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  1. Hello. For years I have considered weight loss surgery but finally started the process in July of 2013. My surgeon is Dr. Robert Quinlin at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV. My surgery is Monday, January 13, 2014. Quinlin and his team have been phenomenal so far. My highest weight was 334lbs in July. I have since lost 14lbs and am at 320lbs. I am 5'6" and 41yrs old. I have been big most of my life but that never kept me from participating in life nor were there any limitations until the past few years. When I weighed 270 five years ago, I began to realize the consequence of aging and carrying the weight and gained 60 MORE pounds. This last 60lbs has basically left me exhausted and miserable. It's all I can do sometimes to get to work, keep the house clean, and ...exist. The limitations happened within 5 years and then I was faced with the reality of consequence of working night shift, convenient eating, eating at night, sleeping during the day. It sounds silly but one day I just looked in the mirror and wondered when and how did this happen? Or better yet, how did I let my weight get so out of control? I am a food enthusiast, not so much sweet things but more drawn to bread and doughy things. And soda! This week I am on the pre-op liquid diet [high Protein, sugar free Jello, sugar free popscicles, and broth]. It has been very difficult but it is almost over. I made it! Tomorrow morning it's Clear liquids only. Kudos to those of you doing two weeks of liquids. 99% of the people in my life are supportive of this decision. The others think I can lose the weight on my own. But they cannot possibly imagine the convergence of misery that has resulted in this decision. Sometimes I even think "oh my god, you are really doing this!?"...then I nod and think "YES I AM!" My parents are my biggest support. I thank the Lord everyday that they are here for me. My anxiety comes and goes. I find myself more anxious in preparing...having the dogs taken care of for three days, the packing of the hospital bag, having clean sheets on the bed for when I arrive back home but I am sure Monday morning I will battling my inner frenzy. Even so, I am ready. Whatever it takes. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. Tomorrow I will do before pics. And maybe I will figure out how to get a profile picture. Thanks for reading. It's truly wonderful that technology at least provides this channel of support, experience, sharing, and understanding.
  2. Jamie and vmt, how are things going for you? Jamie, I thought of you when I was at Ruby for my yearly check up. Dr. Tabone was running an hour behind. I figured I would see him since Dr. Quinlin retired, but I saw a physicians assistant. I loved Ruby's program and team, but wish they gave out cards stating we are WLS patients so at restaurants, we could pay for a children's portion. I am too frugal to dine out often, but when I do, I would like to freely have that option (especially buffet type establishments). You all take care. Check in when you can.
  3. the results are in from one year post-op bloodwork...all is well except for Vitamin A and Vitamin K. I am to take over the counter Vitamin A (5 pills of 5000IU) every day for 20 days and have a script of potassium chloride which must aid the Vitamin K issue but that liquid has quite a putrid taste...simply horrid. I don't know how to stomach that for three weeks. Yesterday when I updated, I forgot to mention a post op issue that never occurred to me during the pre-op thought process of what would change. challenge: shaving armpits effectively now that i have a concave armpit...even my pits have changed.
  4. Just a quick check in. Life is good. I have been around 150lbs and maintaining give or take a few pounds since early December. I never expected to lose that much in one year. I am wearing a size 12 jean comfortably. The Salvation Army, food pantries, Goodwill and hand-me-downs have been real blessings as I go through sizes so quickly. Shoe size has changed from a 11 to 9 even. My hair is long and has definitely become thinner. I have no obvious bald spots but washing my hair is like walking through cob webs so, soon, I plan to go to a cut that suits my situation better. This is me and my boyfriend (friend of 25 years, as well).
