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    A fantastic experience with Dr Illan

    Funny how people use the same information. I liked his age and the amount of experience. I figured a couple hundred surgeries on his own and hundreds+ as an assistant was just right. He would still take his time, have steady hands and stamina, and not be too bored by the same procedure. His Trauma surgeon experience was the part that sealed the deal for me. I started with a list of 20 surgeons. (including 4 stateside) Best of luck on picking your surgeon. The one you choose in the end will be very personal to you. you are correct but years of experience and exposure to a lot of different cases, does play its role, right ?
  2. cookies-and-cream

    Anyone self-pay from Ontario, Canada ?

    Hi Nancy, thank you for reply. I am in Maple / Vaughan
  3. cookies-and-cream

    A fantastic experience with Dr Illan

    My only reservation with Dr. Illan is his age and that he just finished med school 5 years ago
  4. Hi All. trying to decide between the two. Both have great online presense, Dr. Ortiz has a celebrity status (but i've read in older threads that he is not the one actually performing the surgery, his assistant does it instead) and Dr. Ortiz is roughly $2000 cheaper than Dr. Alvarez. Any thoughts or comments ? They gave me a very vague answer as to complications resolutions after surgery as they apparently never had one. Not that reassuring, I am afraid. thank you all in advance.
  5. cookies-and-cream

    Dr. Alvarez vs Dr. Ariel Ortiz

    thank you all for replies. The more I research my top three candidates, the more I lean to Dr. Aceves, actually
  6. Hi all can someone tell me, what is the usual reply time by their office ? I e-mailed yesterday morning, nothing yet

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