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  1. Update: Today I am I day over 2 weeks post op!! I feel great!!! I don't feel like I had surgery!! I went walking this morning, I actually ran a lot. I'm supposed to still be on full liquids, but I've upgraded myself to soft foods. I know, I hope my bariatric nurse is not reading this, but I know what my body need. I'm at 30 lb weight loss now. Well I'm between 28-30 lb because it's down in the am and then in the afternoon it's back up 2 PDs. I'm about to ditch this damn scale. Lol. All progress is good. I'm noticing small things, getting on the car is different, walking faster, the feeling that I just want to take off. When I eat now, I pay great attention, it's really easy to eat after having the band, many times I've had to leave something that was really good right where it was. So I'm used to that, I had beef broth yesterday and it was so good, but I'm still conscious of the feeling my stomach gets, I don't want to be sick. I had some Beans smashed in a food processor, they were so good, I was only able to eat 2 tablespoons. And I was extremely full. So so far, I'm loving my sleeve, I'm gonna work it until I can't work it no more!!!! Good Luck sleeve family, I'll update as much as I can!!!! Peace, love and blessings!!!
  2. I'm here at the hospital waiting for my surgery!! I'm determined to do this!!! I lost 15lbs during my preop phase, I'm so excited!!!! Good luck to all of my fellow aug sleevers !!!
  3. tynoodles11

    Band to Sleeve in One surgery

    I did my revision to sleeve in one day, had lots if scar tissue, was in a lot of pain the day of surgery until the pain meds kicked in, after that I've been fine, I was ready to go back to work on the 4th day post op, I've been back to both of my jobs, people can't believe that I'm post op. Had my surgery on aug 20th, went back to work on the Tuesday the 26th (registered nurse), then on Thursday Friday and Saturday worked at salon, hairstylist no problems at all. You will be fine, have to get your fluids in, walk, and think positive!!!!!
  4. tynoodles11

    Back to work

    Hello, I'm postop 10 days, although everyone is different, I feel 120%. I feel like a new person. I had a lot of pain the day of the surgery, after a while the same day, the pain subsided, I was able to walk, the next day was discgarge day, minimal pain, was still able to walk. Aug 23rd I was driving, aug 27th I went back to work because I was so ready and so bored, I'm an RN and a hairstylist, since this past Thursday, I've worked at the salon Thursday Friday and I'm here now, standing and working. This morning before starting I went on a brisk walk that took me too far away from the salon because I was so energetic, I had to call one of my clients to come pick me up because I'd walked too far away!!! You will be fine, just walk as much as you can, get all of or as much of your protein in as possible. Oh I am a revision, from band to sleeve, have lost 25 lbs since preop aug 6th. Feeling great!!!
  5. tynoodles11

    Emotional Journey

    That's great progress, especially with a low bmi!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. So glad you are doing well. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I will have my surgery on the 19th. I am trying not to worry, but I won't lie it's a bit scary. I just want to do well. I was banded Nov. 2008, and it seems that I could never get it together. I am believing that this is my time and season. I would love to continue to hear from you. Lord knows I need the encouragement. Hello You're welcome. Good luck to you, I'm almost feeling 100 now. I went to work last night and I felt great. I'm now at 21 lb weight loss since preop, aug 6th, I'm hoping to lose much more.
  7. tynoodles11

    How Long Were You Out Of Work?

    Wow, I wish I could've taken off that long. I had my surgery on Wednesday aug 20th, a revision from band to sleeve same day, and I'm literally at work now. Bi feel great, I'm an RN and a hairstylist. I am used to staying really busy. Staying at home for 2 days was driving me crazy, I kept leaving out and walking on short walks, no pain, maybe minimal gas every once in a while but I feel great. When I did the lap band, I had the surgery on Monday morning, went home Tuesday, returned right back to nursing school on Wednesday.
  8. tynoodles11


    Push those fluids, same here. I have to remind myself to sip sip sip, it's so important or you don't want to go bavk to hospital for dehydration
  9. Hello sorry for the late reply. I'm hoping not too, but I seem to be losing a pound a day, I know that will slow down. I had the band removed because of the reflux, regurgi issues on a daily basis. The pain has improved, I haven't needed anymore pain meds since Friday and my surgery was Wednesday morning. I'm trying to get my energy level back, I've been walking and walking trying to get rid of the mild gas too.
  10. I'm sorry for the late reply. I had my band since April 2010, the surgery took 3.5 hours, he said mine was the longest and most complex revision. However, he says I still got a beautiful sleeve. Lol
  11. tynoodles11


    I'm not having that problem, I've been back and forth from the bathroom since the surgery, my surgery was on Wednesday! Are you walking?? I've been doing a lot of walking and sipping. Try moving, if not everything will be fine, I'm sure.
  12. Thursday morning, I'm sleeved! I'm waiting on my swallow/water test! The pain was terrible yedterday, but I'm much better now. My pain is a. 1 compared to yesterday's 7-10. I feel great actually! I'll keep you all posted on my progress![/quoteI'm at home now, I was in a little pain last night!!! Maybe the pain meds were great at the hospital. I've been prescribed Tylenol with codeine liquid, I don't really like taking pain meds but I have no choice. I'm walking pretty good, I'm getting some Fluid down, between this Isopure, Popsicles and Water, I should stay pretty hydrated. I'm not hungry at all. Sorry, this post is all over the place but I'm trying to cover everything. Doctor says that he was able to do a good sleeve although I had a lot of scar tissue, he said mine was the worst he's ever seen. I'm happy that I got that band out of me, I just want to be extra successful with the sleeve. I'll check back in a little later.
  13. Thursday morning, I'm sleeved! I'm waiting on my swallow/water test! The pain was terrible yedterday, but I'm much better now. My pain is a. 1 compared to yesterday's 7-10. I feel great actually! I'll keep you all posted on my progress!
  14. tynoodles11

    August Sleevers Check In

    Congrats!!! How are you doing now!!! My day is aug 20th! I'm super excited!!!
  15. tynoodles11

    August Sleevers Check In

    Hey Katie, I've been doing all liquids too, it's not easy!!! But we can do this!!! I'm a revision!! So I can not fail this time!!!
  16. tynoodles11

    August Sleevers Check In

    Hello all, I'm aug 20th, good luck to all of my fellow sleevers pre and postopers !!! We can do this!!!
  17. tynoodles11

    August Sleevers Check In

    Hi katie8907 We are the same day!!! Good luck to you and the rest if my pre and postopers!!! oh I'm first on line, 8am I'll check in before and after!!! Good luck all!
  18. tynoodles11

    August Sleevers Check In

    August 20th for me
  19. tynoodles11

    Out 7 Days & Pissed

    I agree, go get that thing out of you!!
  20. tynoodles11

    Surgery Today (UIC - Dr. Elli)

    Good for you, I'm happy for you, I just started my liquid diet today, in scheduled for the sleeve on aug 20th, the countdown begins!!!

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