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  1. Best wishes to you. Can you tell me what Frankenfoods are? Thank you. Sue
  2. Hello: I'm considering gastric bypass. My insurance is changing effective 12/1/16 to Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts PPO. I know that bariatric surgery is covered, but I cannot tell what the requirements will be. Anybody know? Thanks for your help. I'd like to know now, but if nobody knows, I can find out for sure once I get my insurance card. Thanks. Sue
  3. Sue Magoo

    Blue Cross Blue Shield MA PPO Requirements

    Thank you Magnificent.
  4. Sue Magoo

    Blue Cross Blue Shield MA PPO Requirements

    By the way, all of my info on my profile is wrong. I'm a former bandster. Had it removed in 2013 and have gained back 80% of the weight that I lost with the band. I cannot get sleeved because I have gastroparesis. Would love to get back to the weight on my profile
  5. Sue Magoo

    Endoscopy today! What to expect?

    Knocked out. Good luck! No pain. Sue
  6. Sue Magoo

    Dull ache under right breast

    You should call your surgeon. Good luck and let us know how you're doing. Sue
  7. My band has to come out this Tuesday. Had endoscopy this week and was shocked to learn that my band has eroded into my stomach. The pics are ugly and scary. I didn't have any signs other than could eat more and fills weren't helping. My doc took a barium swallow and suggested that I have an upper endoscopy. The pics show this nasty black band (yes, it looks black not white!) in my stomach. The area nearby is also leaning more toward red than pink and the Gastroenterologist said I have gastritis and esophagitis too. Anywho I am a bit sad about it, but really just want the ugly black thing taken out. My surgeon said I will be in hospital from Tuesday morning until Friday morning. They won't be letting me eat or drink anything until Friday morning. Yikkes!!! Does anyone know if I will have to start with liquids and proceed to mushies and then solids? Just curious because I need to grocery shop before I go in the hospital so that I can have what I need at home already. Anybody got any suggestions for the food, or for anything else related to lapband removal? Please let me know. I'm sorry that this is run on, but when I'm on this program it won't let me start a new paragraph. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Sue
  8. Sue Magoo

    Erosion - Band's coming out Tuesday

    ERNJN: I'm not sure about that. I believe that my surgeon wanted to give me time to heal and recover from the surgery and post-op infection. It was quite draining. After that he did some testing and I was unable to get the sleeve because I have gastroparesis. They can do bypass, but I'm afraid to get that done. I'm struggling with my weight, and need to lose 70 pounds. I've taken off 23 pounds since November, so slow, but steady. Best wishes to you. Please post updates to let us know how you are doing. Good luck!
  9. Hello: My bariatric surgeon recommended that I increase Vitamin C a couple of weeks before tummy tuck. My recovery went well, and my scars are very faded, but that was a long time ago. Good luck! Sue
  10. Sue Magoo

    Post Op Thrush

    Why not call this weekend or go to one of those pop-up clinics so you can get meds to make it go away? I think that thrush can be a side effect from antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon. Sue
  11. Sue Magoo

    Gastric Balloon Procedure Booked!

    Hi everyone. I am guessing that because this procedure was just recently approved in the United States that it's not being covered by any medical insurance plans yet, but I could be wrong. Does anybody know the answer? Does anybody know the cost that's being quoted? Please share what you know. Thanks. Sue
  12. Sue Magoo

    "Dog Ear" After Tummy Tuck?

    Hello: My surgeon fixed mine for free. She just shot it up with some novacain and cut it off and then put some steri-strips on it. Looked great after it healed. I only had one. They shouldn't charge you for this. Sue
  13. Sue Magoo

    Orbera Success strategies

    Hi: Could you please tell us what it feels like to have the Orbera balloon inside? How did it effect your appetite so far? Any nausea? Is pre-op liquid and postop all liquids for the first XXX period of time? Inquiring minds want to know. Thank you. Sue
  14. Hello: This is going on too long for you not to call your doctor. Perhaps you have an infection in your stomach? You really should call your doctor. Please let us know how you're doing. Sue
  15. Hello: I'm a former bandster that has had a bit of a history with band. First (small) band July 2007. Slipped and revised to larger band July 2010. Then, band eroded and removed July 2013. So, my fabulous Lap Band Surgeon just recently started doing sleeves. I think he's done less than 20 at this point, but he just started six months ago. He's done thousands of bands. He recommended that I go and see Dr. Nepomnayshy for a consult prior to proceeding with the sleeve to see if he thinks I should be sleeved, and if so, should I be sleeved by someone with more experience because I may have scar tissue due to two bands and erosion. Has anybody on this forum seen Dr. Nepomnayshy? If so, please give me your opinions about him, and his group in general. It's okay to send a pm if you don't want to post for everyone to see. I have an appointment in March with Dr. Nepomnayshy. I really would prefer to have surgery with Dr. Adam Glasgow, but I need to get an experienced sleeve surgeon's opinion. Dr. Glasgow and Dr. Nepomnayshy know each other. Dr. Glasgow had Dr. Nepomnayshy observe him doing sleeves when he first started. I look forward to and appreciate your feedback. Thank you. Sue
  16. Hi: Has anybody had blood in their band Fluid? I've been banded 14 months. Not been having many issues. I had some tightness issues a while back. I was so tight that I couldn't bend without losing my morning coffee. I had to get unfilled 8 days ago. Yesterday got refilled. Today had pain in band area and went to get a slight unfill. Doc said he was going to empty my band because there was blood in the fluid. Then he put new fluid in, but a little less than last fill. I don't have any pain, but I'm still on liquids. Yesterday I didn't have any pain. The pain started the morning after the fill. How the heck do you get blood in the band fluid? Should I be concerned? Anybody else? I would appreciate hearing from anyone that this happened to. I still love my band! Sue
  17. Hello: Please do call your insurance company and you may want to speak with the insurance expert in your surgeon's group too. Many hospitals make arrangements with insurance companies with pre-determined rates that will be reimbursed for particular procedures and if approved, the hospital has to accept that amount as payment in full, and they adjust off the difference. I hope that is what is happening here. Good luck, and please let us know so that we can learn from your experience. Sue
  18. Sue Magoo

    Right side pain.

    Hello: I hope you're feeling better by now. If not, you probably figured out that it's best to call your surgeon. I hope you don't have an infection that is causing your low grade fever. Please let us know how you're doing. Sue
  19. You should call your surgeon. Hope you feel better soon. S.
  20. Sue Magoo

    BCBS Il and plastics

    Some insurance will cover if it's medically necessary - repeated rashes, etc. Most won't cover for just cosmetic reasons. I had mine covered by BCBS several years ago after having repeated rashes, embarrassing pics sent by doctor, etc. It really depends on your specific insurance plan as they vary tremendously. Good luck!
  21. Hello: Have you had your gallbladder checked? I hope whatever it is that it goes away. Please let us know what the doctor says. Good luck! Sue
  22. Are you sure that's not a picture of your Mom in the dress, and you in the black outfit? You look fabulous! Congratulations. Sue
  23. Sue Magoo

    Soreness help

    Because you're just 8 days out from surgery you really should call your doctor. You need to make sure it's nothing serious. Please let us know how you're doing. Take care. Sue
  24. Sue Magoo

    Dealing with gastroparesis

    I also have Gastroparesis, and was wondering the same thing. I look forward to hearing from others with this.

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