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  1. As of my last weighing I am down 111lbs. Next Tuesday I will be eight months post op. My goal has always been to lose 150lbs by twelve months post op. That means I have a little over a four months to lose 39lbs. I think that I can make it. I understand based on what my dietitian has told me and what I read online that some bariatric patients do not even get to a normal BMI. I am not sure what the numbers are in that regards, but what does that have to do with me. I have lost 74% of my excess body weight. I have heard that once a bariatric patient losses 50% of their body weight they are a success. What that means is that I am already a success as far as they are concerned. I will be at 150lbs or close thereof by the end the year (I had surgery last December). If you have the same conviction about write me a comment. Just watch and see...
  2. 1Cor2:9

    Post op regrets topics - not popular

    Umm, not actually. I agree there is not point on dwelling on the past one must move forward. I just wanted to make sure that you were plans to move forward and it seems like you have which is a good thing. This may not seem encouraging, but the opportunity for things to get better is ahead of you. Thank you! My plan is to keep fighting to get back to where I was Healthwise pre op in the first instance. Obviously now, I will have to manage the C Diff issue and it's complications. It is a tough infection to cure. The percentages on reoccurrence are quite worrying. Once all that is under control. I need to concentrate on slowing down the weightloss. I am still losing between 5 and 7 lbs a week and only getting in between 300 and 400 calories a day. I need to get my Vitamins, minerals, Iron and nutrient levels sorted out. Once all that is completed, and this could take months to achieve, I then need to get back to my pre op routine. Seeing family, friends, neighbours,attending church etc. It is heartbreaking to be isolated from your family due to illness. Now I have to worry about who I infect with C Diff. On visits, I need to be conscious about using people's loos etc. Beyond that, I plan to develop a good relationship with a GP that has enough knowledge to help me get back to health and to get away from the bariatric system. I may have to pay privately for this care. As I keep saying, I don't live in regret. I live in a fight for my life. I believe that I have had C Diff for nearly eight weeks now and the inflammation, blood and mucous presenting, makes me fear that this situation may become even more serious due to the neglect of the bariatric team in post op care. My GP believes the bariatric team should be dealing with me and the bariatric team wants the GP to do it. Meanwhile, I am in trouble. I live my life deep in my Faith. And because I do, I am told that there is a plan for my life. That plan appears to be perseverance with grace. Ultimately, I plan to consult an NHS healthcare advocate. I am going to ask that my case be looked over to ensure that I get better care and other people don't have to go through all of this. If your query concerns my dislike of my sleeve, I accepted the ultimate responsibility for my mistake weeks ago. We all make mistakes. I made the decision in error. There is no point in dwelling on this as it is irreversible. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    60lbs and feeling good

