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  1. Comeflywithme

    Hair loss

    Just think Protein PROTEIN PROTEIN...mines started about 6 or 7 months post op and I am finally seeing it deminish now (1 year post op - 6 months after it started falling). Get it cut, it helps and take your Biotin, it will be fine, you won't be bold, you'll see....
  2. Comeflywithme


    Good luck. The next few days will be a bit rough but not too bad. Remember to walk walk walk walk walk,that is truly the only thing that helps your bloating discomfort! Take care and follow your doctors orders, everything's going to be fine and in the few months you're going to be thrilled!
  3. Where are my fellow "Cinco de Mayo" sleevers from 2014?? I hope you're all doing good. I'm great, not at goal, but happy where I am. I feel great, healthy and beautiful. I constantly get compliments -- every day, not a day goes by that I don't -- and honestly, it feels so strange as my body and my mind are not made a connection yet but I take it all in and even though I honestly don't see the drastic change people talk about, I am a happier person when I wake up in the mornings, feeling not as tired as I used to and my reflection in the mirror and in my heart are those of a happier, more peaceful person. I thank you here who were so nice when I asked for advise right out of surgery and then afterwards and God and of course, my amazing golden surgeon! Love and peace to all reading this.... and those of you that are scared of taking this leap of faith, I say DO IT, go with a great surgeon and dare to change your life for the better, for the healthier.... Good Luck and God Bless! ♥
  4. Comeflywithme

    Who is that?

    I can totally relate! ISN'T IT WONDERFUL??? For the first time EVER in my life, I was able to buy "regular" and not wide width sandals this past weekend! OMG, I am elated!!!!! Love love love it! Congrats! ENJOY!!!!!!!
  5. Comeflywithme

    Any advice is great!

    YES! You just had MAJOR surgery 4 days ago.... be patient, you'll start feeling "normal" in just a few days and still.... the normal you'll feel is not our old normal, but regardless, you'll feel better soon enough. MAKE SURE you walk walk walk walk walk walk....it's truly the ONLY thing that helps.... walk as often as you can, especially after drinking or eating anything. Rest up, take it easy and be patient..... in a few weeks this will be a thing of the past! good luck, it does get MUCH better!
  6. Comeflywithme

    Chest pain when swallowing

    YES It's NORMAL and I had that too, it'll last for about 7 days or so, then becoming less and less. MAKE SURE you eat and sip verrryyyy verrrryyyy slowly to help and IF you're eating -- chew it very very well. WALK WALK WALK WALK to help with your bloating and that will decrease the tummy discomfort and therefore you won't have pain when swallowing soon. Good luck, it DOES get better soon.... hang in there...
  7. Comeflywithme

    The day is finally here????

    Good Luck! All will be ok and you're going to LOVE it! keep us posted!! Remember to walk walk walk walk walk to help your bloating! Good Luck! All will be ok and you're going to LOVE it! keep us posted!! Remember to walk walk walk walk walk to help your bloating! Good Luck! All will be ok and you're going to LOVE it! keep us posted!! Remember to walk walk walk walk walk to help your bloating! Good Luck! All will be ok and you're going to LOVE it! keep us posted!! Remember to walk walk walk walk walk to help your bloating!
  8. Ditto Ditto Ditto.... I feel exactly the same way. You'd think we look anorexic...
  9. Comeflywithme

    3 months post op pic!

    A W S O M E ! ! ! OMG congrats! Beautiful! Isnt' it the best??!!!?/
  10. Comeflywithme

    10 Days Away from Sx!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! All will be fine and before you know it you'll be slimmer and feeling great!
  11. Comeflywithme

    Swollen Stomach - 1 wk post op

    Yes me too, I was bloated and swollen for about 3 weeks after surgery, totally normal. Remember your tummy was filled with air during surgery so it's a while till all things in there go back to normal but no worries, it'll go down and start to shrink magically soon and once the weight starts to slide off, you'll be shocked at how your waist line looks! Good luck, walk walk walk and drink your Water and Protein.
  12. LOL! Loving this post..... Thanks for a smile all. Have a great weekend my skinny friends! XOXO
  13. Comeflywithme

    Best decision of my life!

