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  1. I'm in need of a new camping chair for this camping season. I know the kind I'd like and have found a few with a heavier weight limit but I'd like to hear from "real" people if they really hold up to the hype. Currently I'm just over 300 lbs. The chair that I'm looking at has a 500 lb weight limit (pictured below). Sounds good, but I've noticed these types of chairs have mixed reviews (partiularly saying that they don't really hold that much weight) Anyhow, here's an example of the type of chair I'm looking to get. Any suggestions? Maybe something different?
  2. I had the sleeve 4.5 years ago. For the past couple of years my teeth have gone down hill DRASTICALLY. I have been in and out of the dentist chair more times than I care to count. I just went for my 6 month cleaning this morning and I have 14 cavities. I had 4 the last time they saw me and now another 10 are popping up. I've never had the best teeth around but before surgery I would get a clean bill of dentistry health at every cleaning. No cavities for YEARS. Anyhow, the dentist is suggesting using Xylitol products (as many as I can consume in the day she said lol) I have used Xylitol tablets that you stick between your gum/cheek. But she's telling me about using Xylitol drink mixes (like crystal light) and has also recommended finding candies, gums, chews, etc with 100% Xylitol. Any suggestions?
  3. Lovin2lose

    Fluid intake

    I'm almost a week post op. The first couple of days there was no way in hell that I could come close to getting my Fluid intake OR Protein intake in. Thought I was doomed for failure. What I find works for me is that I fill up a 64oz mug with ice Water first thing in the morning and will sip on that throughout the day. I still can't get the whole thing down, but I will sip on it all day. Then for Breakfast I will have a chocolate Premier Protein shake (30g protein) and I add in a tbsp of PB2 powder (make my protein shake taste kind of like a reese cup) that adds another 2g. For lunch I have an Atkins Lift Protein Drink, that is 17oz and has 20g of protein. And starting yesterday I added a greek yogurt for dinner, that had 12g of protein. Give it time and it does get easier each day.
  4. My BMI is 68. I understand that surgery has more risks when someone's BMI is that high and probably more complications. For those who had surgery with a high BMI (say 60+) did you have any complications at all? If so, care to share what they were?

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