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  1. 2 more years have gone by...status still the same at 7 1/2 years out!
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    From the album: Cocoabean

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    From the album: Cocoabean

  5. Hello everyone! I've not been here in a while. Today is my 6th Bandiversary! I am down 70 lbs. and living at my goal weight for the last 3 1/2 years. My weight is pretty stable and I don't have to work very hard to maintain. I do get stuck from time-to-time, mostly when I take a bite that is too big, or don't chew well enough. You'd think I'd have learned by now. Last November I got my first tattoo to Celebrate my battle. Denise Highest 220, Current 145-150
  6. Cocoabean

    Um.. I can feel my lap-band

    It might also be the tubing. I am not sure, but I think I can feel where mine comes out and goes to the port.
  7. Cocoabean

    Got denied:(

    Have you checked your policy? Give them a call yourself to be certain it is covered. Or look up your plan brochure online.
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    Is there a way you can see another doctor? It sounds as though your band may be too tight. But without seeing someone, you cannot get it taken care of. When a band is too tight and we cannot eat solids, we go to sliders like ice cream out of desperation to get something down. As to the insurance thing? Do you mean that they have to start a new request for you to be seen? That is how it is for me. I need a referral from my primary doc to see my surgeon each and every stinking time. It is a pain, but it is their job. To not help you deal with it seems somehow negligent.
  9. Cocoabean

    Head aches any one?

    And then there are the migraines I get from out of nowhere, the sinus headaches, and the beer triggered headaches. (I am maintaining, so I allow myself beer). I'd get less headaches if I didn't tho.
  10. Cocoabean

    Can anyone have bread?

    Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. I do a lot of "deconstruction" of things with bread and tortillas. I use them as a handle and tear away to get to the filling. I can usually consume one piece of bread. But if I take a bite that is too big, it will get stuck at my new fill level of a few weeks ago. My best bet now is to eat with a knife and fork to make the bites even smaller.
  11. Cocoabean

    Head aches any one?

    For me, coming off caffeine causes killer headaches. I call them "loose brain" headaches because it feels as though my brain has broken loose and is sloshing in my head. They last about 3 days and the withdrawls are over. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. Cocoabean

    name your lapband?

    Bandit is mine, because he steals meals from me!
  13. Cash price and insurance price are two totally different things. My insurance company was billed over $43k. I doubt this was the amount that changed hands. I also doubt that if I had written a check that it would have been the amount I'd have been charged.
  14. Cocoabean

    how to say no thank you

    Why can you not go out? Choose band friendly foods. Happy birthday!!!
  15. Cocoabean

    Is Sliming Harmful?

    The worst for me was in the front row of the jury box in a high profile double murder trial. Ugh. Nearly had to ask the judge to stop, but we got a break and I was able to dash out! The slime isn't dangerous, retching can be.
  16. Cocoabean

    Blue Shield of CA

    I am a little late replying to this, and I see you heard from the hospital. But you should be able to check online for what your hospital benefits are. Check your insurance card for the website. I know we don't have the same company, but you should be able to look it up, just to verify what the hospital told you was true. I didn't know I had a hospital co-pay (oops, my research was flawed), but when I looked at my plan..yes I sure did. You might also be able to find your plan brochure online.
  17. Cocoabean

    Blue Shield of CA

    I had the H M O of BCBS Access Plus in California, is that the same one? Mine was just co-pays all the way through. the biggest being the hospital co-pay of $150 per day (one day). This was 5 years ago. And I stayed within my H M O network. That can make a HUGE difference.
  18. Cocoabean

    Too tight

    My surgeon says he is always willing to do an unfill...just say the word! He is of the "a loose band is a good band" fan club. If I want a fill, we negotiate.
  19. Cocoabean

    pre op diet struggle

    Welcome! The pre-op is not about losing, it is about preparing your body for surgery. Get off the scale if you can, and stick to the diet. You want your liver to be in top shape for the procedure you are about to undergo.
  20. Cocoabean

    How long have you had yours...

    5 1/2 years with no problems for me. I see my surgeon yearly for check-ups.
  21. Cocoabean

    Diet pills

    I've heard of patients working with their doctors to use prescription medications while in bandster hell (waiting for fills to reach the green zone). What you are talking about is a supplement. Does it work? I have no idea. 9 capsules a day... that makes it $25 a month via Amazon.com. Bandsters can take supplements. Next question would be how big are the capsules, will you be able to get them thru the band?
  22. Cocoabean


    Don't be depressed! (no, I am not telling you to pull yourself up, I know depression doesn't work that way) Fight them and win! Then be here to help others who need to fight! I was denied at first, so I got to know the appeals process very well back then. I used that experence here to help others with their appeals. Things have changed in the nearly 6 years since I went through it, but now you can use your knowledge to help others. It stinks that you are having to learn it, but use it to help others.
  23. Cocoabean


    Were you told of the change of requirements before your weigh in? If you were in street clothes and you weren't told, perhaps you can have a do-over and be weighed in a gown. If your insurance changed their requirments mid-stream, it seems to me you should have been informed of that. A letter to your state's insurance commission might not be out of the question either.
  24. Cocoabean

    I'm being treated differently

    I beleve there is some bias against obese people. I think there is a feeling of "you did this to yourself, you deal with the issues you created." An obese person with a cane.... gee, their weight MUST have caused the issue. A normal weight person on a cane... it could have been a sports injury, not your fault, here let me help you!
  25. Cocoabean

    Back from our cruise!

    Way to go! I've done several cruises since being banded. Haven't gained during any of them, including the one I took 6 weeks post-op before my first fill. I have, however, been stuck on a ship. I tried to eat breakfast, something I don't normally do. That was a BAD idea. After I decided to follow my regular patterns, I was fine. My best advice is to know where the nearest bathroom is while dining, just in case. That helps to ensure you won't get stuck! Like you, I follow my band and enjoy myself.

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