    Isn't it great!!!???!! I too feel the same way, BEST decision ever! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Comeflywithme

    6 months post op with pics

    WoW! That is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! You look amazing! CONGRATS! Isn't it wonderful???!!! I couldn't be happier and feeling great! Good for us!! Keep up the good work, God bless us who go through this process and feel and look amazing!
  15. Comeflywithme

    6 months Surgeversay

    Awsome! Congrats and I agree with you and feel like you!! Isn't it wonderful??!!
  16. Comeflywithme


    Yayyyy! CONGRATS!! And WHO says you can't celebrate with food?? YES you can my friend, it's ok to be bad one day so long as you go back to healthy eating the next, you deserve it!! Celebrate also by getting yourself something new, in a much smaller size that you would have, as you WILL fit in it! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awsome!!
  17. Awsome, congratulations, thanks for sharing your story!!!! You're doing amazing!!! I too feel getting my sleeve was the BEST decision of my life and feel amazingly great, my only regret is not having it done when I was younger but then again, I wasn't prepared or ready like I was last year when I had it done. Good for you!!!!!!!! Best of luck!!
  18. Comeflywithme

    need to brag a little...!

    WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! So proud of you! Keep reading this site and it IS indeed very helpful, it helps me tremendously!!! Good luck, keep up the good work and it will ALL be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Yes all true, gas AND too much liquid intake, you'll see what we mean when you first get your surgery. You have to sip very very very very slowly....
  20. Comeflywithme

    Your experience with hair loss?

    My hair loss started about 6 months post op and now, 10 months out I'm still losing but not as much. I started taking Biotin1 month ago and do notice little hairs growing and my nails are growing stronger too. I have a lot of hair so no one notices except me. I do notice, however, my hair is more coarse than before, dryer and thin around the ends, hoping to have my "nice, full curly, healthy hair" back soon.
  21. No, calm down. This is a WONDERFUL thing that you're doing for yourself. In a couple of months you'll be happier than you've ever been, wearing "normal" smaller sizes and feeling AMAZING with lots of energy and people complementing you all the time. Don't worry, you'll be just fine, I can guarantee it! Remember to get your walking in to help with the gas discomfort. Good luck, keep us updated. You'll be just fine... praying for your prompt and easy recovering.... ♥
  22. Yes very normal, hang in there it gets better, especially after day 5. Get your walking in for gas discomfort, that is the one thing that will truly help it. Walk walk walk, especially after sipping or eating anything, and continue to do so. Good luck, it does get much better and one week out you'll feel great and 30 days out, your energy level will climb up and the weigh will continueously climb down and you'll be happy happy! Good Luck!
  23. Comeflywithme

    New pic & current thoughts & Instagram

    Beautiful!! GREAT JOB CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. YES I totally felt like that even up to the last minute and every meal I ate the last few weeks was like "this is the last time I will be eating this"....well, 10 months out all I can say is NOT! I still cook and bake for and with my teen all the time and I eat everything and anything, in moderation that is and watch myself during the week but weekends all bets are off so I splurge on pizza and chocolate and anything, in moderation I repeat. You'll be healthier and happier and you WILL cook, bake and eat with your teen as I do. The first months are a little rough but when you see that scale go down, your energy levels go up and you feel healthy and look gorgeous, it'll be the best thing you'll do for yourself. Go for it, don't be scared and life will be normal again before you know it. Good Luck!!
  25. Comeflywithme

    "You're Melting"

    I'm 10 months out and I'm in shock everyday when my coworkers tell me that I'm melting away, shrinking, they call me Skinny Minnie! GASP! It's so surreal to hear this. I honestly don't see it, I mean, I know 75 lbs is a lot but I don't see the extreme of it so those comments shock me but it does feel nice... Keep it up (or should I say down lol) peeps, this is not the easy way out by no means but it's so worth it, right? I love it! Good Luck to us all....

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