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  1. Anyone out there living in Corpus Christi? I currently have consult appointments for (2) Drs. I went to a WLS support group, locally, but only folks with gastric bypass were present. Let me know if your local! I'd love to hear from you. Shawn
  2. Hello. I am semi-new to the board. I have a seminar/consult with Dr. Spivak, in Houston on June 17th. I live in Corpus Christi, TX (approx. 4 hours from Houston). I went to my first "live" WLS support group meeting in Corpus tonight. Every person there had the gastric bypass. When I spoke that I was considering the lapband, a few ladies shook their heads negatively. They explained, after I spoke, that they had once considered it but the risk of slippage, etc and regaining the weight were too high. I didn't say much, due to the fact that I was a newcomer. After the meeting, I met with the psychologist (group leader) and he said that it was truly a personal decision (of course) and that the ladies were speaking because they felt, maybe 5 months on, that you will have most of the complications that you were going to have with the RNY. On the other hand, complications can still occur with the band due to erosion and slippage or blow to the stomach trauma....I really felt like an outcast at the support group. What's your take on this? Shawn

    Concentric dialation (sp?)

    Yes, I understand about retraining yourself to eat the "proper" way! I was unfilled for about 2 months. Very rarely did I feel my band, during that time. I've gradually gotten my fills. The first one, being 1.2 cc. Then 1.4 cc total now. I am very cautious as I don't want the reflux to come back, as I was miserable while sleeping for 6 months or so. It wasn't until I was unfilled that I realized what a crappy sleeper I had been, especially when I vomit in my mouth! I gained 7 pounds total. I would love to lose that 7 and be done with it. The junk food still goes down way too well. Shawn
  4. Well, of course I haven't been to lapbandtalk in awhile...because everything was great! I am back. Sort of like a fair weather friend! I've had some issues with nighttime gastric reflux during the past several months. Upon my last fill of .2cc for a total of 1.6cc, the reflux increased. I haven't considered myself as "tight." In fact, I HATE being too tight, it increases my cravings for the junk. Anyway, after the last fill my reflux was nightly and then I started my issued in the AM w/PBing Carnation Instant Breakfast, then being OK for a reg. lunch, then having issues for dinner. Everytime, I ate it felt strange...or uncomfortable. I made an appt. w/my surgeon a few weeks ago. I recently met w/him. Both he and I suspected a dialated pouch, because of my symptoms. He ordered an upper GI. I ended up with a a stretched (dialated) pouch and my band looking good. My saline was completely taken out. BOY! I am feeling great. I have NO reflux at all. I sleep terrific and the pain while eating is gone. On the other hand, I have a fear of gaining and constantly think of food (wanting to eat healthy, having a "treat", my next meal, etc.). I have about 1 month of no fill. I am currently on fitday.com to track my calories like the old days. I still want to be a good bandster and maintain during this time. Wish me luck! Be good to your band. Eat slow, stop when satisfied, and don't drink during meals! Shawn

    advice on refill after complications

    Alex is right. It's better to be on the too lose than too tight. I'm where you are now with no fill... until Aug. My pouch needed a "rest" from being dilated/stretched. I've read about this from other posts. Most folks seem to be more sensitive to the refill. I plan on asking for 1.0cc for my first fill (refill). Shawn

    What should I do - if anything?

    I agree with the other poster! It is hard work to lose weight, no matter which way you do it! When he is ready, then he can begin meeting w/his surgeon, attend a support group and get fills. That is the great thing about the band. Let him come to his own conclusions. If someone nagged me, I'd eat another donut just to spite them! Good luck. Shawn

    Bandsters in Corpus Christi

    Hello Corpus Christians! Wow, this was one of my "old" posts back when I was investigating my options/surgeons. I'm glad that I was banded, however, there is no EASY way to weight loss. It is all work. I will be banded for 2 years in Sept! It's hard to believe. Shawn

    Sept 2005 bandsters post here!!

    Diane, It's amazing how well you are doing! You life has changed and sometimes getting that wrapped around in your brain is the difficult part. I experienced depression last summer and ended up in counseling. I figured some things out. The counselor mentioned that our bodies have changed a great deal and I'm sure that internally (chemically, hormones, emotionally) we changed as well. Sept. 2005 hasn't been that long ago....although for me it seems like a long time out. What I am trying to say is...expect some emotional upheaval along the way. For you, it's guilt, that is popping up in your life. You done this procedure in order to get a healthier YOU! Replace the guilt with support of those friends that would love to be in your place. Your life has already changed!!! Shawn
  9. I've been having hip pain for the past several months. It comes and goes, but my walking routinue has been thrown "out the window" until I recooperate. I went to my regular doctor today to figure things out. It looks like I may have bursitis or tenonitis. My RX is for physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicine (of some type.) My regular doctor wanted me to make sure what I could take anti-inflamatory-wise. Some of my regular doctors ideas were: 1) course of NSAIDs over a period of 2-3 weeks or 2) steroid injection or 3) steroid topical cream w/a type of sonogram that drives the meds. into the skin (I forgot exact name...the physical therapist does this). My surgeons office was ok with anything other than the oral NSAID's. Now, I need your opinion. My pain comes and goes and sometimes occurs when I sleep. I am not in constant pain. I'm afraid of the steroid injection....given that I am not in excruciating pain now! What would you do? Shawn
  10. Thanks for guys for the imput. I went today, for the first time, to physical therapy. She evaluated and treated my "condition." It seems that one leg is a little bit shorter than the other (common). She put in a heel lift on the short side and suggested that I get some insoles for extra cushioning support. While I was there, I got the sonogram (deep heat) on the hip/thigh area. We've modified my workout time/amount (walking) as I am starting up again. I'm fixing to go out and test the waters. Funny thing....with the heel lift, inserts, deep massage, my hip feels pretty terrific! We are going to try the natural method...without steriods. Only time will tell (about 2 weeks). Thanks, Shawn
  11. CCBSTX

