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    I am the mother of 3 small children (7, 6, and 2). I work hard to take care of my family. I have to re learn myself.
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    Honestly I am working on figuring that out.
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  1. I’m down 83.6 lbs since August 7th, bouncing around atm around the 168/170 area. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos recently. So that stinks. I can’t do Keto because of it. And I’m too poor to afford AIP Paleo at the moment. We have $20 to last the next 2 weeks for 5 of us. Hopefully tomorrow we get some good news, we do have some food stores but running out of that pretty quickly. Once we get back on our feet though Im going to try AIP Paleo
  2. dinner tonight: chickpea penne (yummy!), a homemade Tomato sauce that has no sugar added to it. And chicken breast breaded in seasoned coconut flour, pan fried in coconut oil before finished being baked in the oven. Then being topped with the tomato sauce and mozzarella. :) leftovers will be lunch tomorrow.
  3. Lol banana islands 😂😂😂. My 3 year old son calls them banana cookies
  4. I’ll be okay. I’m stuck in the 170s I’ve bounced into the 160s but then my weight shoots back up the extra 2 lbs and is refusing to go down. This has happened at the 220s, 210s 200s and 190s I seemed to slide right through the 180s though. I’m hoping that this slump will pass soon and I’ll be down into the 150s soon. 147 is considered a healthy weight for me so I’m not too far from that. My goal would be the 120s but until i get the excess skin removed I don’t know if that’s possible.
  5. How is everyone?? I’m alive. For now. Been struggling with some medical conditions lately (was just diagnosed with Hashimotos), still dealing with problems that come from starvation (can’t afford food or meds or anything....) Thought I’d share my breakfast with y’all. It’s a banana with a little peanut butter, a small amount of honey, and some chia seeds sprinkles on top. Not much, but it’s something. I quit my job due to my unexpected illness, and am now moving cross country. I posted my resume online and have gotten one phone call so far for an interview. Hoping that I can survive long enough to get a decent paying job. (Moving up in the world!)
  6. I wanted so share some photos. The one with me and my cousin was actually a while ago but I was the same weight before my surgery. Started at 252 and am down to 168. I’ve come a long way. Anyways I posted the first picture on my Facebook from since my surgery. I’m in a medium shirt!! Omg!! The skinny girl on the left is my cousin. Love her so much 😂 :)
  7. Megan Sadler

    Shaking and sugar

    Finished my appt. my blood sugar was low. My husband gave me a kit Kat (has 22g sugar in it) ate that and feel much better now. Going to the store and going to pick up some apple juice and maybe something else like a couple bananas. That’ll help me a ton.
  8. Megan Sadler

    Shaking and sugar

    I’m at the doctors now they just pricked my finger. I’m on a drug that lowers blood sugar and haven’t been eating much sugar because of the surgery. So they think this might be the correct diagnosis.
  9. I’m 6 (almost 7) months post op. The last few weeks I’ve been experiencing some strange symptoms. My chest hurts when I exhort too much energy, my arm gets numb. I’m extremely tired, can’t walk for long without becoming light headed 🥴 it’s been getting better (the doctor put me on a steroid after running every test in the books) they helped. I ran out and I started becoming shaky while at the store. So I did something I don’t typically do. I bought a Reese’s and ate one and the shaking stopped pretty quickly. Got me thinking that maybe everything has to do with my blood sugar. Every single symptom is listed for hypoglycemia. Has anyone experienced this?
  10. I’m going to brave the thrift shops in salt lake today and then go to chipotle for a burrito bowl with no rice and added guacamole 😍😍 of which I’ll eat maybe 1/3 lol
  11. I wonder if that’s true in SLC. Out here it’s just big families who pass their old stuff down to their youngest kids or it’s college student. One of our thrift stores just closed down recently. I’ve never had much luck at the other one because people finally purge stuff that should have been burned in the 80s . I always had great luck elsewhere. Especially Colorado but out here people are like “oh this item is still usable” and it most certainly is not. I had one lady donate old clothes to me... it was bad. Like shoulder pads and sequins bad.... thank god it didn’t fit.
  12. Some people say it is. But the air is as bad as LA was when I was there last. A lot of the businesses don’t even take care of their fronts and lots, the roads are bad. Ugh. I’m biased. I hate utah. I miss home more than anything (Colorado Springs Colorado) home was stunning. We had the garden of the gods, the incline, everything was beautiful.
  13. I actually had to brave it for a pair of leggings recently and used one of my husbands shirts and it was a huge difference. I still look in the mirror and I feel strange
  14. I have 54lbs to go. I’m going to the gym about 2-3 times a week. So that’s nice