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    Am I really the only one ?

    I am glad I found this post, I can so relate. I am band to sleeve. I am only 40 days Post-Op. I am noticing that I have some challenges that virgin sleevers do not. I had the Lapband for 10 years, the first 8 I went from 300 to a Healthy, Fit 205, I'm 6'1" so this was perfect size for me, I was real happy to be there. the last 2 years of my band, I believe I had a stretched esophogus above the band. I had to have it unfilled and slowly creeped back up to 250lbs. I knew I had to get ri of the Lapband but didn't want to gain all my weight back, so I opted for the Sleeve. I have gone from 250, down to 215 in the last 40 days. I was almost afraid I was losing too fast since I wasn't even on solid food yet. I have stabilzed this last week and am glad I am not dropping to fast. I am only 10lbs from my goal, but I'm afraid I have lost alot of muscle. I had Hernia Repair during surgery and next day second surgery because I "Threw up my stomach" so they said, I had to get it pulled back down and re-repair the Hernia. I was in the Hospital for 3 more days on IV Fluids. I couldn't drink all that time. So my liquid phase lasted longer, I believe that's why I lost so much weight. Because I had a Stetched Esophogus before from the Lapband, I feel as though I don't have as much liquid restriction, but I think I'm wrong. I think alot of the liquid goes down, but alot stays in the Esophogus. If I bend down ie: to tie my shoes, liquid comes back up from gravity, no PB or throw up. I also end up sleeping propped up, becasue I end up waking up almost choking on liquids or Saliva. It has gotten better this last week, but still a big concern of mine. Also I am very nervous about throwing up, I was told wretching could cause the Hernia Repair/Sleeve to do the same thing as day 2. For this reason I think I stick to tiny portions. I am happy I got the sleeve and Optimistic that some of these issues will resolve themselve, either way I will be seeing my doctor to discuss this.

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