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  1. HumanMerelyBeing

    10 Day CHALLENGE to get back on track!

    Hello all! I'm a bit behind everyone in this challenge having just joined this week. Today is Day 2 and I am getting back on track. I walked 50 minutes both days and reduced overall calories down to about 1100. I also reintroduced a daily Protein shake which is helping with the mid-day cravings and I avoided a Sun chips Vending Machine Tragedy today which is good. Hoping to increase Water tomorrow which really seems to help. I'm trying not to weigh every day...maybe I'll do every 3rd or 4th day. : ) Thanks for starting this!
  2. HumanMerelyBeing

    10 Day CHALLENGE to get back on track!

    I will join you!!! I'm 15 months past surgery and just holding steady, but not feeling in control of my food, Water, exercise. Today's the day - thanks for the inspiration. I'll post tomorrow and report how I did jumping on your "Band" Wagon. heh heh
  3. HumanMerelyBeing

    Cholesterol considerations

    15 months post op and down 119 lbs but seriously plateaued. Just had blood work done and low and behold my overall cholesterol is pretty much the same (214) as when I weighed 283 lbs. Sooooo, looks like it is probably genetic. (It's funny how the medical community wants to blame being heavy for everything that is not right. They never really addressed the number before but just said, "You need to lose weight.") Now that we can all agree that it is genetic, I'll have some decisions to make with my doc about whether or not to go on meds. Although the total number didn't go down, I do note promising changes in the healthy cholesterol, HDL up 39 points and the bad LDL down 15 points. Tri's are very healthy at around 50. I'm thinking I'd like to wait another 6 months or so before I commit to any meds. Given the positive direction on the HDL/LDL ratio, I'm wondering if further weight loss would help these borderline numbers edge over into normal or if this is just a genetic card I've been dealt. Although I look good now, wear a size 8 regular or 10 petite and have a lot of muscle, I could stand to lose another 20 lbs by the charts. Well, technically by the charts, I could lose another 50 lbs and be in the normal range, because I'm short. However - literally I would be a size 0 and have to consume about 800 calories per day for life to maintain. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I'm still considered at the top of the overweight scale. It's hard to imagine because I feel so normal and healthy. I never thought I'd buy size 8 clothing and still be considered 1 point away from obese. : ( I'm thinking it would be realistic to work hard to break the plateau and get down to about 150 and then see what happens with the cholesterol at that point. Anyone have any experiences with the ability to impact genetic cholesterol issues?
  4. HumanMerelyBeing

    Ah, the old back handed compliment!

    Well, I got the old back handed compliment again today. I've seen this woman 2 or 3 times since my surgery and everytime she sees me she says these seemingly positive things. "OH MY GOD! You are like half your former size now." And in a large group of people she asked me, "So how much have you lost exactly? It's like another person!!" Her comments always accentuate how extremely large I was before and how I must have also been very unattractive overall. Well, today she saw me and said, "Seriously, I CANNOT believe you look this good." So I just smiled and said, "Well....believe it." And hopefully, that will be that.
  5. HumanMerelyBeing

    Cholesterol considerations

    Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking. With no other medical issues, and a borderline numer, my goal would be to postpone statins and see if I can affect a bit of change with additional weight loss. Then I can monitor again in 6 to 12 months. Thank you for sharing your experience!
  6. HumanMerelyBeing

    I actually asked myself.. is this really worth it?

    Oh yes, I agree it's easy to think all these things in our brain but to really retrain the heart...this is hard. I am transitioning now to year 2 and dealing with this realization (and dread) that I do kind of feel like I am dieting every day forever. There are days I get really down about this and feel very sad and sometimes mad (I don't know at who or what). When it comes down to it, and I am very honest, I am just really not a grown up in this area. At my core, I really do want to just eat what I want and have no consequences...I've just got the maturity of a child in this particular area. And this is what I will be working on in year 2: accepting that this is going to be very hard. Accepting that I kind of am on a diet every day forever and that's OK. Accepting some amount of hunger. Accepting some amount of deprivation. Accepting that other thin women of my age also deal with this. My battle plan includes coming here, going to my therapist, prayer, vigilance, getting back up after falls, being kind to myself, continuing to move, avoiding triggers of loneliness and boredom and not succumbing to my underlying fear of failure. I am appropriately scared about the changes in year 2, 3, 4 and beyond. I don't have a secure sense of my new "thin" future. I worry all the time about backsliding and wonder how I will fight the demons as CGJane so wisely says.
  7. HumanMerelyBeing

    I actually asked myself.. is this really worth it?

