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  1. esskay77

    Anyone tried bubly carbonated water?

    No, my surgeon and NUT said to not have carbonated beverages of any sort.
  2. esskay77

    Ritz Crackers

    Ritz crackers are not ok. Not at your stage and not ever. They won't kill you but you should not be eating crackers of any sort. And, you are not eating enough!! Though don't focus on calories. Focus on Grams of Protein, Fats, Carbs that you should have been told to follow, though I get that not everyone has. postop diet is 60 to 80 grams of protein, 30 grams of fats, and no more than 100 grams of carbs. 1 oz of chicken or protein = 7 grams You need to eat but you need to eat right. This is the time for you to develop good eating habits. If you are following bad habits now, you are setting yourself up for failure later. Trust me -- been there, done that and now trying to get rid of the regain Best of luck!
  3. It will depend on how well you tolerate lettuce and whatever else you put in your salad, once you are on solid food of course. However, the word "big" shouldn't apply any longer. You will be able to have salads but hopefully you won't be having big salads. I'm about 6 years out and still find them uncomfortable if it is too big (about 1 cup of lettuce should be enough). And my "too big" is so different from before surgery! lol You will have a lot of cravings in the beginning, then they dsappear for a while as you are on solid foods. And then they come back. lol.
  4. I have recently discovered BariatricEating.com and they have amazing tasting protein shakes!! The chocolate salted caramel is my favorite. Also, you can get the "juice" type of protein powder drinks, too. I had Fuzzy Navel that I really liked. It is the Syntrax Nectar. Try those out. I think you will like them.
  5. esskay77


    Most likely not for a while. Most cruciferous veggies can be a tad harsh on your stomach. You will eventually but you should try to hold off for a while. You should have been given a list of what is ok to eat and at which phase. You didn't get? If you do try it, go slow and just try a few bites.
  6. esskay77

    Sugar free drinks

    I don't know what your nut or dr will say but I was told to not have carbonated beverages, so coke zero and sprite zero are out for me. You will have to ask but I believe it is best to stay away from carbonation. The sugar free part is fine. I generally drink Crystal Light or Bai water.
  7. esskay77

    Protein in vs Calories in

    Calories were never introduced for me. Protein goals were and still are the priority. Don't worry about calories.
  8. esskay77

    LEMON + Salad

    I had RNY and couldn't eat lettuce and such for quite a while. You may want to back off salad temporarily? You'll eventually be able to but it's early days yet and your body is still healing. They don't call it "roughage" for nothing!
  9. esskay77

    Pouch Re-set!

    how is it going? Are you doing just liquid?
  10. esskay77

    Pouch Re-set!

    Going down to such low calories scares me a bit but I do need to scale back. I'm thinking of doing the official pouch re-set 5-day diet to see what happens. I did it once but it didn't seem to have too much value but maybe trying it again isn't so bad. I did stop tracking my food so maybe I need to do that again, too.
  11. esskay77

    Pouch Re-set!

    I am in the same boat. What can we do to help each other? I am way off track! Help!!
  12. esskay77

    Advice on Restaurant

    Eat the soup, Order other things but like someone said, just move it around on your plate, if anyone asks, say that surprisingly the soup really filled you up more than you expected or maybe you aren't feeling well. But don't offer that up, only if someone notices. I work with so many people that all have different dietary requirements these days so you might not stick out as much as you think. Best of luck!
  13. Yeah, I get that. I've been reading this thread for months now. Thanks!
  14. I've had regain and can't seem to get it off. I want to try IF to get the regain off again but hope it also makes me more mindful of what I am doing. Why do others do IF?
  15. Thanks. That makes me very happy. Why am I so scared to do this though?

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