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  1. I know this has been asked over and over. I have read and reread many times. I have to beat this dead horse one last time in the hopes for some solid HELP!!! I had my GS end of january. Its been a learning process but all in all doing great. Down 90+ pounds and getting used to a smaller me. My problem is my hair Its really depressing to me to have thinned so much. A few weeks back I think I noted that its not falling out as much as it had been but its not thickening up either. I used to have very thick nice healthy hair. Now ... Not so much. Its thin and lifeless. I have asked and asked but no one answer has really helped. I used to love my hair now I can actually be down in the dumps because of it. If anyone can help explain this to me and better yet... give me solid suggestions of what I can do. I tried all the shampoos... i have tried to go easy on it... it just has not gottne better. The other day i saw a pic of myself and wished my head wasnt in it! Thats the exact opposite of what I used to say. used to love my face and hate my body... now its the other way around Please.... any ideas???? is the any hope???? Thank you!!
  2. You look amazing!! Keep it up!! I had mine 6 moths ago too!! lets keep going strong!!
  3. You have hit and nail on the head! ONEDERLAND. I just made it there too and I was so happy but I couldnt really put my finger on why.... its the 1. Thanks for sharing and good luck to you!!!
  4. lcoll

    I should be thrilled

    Its a huge change. Dropping pounds and sizes is a wonderful feeling however for me the mental change is a hard one to manage sometimes. I think about food all the time now.. just in a different way. I worry about not getting enough in... i worry about not being hungry... I even worry about the flabbing skin my weight loss is leaving behind. Some days its hard to be happy about it all because there is so much to think about. I just try to focus on the wins... the days i look in the mirror and i kinda almost like my body. I am not avoiding the full lenth mirror anymore and today... I saw some space between my thighs!! Im 4 months out now and i have to say its gotten easier. Focus on your health and living a happy life... the other will come!! You are doing great! keep posting here... when I feel lost or down or even the few times I thought- why did I do this... My PALS always pull me through... they know how I feel! Good luck and hang in there!!!
  5. I hate taking my vitamins! So much that at first I didnt!! I ended up low in Many areas so now I am really focusing on taking them everyday!! My question is what should I take. I have had two different NUTs tell me two different things. I am trying to read up on it but there again I am seeing different answers. I want to take what I need but would like to keep it to only what I need. Can someone tell me what you take and if you have a specific kind that isnt so yucky!!? Thanks for your help!! Laura
  6. Thank you for the information PDX MAN! makes perfect sense but is the nutritional value as good when it moves to the intestines faster? I am very worried about my eating. Sometimes I dont feel i get nearly enough. Soup is so easy and I am eating nearly every weekday at lunch. I usually get chicken with veg. It rarely hurts and I can eat it slow enough to get most of it down. I hate the pain I get when I eat (for exapmple) chicken breast. I thought soup was a good choice but I want to be sure It really is.
  7. I had my surgery January 21. I have lost nearly 70 pounds and feeling very good about that (except the money I have to spend on new clothes all the time lol) I have had some issues and was hoping someone could offer advice or even just tell me how they managed these type of things 1 - My hair is falling out! I have always had very full thick hair! These days it’s everywhere! All over my house all over me... in my brushes in the drain. Im not balding but it’s a concern. I know the Protein is a big need but I feel like i try my best to get the most! Help 2. I often times get a horrible pain when i eat. I cannot figure out what is causing it. Doesn’t seem to be any one food and in fact sometimes a food I tolerate well will suddenly turn on me. I don’t throw up often but there have been times when only a bit or two causes this pain and I have been made sick from it 3- Vitamins. I hate them. At first I wasn’t taking them religiously. My blood test changed that. I was low in B, A and D Yikes! Now I take them every day but I can’t get a straight answer from the nutritionist as to what (besides the ones I was low in) I need to take. ALSO the multi chewable I have is HORRIBLE. Anyone have any insight? 4. Sometimes - actually often - I struggle to make myself eat. I don’t feel hungry very often and have to make myself eat. Then the issue is WHAT? Nothing seems to be right. I know I should be happy about this but really its a problem because I don’t know that I am getting enough in every day. Thanks for reading!!
  8. I feel the same way! so glad to read others have the same feelings. Thanks for posting! Soup is my friend! I can eat it slowly but eat enough (over time) to be content and still feel I am getting good Protein and veggies! Is it ok to eat it often? I dont know what the valve talk means. PDX man can you expand on this? Thanks!!
  9. Thank you so much for the answers! I have been taking the bariatric Vitamins and they are horrible! I didnt know I could take flintstones or another type! Im switching today! The others are not so bad but that multi... gross! I use Myfitness pal already. It always tells me I am not getting enough lol. I seriously try to eat more... God that is such odd to hear myself say!. I didnt know it would tell me about Protein however. I guess i dont have mine set up right. Ill look into adding that to my details. Does anyone know how I do this off the top of their heads? Otherwise Ill just dig in a figure it out. Im so glad to hear about the hair loss. I know its vain and should be the least of my worries but it really bothers me! Ill keep hanging in there and ill try to go easy on my head for now! looking forward to the day it stops! The pain used to happen ALL THE TIME. I did tell my dr but he said it was common as I heal. I just thought it was odd that it comes back sometimes. Ill mention it to him at my next visit Thank you al l again for writing . The support here is awesome. My family tries but they really dont get how hard this can be - emotionally hard too!! (understandably)
  10. I guess people react that way because they think this is the easy way out! WOW... I decided not to tell people for this very reason. I told my kids and my boy friend and my best friend. I just tell everyone else I have cut out carbs and increased protein! Not a lie at all!! Its no one business but yours how you live your life and what means you choose to make it better. This really makes me mad!! Ugh this sutgery is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I am so happy I did it but emotionally and physically its not easy!!! It changes your whole life (or it did for me) and its my choice not theirs! keep on doing what you are doing and be happy!! In the end ... thats what matters most!! Live life and be happy!!!
  11. lcoll