    Good work. I bet you are feeling great.
  4. 1Cor2:9

    Post op regrets topics - not popular

    I want to say that I respect your stance on your decision. I applaud you for your willingness to be open about your struggles. It is certainly true that you have a right to think and feel as you wish about your surgery. The only thing I would counter with is what do you plan to do? Your surgery has been completed. VSG cannot be reversed. You like the rest of us are stuck, so to speak, with it for the rest of our lives. It does not seem to me a good idea to live in regret everyday for the rest of your life. In other words how are you going to turn this lemon into lemonade? It is my hope that this is something you would reflect on. Take care.
  5. Last summer I went to an amusement park. I am not sure what my exact weight was at the time, but I know that I was probably close to 300lbs. Most rides I did not try to go on because I knew that I was going to be able to fit. I think there was at least one that or maybe two that the restraints did not fit properly and I just got off the ride. On the few I could get on it was very painful. I now weigh less than 200lbs. If the next time I go I still can't fit I will be none too pleased! lol I am sure that will not be the case. I think you will be just fine in my humble non-medical or scientific opinion. I hope you enjoy yourself.
  6. I recently contacted my surgical team because I felt that maybe I needed to get back on track in some ways. I was told that I should feel like a success because I lost close to a 100lbs in six months. I have now, seven months out, loss more than 100lbs. She said that most people do not make that much progress in a year let alone six months. I was also informed that most people never make it to a healthy BMI after surgery. I do not know about that, but I know I ain't gonna be one of them. I did not have surgery just to be a smaller obese person. I wanted to be at 150lbs a year out. Perhaps I may not make that goal, but I am going to get to or as close to 150lbs as I can. I am not concerned about what must people do I am concerned about what this person is gonna do. Her words have rekindled the fire. I'm fighting back...
  7. For the last week I did not exercise. I did some long walks, but mostly I was inactive. I have PMDD and it greatly diminishes my motivation during that time among other things. As a result I decided to not do my weekly weigh in and just try to start afresh next week. I know part of it is the weight (no pun intended) of thinking, "Wow I lost more than a hundred pounds just to still be obese." I worked hard and I am still an obese person. Do I have what it takes to shift these last 50 lbs? Sometimes I do not think I do. Although my heart is failing me in regards to motivation to move forward my head knows that for many reasons it would be wrong to give up. I thought to myself maybe I just need to switch my exercise videos again. I have been looking over the last few days for a stability ball video that includes cardio and strength training, but I am at a lost. If you use a stability ball as part of your fitness what videos/DVD would you suggest? Also, what things do you do to motivate yourself? Thanks!
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    Suggestions and Motivation

    I am not sure if a class would work for me. I am highly introverted and the idea of exercising with others is not highly interesting to me. I actually have tried Zumba and I did not like it. Having said that I understand why the suggestion was made. At the same time I also suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and I can see its hand at work. I thank you for the encouragement. I ordered a new DVD yesterday and it should arrive tomorrow. Once it does I will resume exercise.
  9. Has anyone here used the above mentioned DVD? If so what are your thoughts?
  10. 1Cor2:9

    Suggestions and Motivation

    I am looking at a new DVD. The problem is that I can not preview it before I buy. I mean I know I can return, but still. Thanks for the encouragement. I am still under 200lbs. It looks like you recently made it under 200lbs too! Go us!!! I just want to make sure this is a break and not a permanent.
  11. 1Cor2:9

    Can I Swim?

    Yesterday I decided to go for a swim at the local public pool. I had gotten a new suit and towel and no on could tell me I was not ready. I look at the schedule for the pool to see when open pool times were. I knew it was a public pool, so I did not expect anything fancy. When I got into the building something dawned on me as I looked at those whom were in the pool- mostly children. Since I went during the day it makes sense that most of the people that would be at the pool would be children. Some were rowdy, but they all looked like there were having fun. I tried to swim far from them because I was not trying to get splashed or hit with a ball. Last thing I need is to "sit down" someone's child. After awhile I finally decided to swim on the deep end of the pool since less kids were over there. I had a fairly good time. I was able to do laps mostly without being bothered. After maybe 30 or 40 minutes pass the life guards yelled that open pool time was over. I got out the pool and some of the more Enlightened youth decided it would be a great time to make fun of my and my still somewhat large frame. I decided to ignore them again I don't want to have to "sit down" someone's child. But it made me think when we as obese people do nothing to improve ourselves we get shamed and when we attempt to do something about our plight we get ridiculed. We just can't win. Having said all that before somebody writes, "hey they were just kids" let me say few things. One, as a teacher I get made fun by students (children) on a regular basis. Two, they are just emulating behavior they have seen adults do. Three, no my feelings were not deeply hurt. Four, it is still wrong to ridicule someone who is just trying to swim like everyone else there. Also, I did have a sense of discomfort that it was primarily children. I would prefer to swim when most adults are present, but I am not when that would be because it appears that open swim times seem to occur when most people would at work. Fifth, I am mostly glad that I went. I always liked swimming. I know that I have worked hard and continue to give my weight loss journey its due diligence. That will not change just because some kids were rude. Will I go back? Yeah.
  12. While I was on the pre-op diet I had a Taco Bell feast. By the time I had it I had already lost 20 lbs on the liquid diet. I really go down. It was the only time that I ate during that two week period. I think I had three or four days before surgery when I had this meal. On the day of surgery I had lost even more weight. Before anyone talks about the meat at Taco Bell and how it gives you the runs I do not eat meat and everything I had did not contain any beef.
  13. This morning I thought I would weigh myself. I am currently 199.2lbs! I have not been under 200lbs since junior high at the latest or late elementary school at the earliest. You can see I have had that old fat for sometime. Last month was crazy because my weight was fluctuating. Then it started fall; however, I just felt that my body was resisting being under 200lbs. I mean it has been that way for roughly 20 years. But today I know that is not true. I am at the point in which I have to be even more careful. Not that I have given in, but I have had all kinds of crazy cravings. I have to be more mindful of the amount of carbs I consume. I want to lose an additional 50 lbs by the end of the year. That is only ten pounds a month. We gon' make it. Holla back if you just made it under 200lbs!
  14. 1Cor2:9

