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  1. Hi, I know I'm only on my 2nd wk post op BUT I am Freezing all the time! I cannot get warm. Is anyone else having this issue & how do you deal with it? Will it ever get better?? Thanks!
  2. chicagirl


    Thank you for this post! It is very encouraging. I'm one month out and frustrated. Would you mind posting a typical days menu for yourself? Thanks so much & congrats!!
  3. chicagirl

    3 weeks out...struggling!

    I'd def recommend the Unjury chicken soup. Tastes just like broth and has 21g protein. I get 1 or 2 in a day, plus an ensure shake. I can't envision ever getting 80g protein in without supplementing ... but that's my goal
  4. chicagirl

    Advancing diet...?

    I've just listened to my gut. I asked my Doc if I could do that and he said yes. I think you'll know what you can't handle- and I'm assuming you aren't going to go crazy and start eating food that is a few months out. I've been fine- I'm on week 3 & eating eggs, tuna, few bites of a burger, Oatmeal and cereal. I get full fast so even if I'm thinking of eating a lot, I just can't. Hope that helps ! Good luck!!!
  5. chicagirl


    Does anyone know if the gummies are ok to take other than the calories? I'm 3 weeks out and can't stand the chewable vitamins I'm on. I'm looking for something bearable as well....
  6. chicagirl

    Two weeks post op

    Hi 2sissy! I was sleeved on 2/18. Down 13 preop and only down 5-7 since surgery. I'm going to add walking this week to see if that helps and really focus more on getting at least 80g protein . My starting bmi was 36- how about yours? I'm confident it'll work-just taking each day slow. But it can be very frustrating if I choose to focus on the scale vs all the work I'm doing Hang in there !!
  7. Can I ask what they did for you at the ER? I have a fear of being in this situation. Hope you are ok!
  8. That sounds terrible and painful! You poor thing! When they went in to do my sleeve they found a hernia and repaired it- which I was thankful for. I don't have terrible heartburn anymore. The sleeve is not painful and you'll do great! It just let's you know when it can't hold anymore. The trick is listening to your body. I had similar stats - 223 then 210 after preop diet. Now 203. Good luck to you- this is an exciting time!!
  9. Welcome Jeninpink!! It gets better -trust me!! The preop diet is the worst. All the withdrawal symptoms made me feel ughhh. I am 3 weeks out and feeling good. I wish I was losing more but I'm just sticking to the program. What happened with your band?
  10. Hi, Thank you for that info!! It's really helpful to me as I am 3 weeks out and transitioning my diet but not really confident I'm "doing this right". I'm frustrated because I'm not losing weight although my clothes fit more comfortably. It's exciting to hear everyone's weight loss but makes me wonder why I'm stuck... I'm using an app to track what I eat which helps as well.
  11. Hi ! I'm 2 weeks out today as well and am on the slowww train! Weight before preop diet 223, surgery weight 210, current 204.. I did get my period today so I'm hoping that is slowing this down... I'm worried that something is wrong but I'm just sticking to my plan and hope to add exercise next week! ????
  12. Hi everyone! I was sleeved on 2/18 @ Alexian Bros. I would love to be a part of a support group- trading tips and encouragement
  13. chicagirl

    GOAL met!

    OMG- congrats!! You look like a different person!!
  14. chicagirl

    Any1 scared it wouldnt "work?"

    I'm sorry to hear you haven't lost in 2 months. I'm curious what your doctor attributes it to..? It sounds like you are following the plan and working out a lot. You must be noticing a change in the way your clothes fit..and feeling healthy..? It takes a lot of discipline to workout that often and stay on your protein. I give you a lot of credit for that- remember it's a long journey and this is only one little part of it. Hang in there !!!
  15. chicagirl

    That awkward moment when....

    OMG- that is a great story!!! Love it!!!
  16. chicagirl


    Hi Missdixie- I had surgery on 2/18 and have the exact same stats as you. I went up two lbs yesterday but back down 1 today. I think I have to stop weighing myself- although in the back of my head I just want reassurance that this is working. I don't feel a difference in my clothes either- but I think I'm still somewhat swollen. ...it's very frustrating but it's gotta work- we are hardly eating anything!!! What are you eating for protein? I'm so sick of shakes and starting to think about "real food". Lol. Good luck to you!!
  17. I had surgery 2/18 as well. I'm having the same trouble- the protein shakes make me sick post op. I have been using Unjury chicken soup protein mix and they have 21g per serving. I try to have a couple each day. They are very good -no smell, no bad taste ...just like chicken broth. You may want to try that...?? I also chewed the heck out of a cheese stick for some protein there too..( not sanctioned, but I was dying for food & it went down ok ). Good luck- this is tough but worth it!!
  18. Thanks mac man- that's a great way for me to think about getting it all in versus relying on my "hunger " cues..which are out of whack!!
  19. chicagirl

    Any1 scared it wouldnt "work?"

    I'm 2 weeks out and not losing...but I have to believe! This is about believing in yourself, being strong and persevering! It will be a long but rewarding "mental" journey. I've realized this is so much about me thinking positively, encouraging myself and getting rid of the negative self talk... I'm trying hard not to buy into the "fear of failure" but to slow down and keep working at this..
  20. chicagirl

    Will i ever be warm again?

    What did they say? I guess it must be common..
  21. chicagirl

    Will i ever be warm again?

    I used to be warm all the time as well. I haven't lost much weight yet-actually hardly any.. maybe trying to stay warm will burn some calories!! Lol
  22. Are you supplementing with protein shakes? ...just wondering how you are getting all those grams in. Your food sounds delicious-I can't wait to be at that place! Where did you have your surgery?
  23. Did you only have to stay on full liquids for a week? I'm a week out and really struggling with the full liquid diet. I have to be on it 2wks. There are only so many creative concoctions one can put protein powder into....! Im dying for a cheese stick or eggs...do you notice any changes now that you've advanced your diet? How active are you? I'm still sore and tired and just taking it easy... good luck to you!!
  24. Hi- I was sleeved on tues 2/18. I am totally at the .."why did I do this" stage!! I was so hungry yesterday but had to let it pass. I am so sick of protein shakes and water too. I'm def not getting either of those requirements met on a daily basis. ...everytime I look in the mirror I get so sad because I am so much more round than last week. It's hard to see the light but just take it day by day. Hang in there- you're not alone!!
  25. I agree with the increased cravings from the food my kids & hubby are eating. They were devouring portillos and I thought I was gonna lose it! The sooner I realize I'm on a different eating plan forever the better off I'll be. I never realized how prominent food and eating rituals are ingrained in us.

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