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  1. I can't believe I'm almost 3 months post op. I've lost a total of 75 pounds and need to keep going. However, went on vaca and blew my normal routine and need to get back to where I wouldn't let sugar of any kind touch my lips. !! I'm think back to liquid diet for a couple weeks. I cook and then I'm bored with what I made so I don't eat. I drink my shakes no problem in the AM. I STOPPED tracking foods bc I never finish anything but I'm def grazing again. Help!
  2. Jaime_Boston

    7 weeks post op - success and struggles

    Anything that's been fried doesn't sit well. I almost immediately get sick. I love fried fish - so it sucks but it's ok. I'm down 68 pounds total - 38 since 3-18 surgery! How are you doing ???
  3. Jaime_Boston

    7 weeks post op - success and struggles

    Thanks everyone for chiming in. Regarding the P3 packs, I have made my own "bistro box". Sliced apple, chopped chicken, a mini Brie cheese, and Nut Thin crackers. Sounds like a lot but it's probably 5 crackers with those items topped. The low carb honey wheat wraps are going well I only use 1/2 at a time and barely finish that. Not sitting too heavy in stomach. I also used to make a little veggie pizza. Great idea. Quick and easy. Hope everyone is well.
  4. Jaime_Boston


    I live in North Attleboro. Sleeved on 3.18.14 by Dr. Glascow at Norwood hospital. Doing really good.
  5. Wow. What a journey so far. I moved onto solid foods 3 weeks ago. It's been challenging. My pallet has changed and it's hard to finish much of what I make. However, I'm on the go a lot. I do Protein shakes in the AM. I haven't had breads/starch anything yet. Do I dare fall back on carbs? I wonder if any of those low carb/low cal wraps are safe to eat??? Would love some feedback on this. I just want to be able to throw something in a lunch bag besides fruit and yogurt
  6. Jaime_Boston

    Easter Challenge

    8 pounds away from Easter Goal. It might be unhealthy to lose that much by Sunday. But I'm pushing for it!
  7. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    Awesome CrazeyJaney! Same here 1 month anniversary. 30 pounds pre op and 22 post op. Today I go to another appointment and change over to solid foods. I hope eating my proteins instead of drinking or slurping them will help the energy levels and some more weight loss.
  8. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    Is that 50 pounds since surgery or overall? We were sleeved on same day so I'm hoping I'm not that far behind! I'm 54 pounds down overall.
  9. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    Hey! I've been catching up on work and haven't been on here in a week or so. I took find I have stalls. Also sleeved on 3/18. Some days I wake up and nothing has changed on the scale. Then other days I wake up and another two pounds is gone. Solid foods start Tuesday. I'm so nervous. HW 372 SW 322 CW 308
  10. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    Change the batteries!
  11. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    I'm on purée stage but I'm finding it hard to consume a full serving (3 oz) and that makes if really hard to track my nutritional intake. Anyone else ?????
  12. Jaime_Boston

    need help with protein.

    I was advised to be targeting 65g of protein. Two shakes and 1 Greek yogurt usually do the trick.
  13. Jaime_Boston

    Before and After Pics

    Wow! So amazing!!
  14. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    I agree!! We all got sleeved and each surgeon has their own guidelines... Weird. Last day of post op liquids tomorrow. Tuesday staples removed and purée begins.
  15. Jaime_Boston

    Who is in March?

    Hey guys - I'm 14 days out and 16 pounds down. I think we all need to commit to not weighing ourselves for 7 days! We are driving ourselves crazy!!!! Anyone else??