  5. vmt, 202lbs, smaller clothes, energy...way to go!! Yes, keep me updated after your appointment on the 18th. My energy level is less than it has been...it was on fire between surgery and the middle of September. Lately, noticing quite more fatigue than I want. Staying hydrated is also more difficult as time goes on. I guess what I mean is my focus post surgery was me, Water, nutrition (forced or otherwise) and as time slips by, the focus changes. I always have water with me and drink it, but I am probably not drinking enough...it's not easy. In the same way that I look around at what other's are eating and wonder how did I used to be able to eat a mindless amount, I look at my water drinking friends finish a bottle in less than 30 minutes while mine is 4 drinks gone IF it's a good day... so it is. I have hanging skin, expected worse but it's not great either. It's okay...I weighed that consequence before surgery. You take care, too!!
  6. Hi Jamie. I am a little familiar with Dr. Tabone...just received my letter that Dr. Quinlin is retiring. I feel you will be in excellent hands and of all hospitals, one of excellence. Congratulations! Have you started nutrition classes with Sarah or is she moving on too? If you have any questions or need anything, let me know. My newest pain: the lack of butt cushion has left my tailbone protruding...like what feels like out of my skin. Sometimes it's only bothersome, but other times, it's ALMOST intolerable. It's like a pressure sore. I've had to wear a small mini pad between what is left of my buttcrack. lol. Sorry, but it's true. These are the things you don't expect. Holding steady at 170lbs with small fluctuations. The rate at which I have gone through sizes is nothing short of shocking. I have found many give always, food pantries, salvation army and goodwill to stay clothed. My mind barely allows me to choose the L or XL, but that is what I need. This week, I had my first entire piece of long john's chicken. I wasn't proud and was only slightly miserable, but it was good--very very salty with my refined palate. But it's generally Soups, milk, cottage cheese, Cajun salmon, chicken salad. Correct portion size is so much more obvious to me now that I look back. It's been a quite the process...but OHHH, so worth it!
  7. Just checking in. My weight is holding at 170lbs. If I never lost another pound, I could live with that, but expect more weight loss will come. The rapid weight loss part may have ended. The cool weather is merciless on me this autumn. The changes that you never consider always amuse me. This time last year, my core temperature was NEVER an issue. My frugality and weight made it possible to function in 50° weather without a jacket and no need for the furnace until the last minute...not this year. I am tempted to turn the furnace on, but will try to hold out. My electric heater is getting a workout right now. Hair loss is/seems normal, or back to normal. The burning fist feeling in my stomach is gone for now. I diligently take medicine for that now and should have taken it faithfully as directed the first 6 months of surgery. I find that I can tolerate a bite or two of anything and feel fortunate for that. So far, I have no obvious tolerance issues so long as I go easy and light. vmt, I hope you are doing well. My next appointment with blood work is Dec. 12th. I am now doing monthly vitamin B injections instead of a daily sublinguals...seems to be more convenient and less maintenance. My best to all!!
  8. vmt, there are going to be slow losses and with you possibly having a urinary tract or kidney (or bladder) infection, that will have an effect on your overall well being and weight loss. Get yourself well. The weight loss will pick back up. Remember, I have weeks of no weight loss then lose 5lbs in 3 days. Everyone gets discouraged. You are not alone. Take care of yourself. And just keep on keep in on!
