ur fabulous weightloss. Ur off to a great start. Hang in there. I promise it WILL GET BETTER! As soon as ur able to eat soft foods, ull notice the restriction on ur tiny tummy. This too shall pass. Just read these boards and ull see ur totally normal and it WILL get better
    Good luck to u!
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    itzmekc reacted to lubelu in Anyone willing to post their then and now pics   
    I'm far from goal weight but I was sleeved 7 weeks ago and my starting weight was 255. I'm now 212.

    I'm so pleased with my progress this far and I can't wait for more weight to come off.
    I walk every day and eat good quality ingredients. And always my Protein first.
    Getting my sleeve was the best decision of my life.