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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. ny2fly

    African American Sleevers

    Hi ladies! This was a great idea, I was sleeved on 2/10 but I'm losing weight slowly. Hair is starting to this at the temple so I'm going to try biotin and hair infinity vitamins.
  2. You go girl. That's motivation for my a!! Congrats!!
  3. I'm a month out and I use a straw everyday. Just sip slow. I haven't had any problems at all. Good luck
  4. You go girl!!!!! Beautiful
  5. ny2fly

    Feeling frusterated

    Be patient please and stop weighing by the days. Weigh weekly if you must and at the same time and day. The weight will come off trust me.
  6. Sleeved 2/10 Able to eat all foods however my taste buds have changed drastically. Moderate Reflux heartburn taking meds now. Trying to learn to eat and chew slow still. I started spin class and that was a mistake. Was in pain for a week. I'm back to just walking . 24 lbs down since surgery. I'm pleased and won't complain. I did cut my hair off so 5 lbs might have been tied up in there lol. Happy sleeving!
  7. Hope you feel better
  8. It's probably the anesthesia wearing off. Ask your doctor for a prescription for zofram, that's what he gave me.
  9. You look amazing! Kudos to you!
  10. ny2fly

    I'll show you mine... (LBD's)

    You guys look great I can't wait to post pics one day soon
  11. Carolinagirl I agree with you! I'm surprised NC didn't make it
  12. Girl you look great!!!! Omg! I'm a month out I can't wait to wear a bathing suit
  13. ny2fly

    Been a while on here

    Yes she's showing off lol! But you have every right! Go girl!
  14. You go girl!!! You look fab !
  15. ny2fly

    What is your theme song?

    Happy by pharrell and partition by beyonce! Gets you going every time
  16. ny2fly

    Kidney stone

    I never knew either. When I had the surgery my dr automatically does a liver biopsy and based on those results he put me urolosic. It's a medicine that prevents gallstones. I think I spelled it wrong though sorry.
  17. ny2fly

    Is this too much?

    Girl wear what you want!! Only the man above can judge you! If they make you feel wonderful then go for it! (Smaller size please)
  18. ny2fly

    Anyone get an ulcer post vsg?

    Update MD put me on a high dose of acid reducer (gave me a RX) to see if that helps. He also stated that he remembers my opening being narrower. So I'm back on puréed for another week since I can tolerate my shakes just fine. I follow up in 3 weeks unless I have additional issues.
  19. ny2fly

    Just starting

    21 days out. Take OTC acid reducer and crush the pills for reflux. Use a pillow when moving to prevent the stitches issue and walk walk walk. I would walk around the house like a crazy lady. But guess what. The gas pains went away and I was so tired once I sat down I went automatically to sleep never really used pain meds. Also prevents blood clots. Sugar free sherbet was my life saver.
  20. The sleeve many people and converting from the band to the sleeve. They have great success stories along with why they have changed. Remember this is a life change. Do don't worry about the 90% of your stomach being gone. You will do great!
  21. ny2fly

    Pics after surgery

    You look great girl! Glad you made the switch
  22. ny2fly

    help...I can't poop

    I use miralax in hot tea every morning just because. You don't taste it and it dissolves great in hot water. Have your doctor give you a prescription so it's cheaper.
  23. ny2fly

    Anyone get an ulcer post vsg?

    I will keep you updated as soon as I get back tomorrow. I am currently taking an acid reducer.
  24. ny2fly


    Wish you well and prayers are with you. It will be fine
  25. ny2fly

    5mths 100lbs gone!

    You go girl!!!!! You look great!!! Keep up the good work and through him all things are possible