  9. Amazing results vmt. Way to go!! How are soft foods feeling? I also feel better than I have felt in many years, if ever. And at 41! Being off meds is also a victory I understand. And I am so proud of you. This morning I weighed 174lbs. I am wearing size 18 jeans though a size 16 might fit. My shirts are all loose and I need to buy a few that actually fit. Seven months out and I still prefer to eat softer foods. Ice water never leaves my clutches. I examined my skin today and yeah, there are a few issues. My butt has disappeared! Ha. It's hiding out with my boobs probably. I just remind myself of how great I feel and that I look smashing in clothes. If that's the most of my trouble then I am a lucky woman. Keep up the good work!!
  10. VSGAnn, so happy that you are enjoying my diary...relieved, actually. Thank you!
  11. vmt, there is no easy way out of obesity. For me, it was do or die. No doctor ever said it like that but I knew it. And no, you cannot let negativity in. There is always going to be someone along the way who has an opinion (that should be kept unspoken). You aren't a passenger, you are the driver! Congratulations on your successful surgery and weight loss thus far!! Awesome. In the beginning, I did not have any problems with my pills or with my stomach burning. In the past two months, I DO have what feels like a burning fist in my stomach. I will mention it during my follow up but will confess that I quit taking my prescribed Prilosec for about 3 months which was probably the first mistake. Second mistake, I do sip soda on occasion now and that also seems to aggravate it. I don't know if our burning is the same but I feel for you...not pleasant whatsoever. Let me know how your visit goes on Sept 2. Best of luck to you, keep up the good work, and also keep me updated. And thank you for sharing your story with me.
  12. hopetochangemylife, glad you are finding comfort and peace through reading the accounts of others. Congratulations on the 32lbs you have already lost!! I am 8 months out and still face temptation of old eating habits. It gets easier, but it is always there. There are days my mind insists that it wants an entire pizza the way "it used to be" or I have found myself thinking "if I could just eat for one hour like I used to be able to..." but, I will not and not only because I physically can't. I am down to 180lbs. My butt is bony. I do have some loose skin but not so much that I am in psychological crisis. The best days are when I eat lightly and frequently. There are days where I cannot eat much (it all depends on bowel movements which are either full on or completely not). When feeling backed up, there literally becomes no room for more nutrition. The up side is normal blood pressure, normal pulse, normal glucose, down to only taking thyroid medicine and prilosec (and necessary vitamins and such), walking without misery, less need for sleep, shopping for clothes anywhere and everywhere, second glances... NO regrets. May you find all the strength, hope, and inspiration you need to make it to where you want to be. Whatever it takes!
  13. Hi fellow losers. I hope life for everyone who follows is falling into the new and, comfortable, norm. Seven months out and things are going well. I am at 180lbs. That's 130lbs since surgery in January and 154lbs total. Life has changed so quickly...for both good and bad. A solid relationship seems to be blossoming. The ever cautious me has been true to myself and my health, but this kizmet seems to have set in and I am enjoying the company of a 25yr old friend in a new light. Job changes have occurred. I am much happier now and am looking into school again...just looking but I am a determined woman. As for eating, it's still a challenge some days. Some days are excellent. But I am always diligent. Hydration, Protein, exercise, nature and enjoy the newfound zest for living have become priorities in my life.
  14. It's been a while since I've updated. In June, my rapid weight loss slowed down as I stayed between 208lbs and 210lbs. Yesterday, I saw 205lbs! That is 105lbs gone since January and 139lbs since last July. I feel fantastic except for occasional bouts of being light headed. My hair loss is better, thankfully. And I am experiencing real hunger again...not ravenous hunger but twinges of real hunger. I wore a dress last weekend and that felt so liberating. It's strange to feel pretty and comfortable. Now that I can cross my legs when I sit, that's how I sit. Life is beautiful. [ATTACH]46234[/ATTACH]
  15. Today: 224lbs and out enjoying basket bingo with my mom and aunts.
  16. Kookichu

