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  1. How is your reset going? Any weight loss to report? Hope things are going well.
  2. Don't be nervous (easy to say huh) I had my sleeve in April and have lost 90 lbs and am about 10-15 lbs from my goal. My husband was just sleeved on the 6th of October so a little over a week ago. It was seriously the easiest surgery either one of us has ever had. I walked a mile 2 days after surgery and haven't stopped since. The only thing that is a huge adjustment mentally. You will mentally still crave foods, but when I was able to try them I no longer like them (like diet coke and cake ) It is a little hard getting all your liquids in after surgery. It's pretty easy to get the Protein in by adding unflavored protein like unjury into all the liquids you eat. I still ad it to my greek yogurt in the morning. My husband on the other hand is able to already drink Water normally and is still hungry with his liquids. He has already lost 30 lbs since he started the Clear Liquids 2 weeks before surgery. Just remember you will be able to taste those foods you love eventually, but you should only have a couple bites or on a special occasion. Good luck to you.
  3. rodeomom969

    LapBand-friendly fast food (don't judge me!)

    I have a smothered burrito at Taco Bell with no rice and no tortilla. They look at me funny at first, but it's really good. I have even got my daughter eating it that way. Also, if I'm really desperate when I'm traveling (which is a lot) I can have a jr. whopper with one half of the bun. (I eat any small burger the same way) I will eat a hot dog with a half a bun. A salad from Costa Vida or Cafe Rio (don't think they have these chains nationwide, but is a mexican grill)
  4. rodeomom969

    Popcorn? Okay or Not?

    I have at popcorn since about 3 months out from surgery. Of course it's only occasional maybe 2 times a month. They say I am okay to eat anything. Of course I make smart decisions, but I see nothing wrong with a treat once in a while. Just as long as I don't let that once in a while turn in to every couple days.
  5. Nothing really tasted good to me. My best suggestion is whatever you choose add unflavored protein (I use Unjury but haven't tried other brands) to everything even if it's just a little. That way you get your protein in.
  6. I had my sleeve in April. Mentally for a couple months you still crave that food that you so love (I did). But, as I've tasted and tried these foods now, I find I no longer like or enjoy them. My taste buds and cravings are surely craving. I no longer like the majority of the bad foods I liked previously and my cravings are going away altogether. I "eat to live" now, not "live to eat". I loved food before. I won't tell you it was really easy the first couple months, but it really isn't bad. I would do my sleeve in a heartbeat again! Good luck in your decision. BTW, my husband is now looking into the sleeve and probably having it in September.
  7. rodeomom969

    I'm 5'5" , 370# which surgery?

    That's a personal decision and probably one to mainly talk to your doctor about. The sleeve is the surgery I chose, because that is the one I felt most comfortable with. I have lost 63 lbs since April 14th. I feel great! Good luck on whichever direction you choose
  8. rodeomom969

    Is the sleeve safe long term?

    I am just 3 months post op. I had my surgery 4/14 and salad is now one of my favorite meals (with a protein of course) I have been eating salad since just before 2 months post op. I think the difference with me is not what I can tolerate, it's what even tastes good to me now. I used to love breads and cakes. Anything that texture just tastes horrible to me now. As well as Diet Coke, I was a huge Diet Coke drinker. Now when I try it (because I still crave it) it tastes nasty sweet. It is amazing the difference in the taste buds. I still crave things mentally until I try them.
  9. I had surgery in April and had the BLISS insurance added. I was really off and on about it. I could have had my surgery in an out patient facility, but BLISS only covers if surgery is at the hospital. I guess it depends on if you're a gambling person. You just never know if you will be the one with complications.
  10. From my experience, I wouldn't see any reason you can't take your dog out a few times a day. I walked a mile 3 days after surgery and haven't stopped. My surgery was 4/14 and seriously the surgery itself was very easy. I only had pain meds at the hospital the first day, after that I didn't even need Tylenol. I had a lot of family around, but my doctor told us in our pre-surgery class to do things for yourself, especially after surgery. (of course not lifting heavy things) I really didn't need help anyway. Good luck to you and hope everything goes smoothly and as easy as I had it.
  11. rodeomom969

    Salad at 6 weeks!