    I think this reality is critical to face and understand. It's very hard to be a grown up and really face this: 1) At 5'2 and 41 years old, I probably only need 1100 calories in maintenance mode and need to be under 1000 to lose 2) There is very little room for carbs, sweets or treats 3) food cannot be the answer to joy, celebration or sorrow 4) It is possible to out-eat your exercise and graze through your sleeve restriction If we treat these realities like gross deprivation and loss and a sense of self-pity: we will probably not be able to maintain this. If we replace some of these "losses" with other exciting and joyful things in life, we stand a chance. To me, this is a total brain re-train (and heart). As the Good Book says, "For where your treasure is, so your heart will be also."
  8. HumanMerelyBeing

    Sports Bras? Suggestions..........

    I have to put a vote in for the Victoria Secret's line, though it is expensive. They even have one that zips in the front so very easy on/off. The support is terrific and it has good all around coverage.
  9. HumanMerelyBeing


    See if your gym has any classes like, "Muscle Pump & More" or "Burn" or "Power Strength" etc. These are awesome because they are typically a mix of cardio and strength/weights and about 40 minutes or so. It really kicks butt and works all different muscle groups. I am really getting definition in my arms, back and legs and it's upbeat, fast-paced so you don't have time to get bored like on the machines. Plus, you get motivated by the instructor and the other people in the class. I have found this to really start to change my body. Granted, I only started this type of intense workout at about 8 months out. Prior to that, all I did was walk and bike to shed the first 100 lbs. Good luck.
  10. "Radical Self Care." It shouldn't be Radical, but it is. Go for it!!
  11. HumanMerelyBeing

    I Made It!

    I am right behind you with my surgiversary coming up on 2/4/15! It feels great and a bit scary to be a year out already. Not a single regret!! However, I am really approaching the second year with a sense of caution to stay on track, to keep exercising and to keep losing!! Here's to Year 2! Congrats and keep going, my friend!
  12. OK, wow!! What a testimonial! Stunning. And yes, I can only imagine the embarrassing things that happen along the way - going with someone trusted is a must. For me NJ is not out of the question, maybe I'll get a consult with him. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  13. I am just considering starting this process. It's daunting. Incidentally, did you use Dr. Capella out of New Jersey? I've noticed that he really is considered the expert on bariatric plastics and was wondering if it was worth the travel or if I am OK to stay local. I am in CT so we do have plenty of good docs in the area I'm sure - especially closer to the NY border.
  14. HumanMerelyBeing

    A Fresh Start for the New Year

    2015 will be a pivotal year for me, the year where I hit my surgiversary (Feb 4th) and truly cement everything I have accomplished and learned. It will be the first time where I will be losing and keeping weight off for more than a year. And it will be a year where my sleeve will do less work and I will do more. Currently down 115 lbs with a goal to lose another 30. I'm starting the year with going back to basics: literally doing the 10 day liver shrink diet to get back on track, to separate myself from poor holiday choices and reinvigorate my weight loss. I'm already keeping up with my exercise and getting to the point where I'm one of those people who gets really disappointed if I have to miss a day. Ha!! It was a life changing 2014, here's to even more progress in 2015! Thanks to the BP community and good health to us all!
  15. No!! Could not have done it without this - was absolutely headed for a non-stop cycle of trying and losing and gaining and trying and losing and gaining for the rest of my life. I had to get really honest with myself prior to my decision to have surgery. It came to accepting that the decision for me was between surgery and accepting the fact that I would never get this under control in my lifetime. At that point, I knew. I told very few people of my surgery. The night before, I told one of my aunts who was quite upset with worry and urged me several times in the conversation to try one more time on my own. She is also heavy and told me she recently recommitted to healthy eating, exercising, etc and she knew I could do. Well, needless to say I went forward with the surgery and have lost 115 lbs in 11 months. She is still the same weight as the day of the conversation. I am so very grateful for the decision and surgery and even though you have to do your part, I can honestly say I've done my part before and it has never ever ever worked list this. Good luck!!!! You won't have any regrets!
  16. I am almost at my one year mark from the sleeve and have lost approx 116 lbs so far. I'm still losing slowly (3 lbs a month or so) and can maybe see myself dropping another 10-15 or so on my own. My worst excess skin issues are my upper thighs followed by stomach. I'd really like to understand my options on these areas. Is it too soon to have a consult? How long of a process is it from the point of consultation to actual surgery? What questions should I be asking during a consult? I will only be looking at U.S. based Board Certified Surgeons. I think I would ask questions about the facility in which procedure is performed, number of like procedures surgeon has performed, mortality rates, risks & complications, recovery issues and time and costs and financing. Others that I should be thinking of? Should I wait another 6 months to even have a first appointment?
  17. Today I am starting the 10 day liver shrinking pre-op diet that I did one year ago in preparation for surgery. I did it a year ago and I can do it again. What better way to kick any poor habits and sliding with sweets and carbs and start the year off right. I have wisely heard from @CowboyJane and others that Year 2 is Super Important!! I am going to take that very seriously as I approach my one year Surgiversary on February 4th. I have done well dropping 115 lbs, but I have not at goal and I am not done. Once an addict, always an addict. Fluids!! Protein! Exercise!! Here I come! Where are all the Jan/Feb Sleevers from 2014? How are you doing? Want to recommit with me??
  18. Wow! First of all, congratulations on your achievements. It's so great that you made this decision and accomplished what you did at a young age. You truly have your whole life ahead of you. Secondly, thank you for giving back! I will be checking out your site.
  19. HumanMerelyBeing

