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  1. buddaflybeauty23

    Aetna - 2 year history of BMI

    I don't have Aetna nor do I know about missing medical records for that but I would def call ur insurance and speak to them about the questions you have and see what they say...
  2. Thanks and once people started writing and answering questions it seemed like it came in a big group all at once which is very great and I appreciate all the advice and answers and different journeys...
  3. So today was my first meeting for the weight loss class ...which my first actual class is March 10th at 10:30am and I'm super excited cause once I get this first class done I'll just have 5 more months to cross off my list.. Also my mind is 75% made up... on which surgery I'm going with which is the bypass instead of sleeve but I still have another appointment this week and that will be my first appointment with the surgeon so with that said To Be Continued!!!!! Oh Btw a lot of the stuff that was talked about in class I already knew cause I did my research and a lot if people on here helped me with the questions I had and spoke to me about their experience so I appreciate that...
  4. I was suppose to start my weight loss class today but due to the snow it was pushed to the 11th which sucks cause I was looking forward to it... I know last January I was seeing my doctor for back pain and she sent me to physical therapy I also was working on losing weight I saw the nutritionist and I list 9 pounds in 2 weeks I started the gym to loose more but I wasn't losing anything so I recently emailed my doctor 2 weeks ago and she referred me to the suergon I see her on the 10th then I got my class the 11th and then I see the suergon all on the same week so I'm ready I was just looking for someone to talk to so when I go I'm prepared and kinda get an idea what to expect...
  5. Thank you for responding.. Yes I have a supportive family so far I have only told my mom and sisters eventually I'll tell the rest of the family I'm just not ready or sure what I want to do.. I see the suergon feb 13 and I guess I'll decide then I know I'm going back and forth between the sleeve and bypass I'm just really scared bout the complications I have a 4 year old I don't want something to happen to me and I'm not able to be there for her.. I'm also concerned bout the extra skin I don't want to have a surgery to remove it... I have been doing lots of research and watching lots of videos on YouTube to follow journeys and I tried reaching out to people for answers and nobody responded.. I know I need to do something to change my health I don't want to wait til I get bigger and my daughter doesn't want to be seen with me so I have to change now for sure...
  6. So I'm 21 and I'm currently 236lbs I'm looking into getting a weight loss surgery done but not really sure which one to go with. I just really need some advice and someone to talk to and kinda bond with over their journey... any takers please feel free to respond or email me at buddaflybeauty23@gmail.com... Again I just want to talk to someone about which surgery is best.. Why do you choose it? And how has it changed your life? And much more questions lol so please please I'm starting to feel like nobody is out there to reply...