    I am also 6 weeks out and eat salads almost daily. I was just told to never eat iceburg because there is no nutrients in it. I eat Romaine and spring mix and ad eggs, meat (ground beef, chicken) cheese. They actually help my protein go down much better by eating the greens with it.
  12. rodeomom969

    Protein while traveling & Disney Dining

    You could also eat a bunless burger or only eat half the bun. Chef salads or similar are pretty easy to find. There are breakfast buffet style in the resorts so that is easy (scrambled eggs and fruit or yogurt) I eat out a lot and travel a lot and I am only almost 2 months out, you just have to put more thought into ordering. There are a lot of options at Disney World, it isn't all bad. Have fun.
  13. rodeomom969


    The best way I found to increase protein is to ad unflavored protein (I use Unjury) to everything I can. I ad a heaping teaspoon to my greek yogurt in the morning. I figure that gives me about 20 grams of protein right there. You can ad it to your cottage cheese, soup, crystal light drink...anything you can think of. Every little bit helps. Good luck.
  14. rodeomom969

    Post Op Fever Anyone?

    I was only a little sore for a week or so, but nothing bad. I didn't even take any pain meds. It takes a while before you can get all your liquids in. You have to take sips for a couple weeks. I am almost 4 weeks out and I drink normally now.
  15. My surgery was April 14th. I only had to do 2 weeks of full liquids and I'm almost done with my 2 weeks of soft foods. I start full solids on Monday. I too don't enjoy eating as much because of how long it takes me, but this is just something I'll have to get used to. There are many foods I had cravings for and when I finally got to eat them, it wasn't that great. Sorry you have to be on liquids so long, that doesn't help. Good luck to you.
  16. I was told as soon as the scabs are completely gone. I can't wait, maybe one more week
  17. rodeomom969

    Post Op Fever Anyone?

    My surgery date was April 14th. I went home the next day and by evening was running a temperature of 100. I took some of my liquid Hydracodone (the only dose of pain meds I took) went to bed and haven't had a temp since. Just watch it and if it goes over 101 call your Dr. I never even felt like I had surgery
  18. I cannot take another dose of my liquid Hydracodone...yuck!!! I almost through up last night and I don't need a lot of pain meds. I just have a slight headache tonight and wanted to take something light for it. I have coated small round pills, will I be fine taking these?
  19. To be honest, yes, I did cheat that close to surgery. The day before my surgery I had 3 small bites of pizza. In my last pre-op class I was in they told us that if we absolutely felt crappy to go ahead and eat a small chicken breast. As long as you've lost a fair amount of weight before your surgery on your pre-op, I really don't think they'd cancel. BTW, my surgery was Monday and I don't even feel like I had surgery. I feel great!
  20. Add unflavored Protein powder to all of the above to boost your protein a bit.
  21. I am 3 days post op and have a rash above my incisions are. I figured they used something there, but don't know what it was as there is no tape residue. It really itches and I worry I'm going to accidentally itch my incision.
  22. All I can say is I am only 3 days post-op. I feel great and don't even feel like I've had surgery. I went on a 1 mile walk tonight. As far as lifting and such, I would probably take it pretty easy for at least a month. I could have went back to work part time yesterday (2 days post-op) I honestly feel that good. Good luck to you.
  23. rodeomom969

    No carbonation ever again?

    I was told at my pre-op class that after you completely heal, you can have those drinks again, but it will be maybe 2 a week at the most. They can just cause ulcers so that's why they want you to stay away.
  24. I am only 2 days post op. I am only able to drink about 20 oz of water. I add unflavored protein to my soup, pudding, yogurt...anything I can. That way I can possibly get 35-40 grams of protein. My doctor didn't tell me what I had to have, they just said this is a goal to shoot for. How do you get more fluids down sipping. I sip all day and only get the 20 oz. Can you drink a little more at a time in a month or two?
  25. I am 2 days post-op. When I was just barely coming out I was in pain which they fixed fast, but other than that I just had my IV and stayed on IV liquids over night until the next morning. No drains or caths. I am doing great and don't even feel like I had surgery.

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