    im asking to remove my band

    Ask Dr. C this question! I've read where he responded on the incidence of hernias. I don't think they are band related. In fact, they can irritate the band. Put in a search and see what you can find out. Shawn
  12. CCBSTX

    My doctors opinion?? Babs in Texas???Help

    Becky, How about another surgeon to consult? It seems that no matter what you do, you'll need the SUPPORT of someone willing to give you aftercare. Good luck. Shawn
  13. CCBSTX

    does this seem right

    Since you don't cook...maybe those frozen Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice. They aren't always the best, but better than junk. Shawn
  14. CCBSTX

    to remove or not to remove???

    Are you still doing liquids and PBing? If you are considering removal why not consider an unfill first. That way you can eat a regular healthy diet. Or consider a slight unfill and go back to the bandsters basic diet (Protein first, then veggies). Sometimes when a person is too tight, they think they should be losing weight. Liquids can be highly caloric and most of the time not filling. So if you are on liquids, then you probably ARE never full. Consider a slight unfill. Take care, Shawn
  15. CCBSTX

    11 Days; and I TURNED the corner!

    I'm glad that you are feeling better! When you can eat, later on in the day...do so. Keep your nutrition up. For me, at 17 months out, when I get hungry my right shoulder hurts like gas pains. My sensations of hunger are quite different than pre-banding. Keep on sipping, drinking your shakes, and on the road to recovery... Shawn
  16. CCBSTX

    Husband problems

    I'm sorry for your situation! Of course, we couldn't possibly know the details of your marriage...just what you tell us. No matter what the situation, what he is doing is plain wrong. In my opinion, I'd lay low/kiss some butt and get the surgery. All the while, I'd PLAN my way out of this marriage. Make arrangements (mental and/or physical) regarding your living situation/job/kids/finances/lawyer. If things get worse or are worse, then do it sooner or later. There are other ways to finance your surgery. Take care, Shawn
  17. CCBSTX

    Help! Worried About A Friend

    Let us know how it turns out! The fever thing doesn't sound good. Shawn
  18. CCBSTX

    Black Vomit During Sleep

    Let us know how it turns out! Take care. Shawn
  19. CCBSTX


    Lisa, I've had some serious bouts of constipation...let's just say I though I was giving birth! I try to drink a large glass of Water in the morning with Benefiber in it (is clear non-tasting form). This has helped me a great deal. If it doesn't clear up in a day or two, make a visit to your regular doctor. No sense in being in pain...whatever it is.. Take care. Shawn
  20. CCBSTX

    One Year Later...Not A Success Story

    So sorry about your frustration! I'm not sure of your restriction level, but typically those who are restricted and eat a "real" meal don't feel hungry for several hours. Perhaps another fill might do the trick. Really restriction is the key to banded weight loss. THE MAIN KEY. Over the course of a few days or so, try counting your calories. I use fitday.com and it give me an idea of what I am eating plus calories/nutrition. Take care. Shawn
  21. CCBSTX

    Steps to get you started

    Find a reputable doctor or two in your area. Go to obesityhelp.com and they have a surgeon finder for your city. Once you do that give them a call and see if they have an informational seminar or free consult (many do). That way you can get more info., see if you qualify, and meet the surgeon as well. Shawn
  22. CCBSTX

    Nighttime aspiration - too tight ?

    Loosen her up a bit! Just a bit! Shawn
  23. CCBSTX

    SuperDaddy: Back to the Starting Line(?)

    Go superdaddy! You and your family deserve the best health possible!! Shawn
  24. CCBSTX

    MAX Capacity for food

    OH no! This is a time where we can go crazy trying to figure out the "real" answer. My surgeon says no more than 1 1/2 cups of food (Protein first). I tend to think that we are all so different in our comfort levels. I hate to be too tight and only getting 1/2 cup of food would not be at my comfort level. Shawn
  25. CCBSTX

    Do you sleep in the nude?

    Wow! A lot of naked sleepers. I feel too exposed also, plus if someone breaks in my house... I don't want to be naked! (isn't that the weirdest statement???) Shawn