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  1. I'm done 30 lbs! I love love love my Lapband! ❤️
  2. I was banded on the 16th. The first 3 days were easy, but yesterday and today have been pretty rough. I can't even drink water without pain and have to burp it up. Is this normal for the first week?
  3. swoodard74

    1st Post Op Week

    I weighed 269 and I have a 10 cc band.
  4. swoodard74

    1st Post Op Week

    Thank you! ❤️ I feel so much better. Already had some water and broth. ????
  5. swoodard74

    1st Post Op Week

    They just removed 4 cc's from my band.
  6. swoodard74

    1st Post Op Week

    I called the surgeon this morning and they wanted to see me immediately. So I'm in the waiting room. They mentioned I need an unfill. I thought we didn't have any saline in our band the first month??? I will soon find out and hopefully feel better soon. I tried hot tea this morning and even that caused discomfort after time.
  7. swoodard74

    1st Post Op Week

    Ok thank you so much! ❤️ I'm going to get some ice now and will call the doctor in the morning.
  8. swoodard74

    So this is what it looks like

    That's great! I'm so excited to get this weight off and I already love my band!
  9. swoodard74

    So this is what it looks like

    I can see a difference! How much have you lost total? I was just banded on the 16th.
  10. My surgeon wants me on clear liquids for a week and then I can have cream soups and malt o meal. Has it been easy to eat or does it hurt?
  11. I feel good too. I've been in pj pants and a hoodie. I'm already tired of broth lol. I'm so excited about this new journey. Have you have any trouble with your liquids?
  12. I was banded Thursday too. How are y'all feeling?
  13. Tomorrow morning is the big day! I'm so excited to start my Lapband journey! ❤️
  14. swoodard74

    1st Post OP Appt!

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
  15. swoodard74

    Excited for tomorrow!

    Thanks everyone! ❤️ I'm banded and had a good day today. My incisions are tender, but other than that my first day was great.
  16. My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday!
  17. swoodard74

    Surgery tomorrow!

    My surgery is Thursday! I'm sooooooo excited!