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    Great job!!
  2. CTJohn


    I drove short distance following day. Started work day three. Went well, just a bit tired
  3. CTJohn

    Please list an average days food

    I don't usually have Breakfast, but this am had a granola bar Quinoa salad with avacodo for lunch (maybe a cup) dinner was five grilled shrimp and some butternut squash soup. My companionp, all of about 95 lbs of her, ate a huge meal and commented how little I eat. Big change from before. Just had a cheese stick. Overall, feel content. Possible fill Thursday - so we'll see.
  4. Congrats! I was lucky - only took half dose of that liquid Vicodin first day and half. It gets better!
  5. So, I'm at that age and have to schedule my first one... Fun I know Is there any special directions for someone with a lap band? For example, I'm not sure I'll be able to costume the necessary cleansing liquid. Anyone with experience or suggestions? Thanks
  6. Meant consume, not costume....
  7. I didn't really binge eat. I did have a few last meals though. Sounds like WLS is in order! Good luck!
  8. I just got my fourth fill. After the third fill, I lost 16 lbs. Prior to that, 1lb! I told me doc then that I felt like I was on a diet and the band wasn't working. He said it will -- and I'd know it. Well, it happened. Am I in the green zone yet? Don't think so.... But getting closer. Hang in there!
  9. Today is my four month anniversary! And, my fourth fill was today. Last visit, I was down 1 lb. This visit, down 16 lbs from last month! I know it's up and down... But definitely feeling good today! Best decision I ever made. Lucky perhaps, but everything going very smoothly. Down 55 in all. This forum has been great - check it every night. Keep the faith!
  10. Thanks! I'm not sure... I did get .5 today, making a total of 6.5 in a 14. Scheduled to go back in a month. I suppose I'm getting close, but who knows?
  11. CTJohn

    Eating after a fill

    Important to follow dr's orders I do a day of liquid and a day of mushies following. No big deal.
  12. Good luck! New beginnings!!
  13. My doc suggested 15 minutes per hour, if possible. Sleep is important.... So no walking during those hours. Good luck!
  14. Absolutely nothing! Takes a few minutes and I didn't feel a thing. These people are pros! Second fill was by the surgeon - I had more confidence in the nurse practitioners. Even he did it pain free! Totally not worth being nervous. Flue shot is more painful. Promise!
  15. CTJohn

    3 month out and i need my first fill

    I'm not experienced yet. But your fill seems timely. I'm getting my second fill Thursday and looking forward to it Good luck!
  16. I can relate. I did so well yesterday. But last night, I was hungry. I really goofed. Went to DD and ate four donuts. I hadn't had a donut in months, never mind four! Today's another day and I resumed my routine. Wasn't the end of the world but I know wasn't worth it. And no, I'm waiting a few days to step on the scale. Second fill scheduled for Thursday. Looking forward to it
  17. Had my surgery in April. It holds 14cc They put 2cc in during surgery. I had first fill two weeks ago (3cc) Just curious what I should expect, what others experienced (I know it differs) Thanks!
  18. CTJohn

    recovery time

    Guess depends. I had my surgery on a Saturday. Went to work on a Monday, crashed that night. Resumed on Wednesday no problem
  19. That's great! My first NSV.... My A1C in January was 10.1. At preop, sometime in April it was 9.9. Two weeks after surgery (early May) it was 8. Endocrinologist was thrilled, already took me off one med.
  20. CTJohn

    I GOT APPROVED... I think....

    Mine read the same way. They covered the whole thing. Don't worry about it
  21. CTJohn


    I was allowed sugar free Popsicles. Sounds lame, but they really helped. Maybe your doc would allow them?
  22. CTJohn

    First fill tomorrow

    I had my first fill last Thursday. 3cc. No numbing stuff. Felt nothing. They gave me a glass of Water and I let out a big burp. Oops. But nurse, who had band ten years ago, laughed and said that's common. liquid for two days then back to food. Can't say I feel too much different. Next appointment in a month. They are pros.... No need to fret. Took two minutes
  23. I just got the bills from insurance company Doc billed 10k, was paid 7700. Hospital billed over 50k, was paid about 38k. (I was astounded at that). Luckily, my insurance covered it all.
  24. Ok, so I was banded on April 26th and everything going great. Question on getting stuck Ten days after surgery (on mushy) I was at an office Breakfast and thought I'd try a bit of scrambled eggs. Alas, the were none. I had a breakfast link sausage. Thought I chewed it up well, but got stuck. Ok, I realize poor choice and timing. I felt it in my lower eshofogas, felt some spittle and was uncomfortable. Went to bathroom and spit it out. Ah, relief. Tonight (now on solid foods) ate at a restaurant. Ordered chicken pot pie. Figured was not too chunky, fairly mushy, etc. Second bite and down went a smallish piece of potato. I realized I had mushed it in my mouth and yes, got stuck. Had to leave my dinner partner three times to go to restroom (on third visit, a woman was standing at sink and realized my previous visits were to the ladies room... That's another story) Anyway, what are the common feelings when stuck? I noticed a fair amount of spit or clear slime. Best way to cough it out? After it came out, felt fine but not hungry..... I'm working at eating good choices, chewing well and pacing myself (new habits for me). Once I get that down, will this situation become much less frequent? Thanks

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