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  1. ChangingMeForMe

    6 Months Out

    6 Month Post Gastric Sleeve 95 lb gone forever:)
  2. ChangingMeForMe

    July 2014 4months post op

  3. ChangingMeForMe

    2month vs 3months loss

    Loving the new me
  4. In January of 2014 I made the decision to get healthy and knowing I could not do it on my own, so I attended a seminar and had my first appointment with Dr. Joyner of Americus Georgia to learn more about my bariatric surgery options. Once I heard him speak and giving the benefits I was all for it I knew I wanted to have the Gastric Sleeve, I just needed to know where to go next. I met with a nutritionist for3x during January, February, March, I also seen the psych Doctor twice once for the written assessment next to go over the assessment and talk about what got me to where I am and how I feel the surgery would help me., I had my EGD done which showed I had H-PYLORI so I had to take and antibiotic for 2weeks prior to my surgery, but there was no hernia so that was a good thing. They put me on a 2week pre-op diet of 2shakes per day and 4oz lean meat, and 1cup of non-starchy vegetables. On March 19th I had the Gastric Sleeve preformed at around 8am; the procedure was scheduled to take 2 hrs., but only took an hour the doctor said I done and amazing job with my pre op diet so I was a text book case and there was no complications. I got to the bariatric ICU around 2pm and was still asleep, I work up around 5pm and was ready to get out of the bed, so I walked several laps around the ICU, the nurses were shocked I was ready to get up, but I knew from a previous C-SECTION that I did not want to lay in that bed and get stiff. The next morning they took me down for a Barium Swallow, I am not going to lie no matter how thirsty you are this is the worst tasting substance you can have to drink, the results come back great, the doctor said I had a very tight sleeve which is what I wanted. So throughout the day I sipped on a medication cup every 15 minutes, I ended up getting really nauseated and throwing up through the night (TMI I know) and at that point I was like what have I done, but the next day I was back to my ordinary self-walking and feeling better. I was in the hospital for 2 nights and got to go home on a Friday and went back to work the next Thursday after my 1 week post op. Since being out of the hospital I have not had any nausea or sickness, I have had lots of energy and no hair loss or anything like that. I have gone from a size 24-26 to a 20-22 and have lost a total of 48lbs. I have exercised including, walking, riding bikes, strength training and Wii Zumba 2. This has been an amazing tool and I look forward to the future successes. I can currently only get about 1/2c of food down at a time. I try to get down 2oz lean meat 1tbs non starchy vegetable and 1tbs of carbs (like rice). I eat Breakfast, Snack, lunch, Snack, and dinner and take all my Vitamins and required by my doctor. New Image 1 and 2, the picture on the left is from the pre op phase, and the one on the right is about a week ago
  5. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    I had surgery on the 19th of March and was having a hard time with protein then I found the New Whey Liquid Protein 3.8oz = 42g protein so now I get my protein with only 180 cal and 0 sugar
  6. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    I am 7 days out and am never hungry and have not been able to tolerate protein, I finally got 8oz down today but it hurts going down, I have tried it at different temps, and different types but it just ain't working. Any advice
  7. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    5 days since surgery still unable to get all my fluids in and there in no way I can drink my protein fully but am working toward more each day, still no pain and no more nausea, just can't wait for drain to be removed,enjoying losing weight
  8. ChangingMeForMe

    Day of surgery and day after

    5 days since surgery still unable to get all my fluids in and there in no way I can drink my protein fully but am working toward more each day, still no pain and no more nausea, just can't wait for drain to be removed,enjoying losing weight
  9. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    Day 3 out no pain and getting less nauseated I have only got 12oz water and 2oz protein shake. Working toward more taking it one day at a time!
  10. Day 1 done rally good had some nausea after words but after some nausea medication i done very well. Got up twice yesterday and walked a total of 8 laps still doig good went down for my swallow test and it went well will get something to drink today. Everyone keeps telling me I am doing amazing. Waked 4.x around the unit so feeling good
  11. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    Day after surgery doing very well very little pain, had my swallowing test done this morning and all went well. Felling blessed
  12. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    Got out of surgery at 1pm everything's went great had some minor gas pain but been walking every hour had some nausea but it's gone now. Feeling good right this moment
  13. ChangingMeForMe

    Who is in March?

    Headed to the hospital now super excite please take a moment an say a little prayer for me if you would. Thanks in advance

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