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  1. Go for it! I had RNY4 years ago and have been ever thought about regretting it my diabetes is gone I am off several medication use I am much healthier. I am so grateful.
  2. wildGoose

    OCTOBER 2014

    Beni. You are the best. Your story is my story. I didn't have any cake or sweets. I had cheese. I weighed 179 - the highest I've weighed in a long time. Tomorrow I see my trainer at 9 am. I' haven't seen him in a while. So that is a good thing. I love herbal tea, too. I use liquid stevia. It is my favorite thing of the day. I become more and more happy with my tea. Breakfast has been set for me for a long time. I start each day with lemon water. Then I have yogurt with orange pieces and blue berries. I put cinnamon and nutmeg on them. Sometimes I have a few prunes. It would be so easy to get back to 290. Such a frightening thought. Happy New Year.
  3. wildGoose

    OCTOBER 2014

    One huge change I made after my surgery was that I started drinking tea. I used to be a Diet Coke addict, and that was how I got my caffeine. After surgery I just could not stand the taste of water so I started on the herbal teas. And I often have some black tea in the afternoon. Every morning I have lemon water first thing. Lucky for me I tend to get enough water/tea. Peppermint tea has been a life saver. I love the check list of habits we've either adopted or not. It is good to remember what we're supposed to be doing.
  4. wildGoose

    OCTOBER 2014

    This might be my favorite post of all time. I east too fast too. It is my worst action around food. I don't eat and drive, I live alone and that makes things easier. But I do like to have my dinner with my television. I eat raw almonds because they are slow. But I do need to slow down. And focus on chew chew chew. I'm really good with my yogurt and fruit that I have every morning. But after that, I turn into Mario Andretti. The good part for me is that I remain very conscious of what I eat. I don't "blackout eat" anymore. I don't want to be one of those people who gains it all back. Thanks for being here. And Beni, thanks for starting this group.
  5. wildGoose

    Clothing question?

    I waited as long as possible to get new clothes. I bought a few pairs of plus size jeans on the way down). When I had gone from size 22 to size 12 (moving out of plus sizes) it became easier to shop. I would get jeans at Costco for $15. Also, "starfish" knits at LandsEnd. now I'm into size 10s. my legs are very skinny, and I wear leggings a lot. I have been given a lot of clothes by friends, and this has been really helpful. It doesn't make sense to buy clothes to only wear them for a short while.
  6. I just learned that Medicare will pay for a tummy tuck and a boob job. I had no idea. There is a really good plastic surgeon who said he'd give me a good deal on doing my face if he did the tummy and the boobs. I am very happy. really just letting you know.
  7. wildGoose

    OCTOBER 2014

    I'm so happy I found this group again. In the beginning, this group was my absolute rock. I'm doing well. Off most of my meds, not being treated for Diabetes at all any more. Since I first went to my surgeon, I've lost 107 pounds. Now, I lose very slowly, but I am totally okay with that. I went to the doctor, well, his PA, and she told me I had to stop losing so fast. Imagine that. Things have been hard here as my neighbor's 8-year-old daughter was raped and murdered by another neighbor, a 15-year-old boy. I ate too much at first, but my food of choice was blueberries! People were talking about yogurt and fruit. That's absolutely my favorite food. I have it for Breakfast every single day. I love FAGE 2%. I gave up the non-fat because i realized I needed to be eating more fat. Every single day I wake up amazed that I can get out bed. I look at my size 10 pants and am sure that I cannot possibly fit into those tiny things. I've learned how to shop for clothes, though I have to admit it was very traumatic at first. My arthritis remains bad, but I go to physical therapy three times a week, and my legs are getting better. Everyday I am totally grateful that I had my surgery and that I have totally hung in there for almost ten months now. I won't lose this group again. I hope everyone is doing well. With love, WG.
  8. wildGoose

    CraveClean Protein Bake Shop

    How much white flour. That's still a Nono for me.
  9. wildGoose

    4 days post op.....

    I tend to think that your job at this point is to get the food and water in you. Everything is swollen and tender. I thought that would last forever. It doesn't, I promise. In a few weeks you will be able to get a more set pattern of eating, but as I remember it, I was tender for the first three months. Now that I'm about 10 months out and down 107 pounds, my new stomach reminds me that I had the surgery. the surgery is smartest thing I've ever done. hang in there. And congratulations on having your surgery. We all know how hard you had to work to get to this point. The hard work has to last forever. My suggestion is to log all your food into myfitnesspal or another food logging site. That has totally helped me to stay on track. Best wishes.
  10. wildGoose

    Dry prunes

    I eat prunes. They aren't the best choice, but I think they do work. The thing about constipation, and after eight months, I feel like an expert, is that no one remedy will work all the time. At least not for me. Nothing works all the time. Personally, I like Smooth Move tea. But it is only for "occasional constipation." Prunes, which are also known as "dried plums," have no added sugar. I'd check with someone on your surgical team first, but if they say yes, I'd start with one prune. Then, I would move up to two, etc. See what happens. I think the best thing for constipation is drinking lots of Water. I have become very good at this.
  11. Everything will change. Hang in there. Good luck.
  12. wildGoose

    Food Measurements

    In the beginning, I don't think measuring was as important as it is mor me now that I'm seven months out and down about 100 lbs. At first, your job is to get as much food and water down as possible. Your new stomach and your throat are needing to heal. It will be a while. you won't be able to eat very much. Water is probably more important than food. As for scales, get a digital scale that will measure ounces. I'm an Amazon person because I can look at a whole line of things and pick the one that's going to work for me. As for measuring cups, I have one and two-cup Pyrex cups and stainless and plastic sets as well. I hope this helps.
  13. wildGoose


    Pizza was my fave. I'm six months out and haven't had any yet. I do hear of people eating the top off the crust.
  14. You might be able to eat half a quest bar at a time. They save me white traveling, especially on fly days.
  15. wildGoose

    Dizzy and Lightheaded

    Even at 5 weeks your goal is to get as much protein and water down as possible. There really isn't a quota until later. The thing that really helps me, and this is from the very beginning, is peppermint tea sweetened with stevia. It tastes good and calms my stomach. I know what you mean about the egg. I have come to realize that my stomach has always been pretty sensitive. I think I used starchy food to calm things down. Now I use the tea. It took me a few months to not have to think so much about what I am doing. It is not easy what we are doing. But I promise it will not always be so hard. Good luck.

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