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  1. loving.life

    Fast heart rate

    Fast heart rate after surgery can be signs of bleeding, call doctor ASAP
  2. loving.life

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    Iharis I don't see the photos you attached but sounds like your doing awesome!
  3. loving.life

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    I'm only down 37# since surgery. From 190 now 153. I can't complain tho. I have only puked once, had an episode yesterday but it passed. I was hoping to be smaller b [ATTACH]43838[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]43838[/ATTACH] y now but it is what it is.
  4. Go over to post op side and ask. There are several
  5. loving.life

    New Food For Post Ops...

    I didn't get mine. Mildredwise@yahoo.com
  6. loving.life

    Unjury strawberry?

    Why do you use it in your ice cream recipe
  7. It's my constant problem. . I feel good.. I eat.. I feel bad.. so I had to stay on the strict diet
  8. loving.life

    Any Band converters under........

    Blackonynx, how are you and where are you at with getting the surgeries
  9. loving.life

    Vitamins etc

    April, I wasn't being rude. Our doctors don't always tell us details, that's why I live this site! My iron is in my vitamins so it would be hard to separate that but I could take them in the morning and calcium in the evenings
  10. loving.life

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    Can you add me to your fitness pal
  11. loving.life

    first notices.. what is yours?

    Terry,, wow me too!! I can paint my toes!! An no I won't suck on them either!! Lol
  12. loving.life

    anyone have strictures?

    Good to hear. I have had 3 this month!
  13. I would start out in phase to full liquids.. add walking.. once you start losing weight again you will get motivated
  14. loving.life

    January 2013 Post Op

    Very hard to see how you can't lose weight after this surgery. Are you able to eat normally Marla?
  15. I hate premier! Too thick. .yuk I like unjury. .also pure protein brand
  16. loving.life

    3 months RNY post-op eating challenged????

    Dee, I bake kale on 350 for 20 minutes and put salt and onion powder on it, it's like potato chips!
  17. loving.life

    Over the back sleep

    Try tucking pillows behind your left part of your back so your leaning to your right a little. Don't try to lean on left at all yet. You will have to tuck a small pillow under your tummy on right side at the same time, it will take pressure off the tummy
  18. loving.life


    I was allowed coffee from day 2. I am 2 months out and still have 3 cups a day. They suggest you stay away so you don't dehydrate but just make sure you still drink other stuff too and you will do fine
  19. loving.life


    What is that? I'm 2 months out and can't take even mushies. I have had to be ballooned twice in 8 days. .. 2 strictures
  20. loving.life

    wow was I wrong

    What is your nickname on myfitnesspal
  21. loving.life

    Protein bars

    I looked at every bar walmart and my military grocery store has, I didn't find a single 1 that im willing to take in those calories.. the protein and all was good but between the sugar and calories I say NO. if you find one that is low please send me a message!
  22. loving.life


    Mine was too. Your body is healing.. it will pass.. my blobs itched like crazy
  23. loving.life

    Post-Op January 2014 Losers Club!

    Cfergie., I had a stricture last week. Don't be nervous, you won't feel anything and you will wake up cured!! It's awesome, I even got to have taco bell pinto beans yesterday. Good luck and really there is nothing to it
  24. Nothing with Bran! Pouch won't digest bran. Cherrios is on my meal list 7 wks post op

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