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  1. #sdontdefineme#

    February Sleevers.... Check in!

    Sleeved 2/06/14, down 112.
  2. #sdontdefineme#

    Before and After Pics

    Congrats you look wonderful. What is a typical day for u with food & exercise?
  3. I had no restrictions at my 6 week check up
  4. #sdontdefineme#

    how many calories ?

    My dietician says no calorie counting, this is not a diet. Unfortunately your energy level is going to be depleated for some time. Are u taking your B12? I am 10 weeks postop today and I am still struggling but it is managable. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and your protein and fluids. Your body is still in shock.
  5. #sdontdefineme#

    February Sleevers.... Check in!

    Congrats. What does a typical day for you consist of, food and exercise-wise?
  6. #sdontdefineme#

    Help! Ibuprofen after surgery?

    No ibuprofen at all. I would not risk it. Call teh surgeon or her nurse a.s.a.p. and they will guide you
  7. #sdontdefineme#

    11 weeks post op photo

    Good job, you've got this.
  8. #sdontdefineme#

    3 month progress pic!

    Awesome job!
  9. #sdontdefineme#

    any Boise Idaho newbies

    Boise is my hometown where I grew up but I've lived here in Arkansas since 2006. I sure miss Idaho, I was last there March of 2011.
  10. #sdontdefineme#

    February Sleevers.... Check in!

    Sleeved on 2/6 HW:277 SW:266 CW:236
  11. #sdontdefineme#

    Half the Man

    Congrats that is wonderful.
  12. #sdontdefineme#


    Congrats keep up the good work.
  13. #sdontdefineme#

    February Sleevers.... Check in!

    Z28ChevyCamaro- what does your daily diet consist of? I was sleeved a month before you.
  14. #sdontdefineme#

    Feeling discouraged

    I'll be 6 weeks on Thursday as well. The premiere protein shakes were way too sweet for me. I drink the EAS brand from Wal-Mart has 17 grams protein. I also picked up a canister of whey protein, chocolate peanut butter flavor for like $15 at Wal-Mart too. It has 30 grams of protein per scoop. I eat laughing cow cheese wedges, string cheese, scrambled egg whites, soups, cottage cheese, greek yogurts, pink salmon, tuna, hummus and tilapia. I have no problems getting my protein in, just my water.
  15. #sdontdefineme#

    6 Months Post-Op & 100.2 Pounds Lost w Pics

    I just want to say congrats to you both on the success of your journeys thusfar. I will be 6 weeks post-op on Thursday 3-20-14 and I am down 34 lbs. I can't wait to have a huge drop! Keep up the good work ladies. -Tonya
  16. #sdontdefineme#

    February Sleevers.... Check in!

    I was sleeved on 2-06-14. I am 5 weeks post-op and go for my 6 week dietician appt next Friday. I am on the soft food stage and I basically stick to the same foods that consist of cottage cheese, laughing cow cheese wedges, string cheese, soups, protein shakes and bars, tuna, talapia, pink salmon in the pouch, hummus, egg whites and I tried cream of wheat the morning. I have had no issues with food really just get full very fast. I am down 34 pounds since pre-op, 22 lbs since surgery. I'm still struggling to get all my water in. I feel good for the most part. I did have to fo to the ER this past Sunday due to severe abdominal pain behind my main incision. Chest xray and CAT scan all normal along with bloodwork. Muscle spasms were the culprit and they were severe. Started from bending and getting up from sitted position. I started the T25 workout and I guess the high intense cardio was too much and I hurt myself. Have been forced to take it easy and accept help. 4 days of pain and invested in a heating pad. I am going to start brisk walks and work my way back up eventually. I miss caffeine especially with the time change I'm dragging. B12 juat isn't doing it. My family and friends are very supportive. They can all see the changes. Not me, I'm my own worst critic. I am very impatient. The scale tends to go up and down a couple pounds each day but always resorts back to same number. Best of luck to all.
  17. #sdontdefineme#

    did i do to much today i hurt.

    You may have overdid it some. It will be ok, rest and take it easier. You've got to work your way up to that much activity. I've been hurting since Sunday with severe muscle spasms behind my main incision. I over did it by doing T25 is all I can think of and I'm sure paying for it. I can't bend or go from s sitting to standing position without the pain:(. Nada can be done it will eventually go away. I'm 5 weeks out tomorrow. Best of luck.
  18. I was sleeved on 2/06/14. I took off 12 days from work and I work for DHS and have a desk job. I wasn't told until the day before surgery at work by a co-worker that I had to fill out FMLA paperwork. I used my sick and annual leave and the FMLA was basically for my job security. I did not need a doctor's release to return back to work. I would definitely recommend taking at least a week off. I couldn't even sleep in my bed for almost a week, slept in my recliner. Best of luck to u. P.S. forget what others think or say, their opinions don't matter and do not define u. There will always be gossip. U have more important things to focus on, like your complete lifestyle change. You are retraining your body to eat all over again. This is both a physical and mental journey. Also remember this is MAJOR surgery.
  19. I have four kids, two are 6 and 49-54 lbs. They love me picking them up, piggy back rides etc. I was told no heavy lifting for at least 3 weeks. I'm one month out today and still haven't chanced picking up my girls. I have carried groceries, taken the trash out but that's it. Dont push it or u will regret it. I know easier said then done with a 2 yr old but your health has to be #1 or you'll be no good to your child and set way back. Best of luck.
  20. I am 1 month post-op today. The first week was hard especially the first 4/5 days. It DOES get better. I have no regrets. I feel good, I am working out now and trying to get my energy level up since I gave up caffeine pre-op. I was discharged on full liquids +yogurt but the protein shakes and yogurt were too thick so I had to seriously water them down. Hang in there.
  21. #sdontdefineme#

    Before and After Pics

    You look wonderful, congrats.
  22. #sdontdefineme#

    Disgusting Protein Shots Beware.

    They are horrible even watered down.
  23. I lost 2.4 lbs oh yea :)

    1. kltklass


      Good job!


    2. Carlotta1


      Congrats ..every pound counts.

  24. #sdontdefineme#

    Officially in the twos!

    Congrats. Keep up the good work. When was your surgery?

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