    Confused on how weight loss works

    For me its two fold. Not only do I eat WAYYY less then I used to (sometimes just a few bits and Im full) but I also eat better. I now have to focus so much on nutritian that I skip all the junk. I eat for Protein and then for Vitamins so I forget eating any junk or even many carbs. I cant tell you when I had a slice of bread! Well actually I can tell you - it was before my surgery. I dont know if everyone is the same but I can tell you that its shocking to see the amount I eat and such a difference in how I think about food. its funny sometimes to realize that I think about it all day but in a different way but its great to feel that I control IT rather than the other way around!!
  12. I am the same way but Im 3 plus months out. I guess its a good thing - A bit frustrating some times and I wonder if its typical or if there is something odd about me lol. Some times I worry that I will not get enough nourishment. I find that if I eat more frequent "meal" if I can call them meals - I feel better. Things have gotten easier for me but still not easy. I have lost a bunch of weight however so I guess its all good. Anyone know if this will stay with me forever or if things will change? again... not sure I care ... just curious!!
  13. I had my sleeve in January. Some ups and downs but mostly its all good! Im learning alot about what to eat and what not and learning about my eating habits! My question is... I am trying to get back to a "normal" social life. I think thats been harder for me than anything. I LOVE wine but have not had any yet. Now that Im trying to go out with friends again - I was wondering how wine may or may not be tolerated. Anyone have any advice or suggestions for me? Thank you!! PS... down 53 pounds and loving it!!
  14. melbecs are nice too! I was actually getting into blends right before my surgery... maybe ill go back to trying those! See now I feel like I have something to look forward too!
  15. Wine is a love of mine and I miss it! so i think im ready to give it a try! Like you are all saying... its not right to give up everything in life we love!!now lets see... Pino or cabernet???? lol
  16. I love wine. I love glasses, wine toppers, trying new ones, vinyards... and drinking it!! I have been kind of afraid it would either make me sick or make me drunk too fast! I think im ready to give it a try though! I hope its all good because as you say... you cant give up everything you love in life! How boring would that be!?
  17. Mr Indecision... you are my hero! lol wine and weight loss!!!
  18. Thank you so much! I am going to a party sat so I think maybe ill try a small glass. If it also helps me lose? wow.. maybe an added plus for me!!
  19. i dont know what I am doing wrong. Last tuesday was my 3 week mark. I was able to eat some mushy food. I have had some Soup (blended) and some baby food fruit. I tried oatmeal but hate it. Twice I have had a scrambled egg but it didnt sit well. I have kept my shakes as part of my diet but thats all I have had in a week. Yet since I started mushy food I have not lost an once. the three weeks before I lost 30 pounds! Im finding this really hard because I was so excited to feel some what normal again and eat and now Im not losing. I dont want to eat shakes for the rest of my life in order ot lose weight. Can someone tell me what the heck is going on??? I should also add that I have been constipated - not sure if that helps! Thanks... Laura
  20. Thank you so much! I needed to hear that its gonna be ok! I am starting to walk and hope that helps!! Ill also focus more on the good things im doing and hope I adjust soon... i sure liked that scale moving!!
  21. lcoll

    Maybe im weird

    i am almost 4 weeks PO and have never had issues swallowing and still dont feel full or hungry for that matter. I kind of make myself have someing to "eat" but if im busy i could forget to eat all day! I asked about this before too and was told that when I starting real food and being more normal that those feelins will come back. So maybe your are not weird lol... or maybe we both are! good luck!!
  22. today is the first day I can have something other than the Pro shakes. I chose baby oatmeal for breakfast- blahhhh. I have a few questions 1- how do I make sure I get the Protein I need when the mushy choices are so few (and many not high in protien)? 2- so far in all this... i have not been hungry. I find this kind of depressing honestly. I do want food but mostly for the social aspect. Will I ever be hungry again? I have also NOT had a full feeling. Granted I have only had the shakes and some broth. but when I start eating will I feel full? 3. Has anyone felt a weird feeling after drinking the shakes or eating? My heart kind of pounds and some times I feel weak. It passes but I wonder why this happens and if its abnormal. Looking forward to hearing back! I could sure use some support! ( have lost 30 pounds so far!!!)
  23. lcoll

    I got mad at my sleeve tonight :-(

    Ha!! I actually cried about it last night! I am three weeks out and feel like everything I know has changed. I have no energy. I finally was able to eat some food yesterday.. had three bites of an egg and couldnt do it. I felt pain and so so sad. I have lost 31 pounds and I keep telling myself that its going to be ok but no one quite understands what all this feels like . When I tried to talk to my bf about it... all he says was... What did you expect? I know you researched this before you did it so you must have known what was going to happen. I guess thats true but certainly not very comforting .... Its gonna get better and that slice of pizza will mean nothing to us some day. but right now... I just want to sit down and have a meal with my kids and not just watch them eat and feel like an outcast!!! Thanks for sharing your story... it helped me!!! sorry I couldnt help you too
  24. Thanks Shirlyn its such a big help to know that im not alone in all this and that many of the things I am going through others are too!! :-)
  25. Great question! I was wondering the same thing. Im three weeks post op and I am down 31 pounds!!! I am hoping this trend continues for a while. I too would love to be feeling pretty good about my body by summer time!!

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