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  1. Just wanted to say that I wish you the best of luck. I was really moved by your story and hope that you have great success.
  2. I'm almost 11 months out and do not drink with meals at home at all. When eating out, I'll sip water until the food comes and then no drinking with meals or for 30 minutes after. My rationale is that the water keeps me away from any temptation to eat something other than just my meal when out to eat. It still is quite uncomfortable to attempt drinking with or right after eating, so Sleevie enforces that rule. I have never regurgitated/vomited since being sleeved. Hope this helps!
  3. Congrats on your amazing success!!
  4. Pkdvm

    Surgery day

    Best of luck to you! Saving a spot for you on the losers bench.????????
  5. Pkdvm

    Short Sleevers?

    Hi! I'm 5'1" and had my surgery on July 28 2014. Highest weight was 273, surgery weight was 265 and today I weigh 171. As far as my surgeon's concerned I'm already a success, but he said that the sleeve will continue to help me lose for another few months(18 months total). I workout twice a week with a trainer, lots of weights and resistance bands. Even though I've been this weight before(like 30 years ago), my body is very different because of the exercise. I'm more focused on decreasing body fat at this point, as the scale is moving very slowly for the past month. And I check my measurements monthly as well. Good luck to you, and I'll try to add some pix also.
  6. I found that fiber one mixed with my Greek yogurt every morning along with an Andrew Lessman product called Fibermucil worked like a charm for me. Good luck!
  7. Pkdvm

    Post surgery wardrobe

    I didn't have much luck at thrift stores, but Old Navy and Target got me through the really rapid weight loss.
  8. I was 55 when I was sleeved last July. I'm 10 months out and down 101#. It's definitely doable and has improved my health immensely. You can do this!! Good luck!!????
  9. My hair loss started at about 4 months post op, primarily in the front of my head(lucky me)'and went on for about 2 months. I'm about 10 months out now and my hair texture has changed from coarse to fine according to my stylist. I took biotin the whole time, did my vitamins and got my protein in. I've also lost 101# so a change in my hair is a very small price to pay. Good luck to you!
  10. Hi,fellow sleevers Today was a real red letter day for me, as I hit the 100# down mark. I am beyond grateful for this chance at a new life and I feel so much better and more active. I'd always dreamed about the day that I could post before and after pictures on this site, and now it's my turn. Woo hoo!
  11. Thanks so much everyone. I'm on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, no trouble with the heat and enjoying time in the pool.
  12. Pkdvm

    Im down 100 lbs!

    Congrats to you!
  13. You should be proud of yourself, because you have accomplished something that took effort, perseverance and strength. I hope that you feel as good as you look, because you look marvelous.
  14. Thanks again everyone! I wish all of you the very best of luck!
  15. My sincere thanks to everyone who was kind enough to send their good wishes. Even though I haven't been on this site often in the past few months, when I was a newbie it was truly a godsend. I wish continued success to all who undertake this amazing, lifesaving ride.
  16. Thanks so much! I wish you both much success!
  17. Hi, fellow sleevers I had my surgery in July 14 and had discontinued HRT about 6 months before as my menopause symptoms were gone for quite awhile. Now, here I am 9 months post op, down 97# and I've started having hot flashes again. Has anyone else had this happen? My GYN is fine with me restarting HRT, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see if this has been an issue for anyone else. Thanks!
  18. I'm 8 months post op and down 91#. I'm still getting used to my new self, bat wing arms, deflated upper thighs and all. Even with the mildly saggy skin, I feel amazing and have been told that I look like a whole different, younger person. I'm not done losing yet, and am excited and happy as I look forward to my healthier future. This is the best thing that I've ever done for myself.
  19. At Vitamin Shoppe they'll mix some samples for you. I lived on Giant Sports protein powder both pre and post op. Also, I believe that Nashua Nutrition is the company that sells samples of many brands of protein powders. I tested a bunch of them before I actually had to rely on them, and I'm so glad that I did. Good luck to you!
  20. I really like the Cera Ve product line. The body cream is especially rich and kind to my sensitive skin.
  21. Congratulations on your success! You look terrific.
  22. Buy clothing in the Misses department, run around after my grandsons and not get tired, have my daughter put her arms all the way around me for a hug, feel happy and excited to step on the scale and have the self confidence to get back into the dating world after the end of a 27 year marriage. Life is good and I'm happier than I've been in many years.
  23. Pkdvm

    MY story

    Oops, sorry for sending a blank reply. What I meant to say is, good for you and congratulations on your success!
  24. Hi, Lisa I'm 7 months out and have lost 83# since starting this whole process. I feel your frustration, as I'm currently in a stall and have been about the same weight for the past 2 weeks. What I've learned, however, is that if you keep following your plan and exercising, the scale will move. My trainer takes my measurements monthly, and has since right before my surgery. Seeing those numbers change dramatically, even when the scale does not, helps keep me motivated. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, and seeing my body fat percentage drop also helps get me through the stalls. My hair loss kicked in at 3 months post op and was pretty dramatic( in spite of biotin) for about 2 months. Much, much better now and with the help of a talented stylist no one noticed but me. Good luck to you. YOU CAN AND ARE DOING THIS!! Phyllis