    Anyone with migraines

    As a sufferer of migraines, I am relieved to report that I have only had one since surgery and I can assign dehydration as the cause. Pre surgery, I had migraines often. Topamax was prescribed but the side affects were horrible so I found myself living on Excederin migraine formula which actually worked wonders. My concern was that I was coming off caffeine and would not be allowed anything other than tylenol. I have found that 3 small meals, 2 healthy snacks and plenty of water helps keep headaches in check. They are so infrequent that this topic actually reminded me of the old days of suffering. I wish you well and hope your results are as positive as mine.
  17. Picture from today through mom's vision: [ATTACH]44811[/ATTACH]
  18. Kookichu

    I'm going bald! Please help

    melissabeauty, I also had RNY in January and echo your concern. Many suggest Biotin, but that is already in my bariatric multivitamin. The experience of others has me believing this hair loss/thinning is only temporary. Not that it is helping as far as I can tell right now, but I am using Organix shampoo. One has aragon oil in it and the other has vitamins and biotin in it. Best of luck to you. I understand it is alarming when the hair loss begins. It's just part of the process.
  19. Kookichu

    And it begins!

    In two weeks, when you weigh yourself again, you will see progress. And between that time, you might even feel progress. I stall every month for about 10 days. Last month's stall was crushed with an 8lb loss the next week...it's strange how our bodies do that, but I came to expect it too. And I also get the concerns as, if you're anything like me, you begin to think "ut-oh...is this all I might lose...did that morsel of necessity damage my gusto". haha. I should be over my bloated week and am interested to see what changes the week will bring. In the past two days, the scale has been altering between 225-228lbs depending on the time of day. It's interesting. Love your updates. I am glad your headaches are better. I also bought a couple bottles of G2, and loved the one I tasted. After having passed out a couple weeks ago, I got the tip here in your thread as I never thought about electrolytes. I know I drink a ton of water but, ya know.
  20. Thank you, MrsGloMartin! Every day does bring something to look forward to. Congratulations to you as well. I have followed and enjoyed many of your posts. Best of luck to you, sweet lady.
  21. There have been no incidents lately. Staying hydrated these days getting well over 64ozs. and eating well, finally. I am a little over 4 months post op and I can say my appetite is returning. I can also testify that my hair is thinning and I do have the beginnings of loose skin, but I weighed these realities prior to surgery and being healthy and active were on the winning side. I am down to 225lbs and bought 2 pair of size 20 jeans this week. I can cross my legs and do so many things I couldn't do this time last year. The weight loss may be slowing down just a bit but 85lbs in 4 months still just leaves me speechless, but joyous, about it. Milk has become an important part of my Protein intake plus I can use the extra Calcium. Finally I am able to eat small amounts of meat. I've been successful with chicken, steak, and cajun salmon. This week I have been able to toast 1 piece of bread (italian bakery 4carbs and 5g protein per slice), cut it in half and add Peanut Butter or egg salad. ....anyway, steady as she goes.
  22. Kookichu


    Hi. I am 4 months post-op and have just started noticing what I consider to be abnormal bruising...what I do know from my last round of bloodwork that my iron levels are low so in addition to my two daily multivitamins I am to start taking an iron supplement (I have yet to invest in one). All other nutritional values were spot on. My best guess, for myself, is an iron deficiency.
  23. I come here today to stress the importance of hydration which I THOUGHT I was accomplishing. Yesterday morning, I had 12oz of 1%milk with one scoop of Protein and a 20oz bottle of Water on the hour drive to the concert. Once at the concert, we went outside to the smoking area...still feeling fine. Then, I started feeling like I needed to sit down and within seconds was OUT. I woke up on the concrete patio with my two friends and a paramedic hovering. The medic checked my vitals which were good aside from my pulse being 100 (the old norm), glucose was 105, blood pressure was 128/72. SO, flirty medic whips out a cigarette and starts talking to me once I was on my feet. He's like "at any time tonight if you need me, I am in the back through the curtain"..."tell me about this band"..."how was recovery from surgery?"... then it happened a second time and it came on as quickly as the first time. I woke up to him being a professional again. This time my blood pressure had dropped to 87/??...he said I had two options 1. transport to UPMC 2. bag of fluids in his medic room Well, obviously, I chose the fluids. He hooked me up, squeezed the fluids in as he said "to salvage as much of the Alabama shakes as possible"... Post IV, my blood pressure was fine sitting and standing and pulse was 72 so after contact with a physician, I was released while the opening band was still playing. He thanked me for being a sweetheart and I thanked him for the big intravaneous drink. I was so disappointed to see a wedding band, but such is life. The chemistry was undeniable. But my real point is, stay hydrated! I always have water in hand but you need to diligently drink. Consider drinking water your other full-time job. He told me I would be peeing all night but never had that urge until 5hours later! After the bag of IV fluids, I was fine aside from my soul being shook by the Shakes (thank God because had it happened a third time, hospital was the only option). Today, my body is well aware that it fell to concrete twice. So I will caption this photo with an Alabama Shakes lyric: "pass me the whiskey, pass me the gin, pass me whatever there's drink left in"
  24. msshellg, thank you. My lifelong passion has been writing and reading. I have never considered myself a "good enough" writer to do anything other than to purge my thoughts down. But doing that has always been therapeutic. Too bad I never finished my English/Library Science degree when I was younger. I intend to see my thread well into the future not only for myself (as a diary of sorts) but also for those who want to know the process. "I've got a flamin' heart...can't get my fill" Thanks again. I truly appreciate your support!
  25. Tgarden, may you have an amazing week as well. The rate in which clothes fit then don't fit is quick. That is not necessarily a bad thing but definitely is one of those wow things. Yesterday I wore a cute hand-me-down shirt that was still tight last month. When I tried it on last month, I made the mental note "this summer, hopefully"... I am seeing the Alabama shakes tomorrow so today I washed the two pair of jeans that fit. Saturday this girl is going thrifting. Here is a picture from yesterday at work. First full body pic since post surgery pic. I have a lot of work left to do but am prepared to do it. Whatever it takes!! [ATTACH]44083[/ATTACH]