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    Here I go! Day 1 pre op diet

    "drink too much...six drinks a night"...as in, alcohol/liquor?
  2. I only told ~ 5 people--my closest, inner circle friends--including the two men who helped me: One guy took me to surgery and dropped me off at the other guy, who kept me at his place for 3 days post-op (and took me to the doctor's office for my 2-day post-op visit [my VSG was out-patient]). Months later, when I resumed eating out, some friends later noticed that I was eating small meals, ordering appetizers only,a nd even having to take some of that home. They'd also noticed my weight loss. I said, over the past months I'd limited my portions and went mostly high-protein. Facts. You don't have to tell anyone you don't want to tell. Besides, some are ignorant of the 'whys' of having wls, or that wls is 'the easy way out,' etc., and you don't need naysayers who may not understand and lack knowledge of the struggle.
  3. Hi, past-VSGers. Did anyone get a leak? What was that experience like? I'm 6 years post a very successful, no complications, VSG (the best thing I did for myself!!: happy, happy, happy; looking good; down to a size 10; not afraid of pictures; sexy, confident, etc.). BUT I've gained some weight [25-27 pounds] in the past 2+ years, and am having a hard time losing it. Bad back, bad foot, so intense exercise is out. I want another VSG, but the risk of a leak is real (due to decreased vascularization of where the stomach would again be cut); and no, I don't think my surgeon-friend will do it anyway. But I'm just curious... How bad is the 'leak experience'...? Did it ever stop!!!? Just curious. Thank you for any replies from those who've had a leak.
  4. Dr-Patient

    Weigh gain - 3 years post op

    You are not alone; though I'm now six years out this week (Dec. 3rd, 2013). In the past 1.5 years, I gained ~20-25 #s and I'm having a hard time losing them. Admittedly, I didn't stick to protein-only and began eating faster. I'd gotten from HW: 271-->SW: 252-->180 lowest weight, size 10ish. Now I'm 202-204 pounds, ~ size 12-14. Grr. (In full disclosure, I had gotten back to 210 [209.8]. That would have been a full 30 pounds!!!) I work hard to NOT pick up potato chips (my nemesis and road trip snack). I had the VSG and all that ghrelin area was whacked off 6 years ago. But ghrelin finds its ugly way back after ~ 5 years I'm told, and so the battle can resume. I don't do the shakes because they mostly have sucralose/splenda and I do NOT lose with that. Fact. I don't. I gain. So I'd say do all you can to get back to your steaks, fish, eggs, bacon, sardines, whatever, to break the cycle and get you back to no cravings. Just say NO when tempted to buy crap/bad carbs. As some have told me "20 pounds, not that bad." But to me, it is. I never wanted to see 200 again. Also, I'm almost 65, so that might be a factor, but I'm not putting it on 'slower metabolism.' But right now, I'm feeling stronger, so I hope to get under 200 by end of the year, if not by Christmas. Just step away from the bad stuff. Delight on steak, fish and eggs, etc.
  5. Dr-Patient

    14-day Pre-op Starts Today

    It will be the best decision you made for yourself. Just imagine your happier future. Hang in there!!!!! I'm excited for you!
  6. Dr-Patient

    14-day Pre-op Starts Today

    I need to do that now, as I approach 6 years post-op!
  7. They are likely "Steri-Strips." They usually fall off after a couple weeks or so. After your showers, I'd suggest you do pat them dry, though, because moisture can hold bacteria. But when you see them basically hanging off, while gently pressing down on the skin from which the loose part separated, go ahead and peel off the last bit, as long as you aren't feeling a tug of the skin tissue below. But yes, they normally ease off after a while. Also, do you have a post-op appointment? Oftentimes, the nurse or whomever will check them, and advise or remove them then, if they are basically hanging off.
  8. I love rice; but making this CAULIFLOWER RICE has helped psych out my brain! I almost feel guilty eating it. I buy the frozen packs of it, already riced. Directions: Saute' chopped sweet mini peppers, scallions [including green tips], onions...[mushrooms, too, are good]. Add some blackening seasoning I make (without salt). Once that's ~ browned/softened a bit, remove from the pan. Then put the thawed c-rice in the same pan (some water and all). Let it simmer down to cook, and to absorb some of the water. Add in veggies; stir. I add a little bit of garlic salt, and sometimes add thai chili sauce [or other sauce] for color and a bit of 'heat.' Eat with your meats. If you love rice--or need that carb feel and taste--give it a try. . Bon appetit!
  9. Dr-Patient

    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    I think, in the batch above, I used a small amount of Rothschild's Pineapple-Habenero Sauce [Costco's]. I see a bit of it (~ yellowish sauce), near the '6 o'clock' position of the photo.
  10. Dr-Patient

    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    I just added my recipe for the Cauliflower Rice; it went to the ESG Forum, I wanted it in the VSG Forum. Oh well. Here's the picture:
  11. Dr-Patient