    When should I get a plastics consult?

    @@MissMac - this is helpful. I should check my insurance, I just assumed the answer would be no. It also sounds like I should wait another 8-12 months for the consult. Thanks!!
  20. HumanMerelyBeing

    Cheated and now I'm paying for it.

    FYI, no one should you be asking you to lift a 50 lb bag of anything 1 week after surgery. As you know, you need take good are of yourself right now and you still have a lot of healing to do. You require caretaking and support right now and as is sometimes the case, it might require something radical to get that. I've always loved the term, "Radical Self Care." Taking care of one self shouldn't be radical or an act of rebellion but for many of us, it is. I'm less concerned about the Almond Roca - it is a good learning experience and you will be doing a lot of learning and re-learning in these early months. I'm more concerned about you getting support and love during this process - the more of that, the less Almond Roca will even call out to you.
  21. Yes, it's true. My collarbones have been missing for the better part of 15 years and now they are back and I find them, well...beautiful. It's funny how when you are heavy, you almost disassociate from your body. Your body is a thing wholly separate from your true self when it is heavy. I always felt like my heavy body had betrayed me and I had betrayed it. But as I regain my old self, it's important to connect again. And part of that connection is finding little beautiful things about your body. What do you now find beautiful about yourself?
  22. My favorite fast foods: Babybel Lite cheese in little red wax "to go" packs Dannon Lite & Fit Greek Yogurt "Sandwich" with Applewood Farms chicken or turkey slices with Reduced Fat Sargento Cheese Slices for the "bread"
  23. The timing on this thread is perfect as I just experienced a delightful NSV yesterday. It was chilly and I was looking for a sweatshirt to put on...the nearest one was my 13 year old son's size small Hollister sweatshirt. Put it on, zipped it up - rocked it. Ha ha!
  24. Surgery was on February 4, 2014 and I began seeing high volume hair loss around month 4. This continued through approximately early in month 8th. I feel that it has slowed significantly at this point and in fact, am starting to see regrowth around the hairline. Prior to surgery, I had long (below shoulder length) brown naturally curly hair - quite thick, certainly a defining characteristic. You could never see my scalp. When pulled back in a pony tail, I could fit a standard elastic twice around. At this point - I have about half the volume I once did and a standard pony tail elastic goes 4 to 5 times around. I got my hair cut a few inches to try to maintain some volume and allow me to fluff the curls and do some hiding. In these attached photos, you can see that when I pull my hair back into a clip - there is a lot of scalp showing and overall thinness. I can improve this a bit by using some strands to cover through basic styling techniques. The third pic shows hair from behind after a good amount of styling to cover up bare spots- not too bad. I use a Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, try to stretch my hair color and root touch ups to 6-8 weeks (even though the gray comes in at the 4 week mark!) and take about 15,000-20,000 mcg of Biotin every day - have no idea if this is helping or not. Probably would have gotten this regrowth either way. The new growth around the hairline is encouraging but problematic in that it makes for a very frizzy overall look. Not sure how the straight haired people deal with that. Overall, I would rate the hair loss annoyance as a 6 out of 10. Totally worth it - a side effect worth dealing with and one that will improve over time. However, certainly it is a distracting complication which makes me look older and less attractive.
  25. I am thinking about this, but not really sure I could handle it. Any experience out there? I feel like I am at the point where walking and biking are getting a little too easy and I need to get something more hardcore for the winter in particular.

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