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  1. I put some hydrocortisone cream around the incisions. The itching was gone in about 2 days.
  2. astphi831

    Surgery on Wed June 18

    I'm having surgery on June 18th also!!! I'm so excited to start this new journey in my life!!!
  3. astphi831

    I'm new :)

    I'm from LA too! I'm having my sleeve on June 18th!! I'm super excited!!
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    Who Are You?

    Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'm 31 but I'll be 32 by the time I have my VSG surgery. My surgery is scheduled for June 18, 2014. I love music!!! I love dancing and singing!! I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends! They are the people that keep me sane! I love my boyfriend with all my heart even though I want to slap him sometimes. Both my family anf my friends have been really supportive in my decision to have surgery. I have been overweight since I was around 10 years old. In high school I lost about 40 pounds but then gained it back when I started college. After I graduated college I lost about 100 pounds but of course gained it all back and then some!!! I've been on so many diets and weight loss meds I can't even count them all. Recently one of my co-worker suddenly past away! She was so young. She had an aneurysm. She was such a happy person and loved life to the fullest. Her passing made me start thinking about my life and all the things I want to accomplish! I made my decision after alot of research and discussion with 3 of my co-workers who had the VSG surgery. I am more excited than scared about the surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Drake Bellanger is one of the best there is!!! That's about all I can think of right now but if I think of anything else I'll post it!!!