    EGS to Gastric sleeve

    I'm glad to see this post. I had a wonderful VSG Dec, 2013. I lost ~ 90 pounds, from 272-180; down to a size 10, feeling great, hot and sexy. Self-confident. Alas, in the past 2 years, I fell off the protein wagon and gained 25 pounds. I'm so mad at myself. The carb cravings...grr! I wanted a re-do VSG, but am told there may be leaks, etc. So the doctor--my friend and colleague--mentioned the ESG...but I don't want that. Fortunately, with the help of an anorexic I just started (in small, half-doses), I've been a good girl this weekend. It's a start. I just need help to break my grazing, and grabbing carbs. So I think I will not do the ESG. But I'm glad to see the pros and cons of some who've had it. I guess that, no matter what procedure we have, the battle is somewhat inherent to potentially regain. Oh...as an aside...I will say that CAULIFLOWER RICE has been helpful. I love regular rice, but I'm able to psych out my brain when I eat cauliflower rice. (I add/chop up sweet mini peppers, onions and scallions to it, with blackening seasoning.) I hardly realize it's not real rice.
  12. Has anyone had the ~new procedure: the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)? It's also called the "Accordion" procedure. (This is a non-surgical procedure, done similarly to a doctor putting the endoscope into your stomach and putting a few stitches in the stomach from the inside, narrowing your capacity. It's relatively new. Some patients who can't undergo surgery; or who had surgery and have stretched their pouch again, might opt for this, I'm told. Instead of ~20 minutes for the VSG, this 'ESG' takes ~ 90 minutes under general anesthesia. Anyone had this done? If so, please report.
  13. To the OP--Achieve Goals--why are you considering a sleeve revision? Just curious. Thanks.
  14. I'm actually considering a second VSG. I don't want anything more than that. I'm totally ticked at myself for getting over 200 again. My HW: 271.2 //SW: 252 (Dec. 3, 2013) // LW: 180 (Jan 2017). [I'm not an exerciser.] In the past two years, I've gained 25 pounds--admittedly eating a bit fast, some bad carbs, and I'm just grazing. Grr. SO, 2019: I'm hanging out ~ 205-208. I NEVER wanted to be out of Onederland. I'm ticked. I sometimes do media work, so my face is rounder than I want; and I've had to find something to wear (size 14 or ?), etc. I was having so much fun just grabbing clothes (size 10-12) and being confident, photos--sure!, etc. Also, I'm planning some bucket list trips and I want to be sexy, comfy, confident, etc. Not self-conscious re: my weight. Granted, I'm NOT back to 210, 230, 250, 270; I get that. But ...? Other things in my life, I've conquered and excelled at those: Focus...do it...done! Weight, and weight loss? Not my thing. lol .. [NO, not lol. Grr. Dang. F*** :-)] So I'm considering a re-do VSG or those reasons. I'd love to hear what others are doing if they've regained more than just 5 or 7 pounds. [If I regain 20 pounds after five more years, I'll be nearing 70, so I won't worry about it then. WTH.]
  15. Dr-Patient

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    How are you Proud Granny!!?
  16. Dr-Patient

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    Hi, Yes_Anastasia. Given your significant weight loss, may I ask about redundant skin--especially at the abdomen and upper inner thigh areas? Is it loose and .?.; you own stock in spanx [buy them a lot]?; or did you have it removed, or what? [if you don't mind sharing]. Thank you.
  17. Dr-Patient

    Cost of surgery -- WOW

    That's ridiculous. There is NO WAY any wls costs that much; nor ANY surgery period. Did you and your doctor discuss cost before you had the surgery? Get the bill to the doctor's office business manager, etc. Again, that is NOT at all appropriate.
  18. About 4-5 weeks, and with people who did NOT know I had surgery [Practically no one knows I did the surgery]. But you won't be able to eat much; so just eat slowly, stick with mostly protein-laden meals (appetizers), chew slowly and do a lot of the talking! Listen to your stomach; it will get full quickly. Take the rest home/doggie bags; leftovers for a few days.
  19. Dr-Patient

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    I weight every day, first thing after going to the bathroom. I write it down. I'm almost six years post-VSG. Alas, in the past 2 years, I HAVE gained 25 pounds back and I am NOT happy about it. I never wanted to see 200 pounds again, but I am ~ 205. I am also having a very hard time getting back on track. So, advice: stay on track. I'm actually contemplating a revision because I do not want to get too far gone. Ghrelin is back and it is winning, at present. I had 5.5 great, happy years. The VSG was the BEST thing I ever did for myself.
  20. Dr-Patient

    Green_Tealael When Is Surgery Again?

    HI, PG! How are yo doing? And, did Green Tea...have revision (of a sleeve, or...?) I'm curious to see how it goes. God bless.
  21. Dr-Patient

    Is this too much??

    Congratulations!!!! You're doing great!!!! Your weight was high, so a quick drop at first is not surprising. Enjoy it!! Don't worry...it will slow down at some later time: those dreaded stalls. So enjoy it. Good for you!!
  22. I'm an old girl (VSG 2013), but am trying to mostly do protein shakes and tea for the next two weeks. Your protein shake journey can help me, so keep us posted re: your weight loss at this stage. Hang in there. I found a pretty good tasting one at Ross the other day! It's a "Belgian Chocolate" flavor and I like it.
  23. Dr-Patient

    Embarrassing question

    Check if it's okay with your doctor, but some [nasty-tasting] Magnesium Citrate would ~ clean you out and get some of the built-up stool out of your intestines. If so, use it (the afternoon before the day of your surgery, so you'll be finished with that by bedtime (and won't be pooping on the way to surgery, nor on the OR table). :-) Note: MgCitrate can remove a lot of water from your gut; so again, see if they are okay with your using that. They wouldn't want to deplete your potassium or have you get ~ dehydrated pre-op. (It also would make your intestines flatter and less at risk of operative injury.) Less dramatic a stool might come with Perdiem (or at WalMart, the Equate brand BM aid/yellow bottle). But with that, it's a granular pill, and little particulate matter might remain. MOM is another alternate, but it's ~ milky/chalky. See what your doctor wants you to do. Just some possible thoughts here.