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  1. Enjoy it. It doesn't last. I know, here comes little miss sunshine, lol. I did enjoy not being hungry for about 18 months, though. That's a lot longer than a lot of people!
  2. That's cute. I'm going to start calling my slip ups snow days. "Man, I had a really bad snow day today". LOL.
  3. Babbs

    WLS is the easy way out

    For me, it was easier to lose weight with surgery than without. I was less hungry, and getting fuller faster kept me satisfied. I'd say I didn't feel true hunger until about 18 months out. I can honestly say it was the easy way. Now with maintenance? I work just as hard as any non surgical person to keep the weight off, just with the tiny added benefit of the sleeve. But I could easily eat around that if I choose.
  4. Babbs

    NSV stomach size

    The absolute best part of the surgery, especially at first. Instead of gaining on vacations, I always end up losing now or staying the same.
  5. More perplexing is if she's eaten all of that, how is this considered her "first meal"?Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App Good observation! I was thinking to myself while reading this: "If I wanted to get a good chuckle, and role up all my pals at BP, how could I do that?" I can't help but feel that if anyone really did eat pizza, fried chicken, a shrimp and Pasta extravaganza chased with some cocktails 3 weeks after a stomachs surgery, they probably wouldn't be bragging about it on a surgery forum to people who actually take it seriously. Someone's yanking our chains here. Yeah, the trolls have been out in full force for some reason as of late. They seem to get their jollies riling up the masses.
  6. Babbs

    Airport Security Curiosity

    Can I just say this is fascinating and I really had no idea that excess skin or even the surgery itself could cause this? I flew to Hawaii 8 months post op, but didn't have an issue. My husband on the other hand, who had a bypass almost 11 years ago, gets pulled aside CONSTANTLY when he flies. I never really put two and two together? What a great subject!
  7. I think it's sad the stigma involved with marijuana. The way you had to throw the 'disclaimer' in before you posted your question. I mean, nobody does that with alcohol? 26 states have marijuana legal in some form, and I'm sure more will follow. It's SO much less dangerous than alcohol. My dad was a pot smoker and a drinker. Guess what he died from at 56? Cirrhosis from drinking. Yup. That being said, I'm a very casual smoker. Like before surgery, a couple times every few months, to after surgery a couple times a year (2.5 years out from surgery). I would just be careful newly post op. I think you should wait until you are at least fully healed at around a couple months or so. I ended up cutting way back on smoking it because it hurt when I cough (No idea if it has anything to do with surgery or not, but i can actually feel it in my tummy sometimes when I do), and I would get a little bit of the munchies, although not too bad. I have a hard enough time staying on track lately, so I don't want anything making it even more difficult for me! Anyway, my two cents
  8. What an incredibly smart comment. And totally correct. Here is what I've observed in others and even with me: At first, when you're losing and feel so in control of things, you get almost evangelical about weight loss and healthy habits. You feel like you have the tiger by the tail, so why shouldn't others go the same route you did to lose weight and be healthy? You want to take aside every fat person you see and recommend WLS. And sometimes, it's shameful to say, you even may look on them with disgust. As time goes on and people settle in to their new way of life and they really start to understand the struggle it is to continue to lose or maintain what you've lost even with WLS, you tend to soften a little and actually feel empathy for them, because we know how hard it is, with or without WLS. I no longer feel the need to reach out to them anymore and talk about WLS, though, because I think they know they are obese, and only when they are good and ready will they do anything about it. Just like all of us did.
  9. Babbs

    At a stand still

    This is such a great point. I, being the perfectionist I am and a little OCD, would have loved to lose an even 100 pounds and get to 135. But alas, my body said NOPE and stopped at my low of 141, and I hang out now at 143-145 pretty comfortably. I tried losing more using various methods, but to no avail. But I can deal. I'm healthy and happy with how I look.
  10. Babbs

    Complications from advancing diet too soon

    My husband who had a bypass almost 11 years ago advanced stages too early, also. He had to get a scope stuck down his esophagus because he had a piece of steak stuck. He was so embarrassed, lol. But it could have been SO much worse.
  11. Babbs

    Hard on Myself

    I am always 2-3 pounds heavier in the evening than I am in the morning. Weight fluctuates for lots of reasons. You'll see it when you weigh daily and several times a day. The best way to avoid the anxiety it causes is to weight less, like maybe once a week or even once a month. It's impossible to not lose weight the first six months or so. The sheer caloric deficit insures weight loss until your body 'adjusts'. Just follow your program and you'll be happy with your results. I promise.
  12. Babbs


    First attempt before a year out= OUCH Now at 2+ years out? All is well. Except sadly, beer. Something about the carbonation in beer makes me really uncomfortable and bloated.
  13. Fat Doctor is a much better show. The surgeon on there is a cutie patootie and he's MUCH more empathetic than Dr Now. You can see he really cares about the well being of his patients. Check it out! Seasons 1-4 are on YouTube.
  14. This ^^^^^^ And this ^^^^^^^

PatchAid Vitamin Patches