    Chillens I's have made it

    I can totally relate to this post! I feel like my body is fighting not to get below 200lbs. I was losing a good 3lbs a week, and now all of a sudden it slowed to maybe 1lb a week for the past three weeks! Very discouraging. I have also noticed I can eat more, and my cravings are coming back. I will get there though, your post gives me hope! Thank you!! Same for me. Mostly the battle is with the cravings. I do not give in, but sometimes I feel bombarded with all kinds of cravings. I just tell myself I do not need and the feelings go away. I also do not keep snack foods in my apartment and that seems to help too. What I realized is that I am over doing carbs, so I am trying to stay below 50 grams of carbs a day. Maybe you are going crazy on carbs?
  15. 1Cor2:9

    Chillens I's have made it

    Thanks! And you are speaking the truth.
  16. Per @@goplay94123 I am posting this. I am finally under 200lbs. Not by much, but still I made it. Of this morning I am 199.2lbs. I thought I would never get here. I believe the last time I was under 200lbs was when I was in junior high or even late elementary school. That is sad to say, but trying to do better presently. I got old fat, but Lord willing, it is going to be gone fat! How many of you out there got old fat, but are working on the gone fat?!
  17. 1Cor2:9

    Seven Months

    Yesterday marked my seventh month from VSG. It has been an interesting journey and one that is not close to being over. I am not sure what my current weight is because I am going to weigh myself tomorrow. As of last week I was 201 and my highest weight was 303 or 305. It is hard to describe the changes I have gone through. It almost seems unreal. Like, hey where did that collar bone come from. Or sitting with my legs crossed for a longer period of time. Being able to wear a size 14 swim suit. I am still very thankful for my sleeve and I look forward to hitting my goal weight. I think what I like the most is that I can feel my body getting stronger. How many of you are seven months out? What has surprised you so far?
  18. I know I am late with this, but here it is. For the second week in a row I am 201. I feel about this two different ways. One, it is better than gaining. Two, it is worse than losing. lol This last week I ate out several times with friends and over did it on carbs, so this week I am increasing my exercise time and decreasing my carb intake. We gon to get below 200lbs yah hear meh! So far I have been doing well with my activity level and carb reduction this week. As someone once said if you fail at a goal just make another goal.
  19. 1Cor2:9

    100 pounds gone!

    Great work! I recently hit the 100+ lbs loss mark myself. I am excited for the both of us! We are not there yet, but we are on our way.
  20. I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 4lbs. The stall appears to be over and I am not upset about that. I hope in a week's time I will be under 200lbs. 201 is very close. Good bye stall. Feel free to take all the time you want before you return and if you never return no hard feelings.
  21. The stall appears to have gone on about it business because I lost 4lbs last week! I am not sure if I will make my goal, but I will close!. Current weight 201lbs. My highest weight was 303lbs This means I have officially lost more than a 100lbs!!! This time next week I am going to be in the 100's. I do not care if it is just 199.8! lol
  22. It would appear that I am experiencing my second stall of my VSG journey. I am not happy about, but I have a plan in place. I do not care how much this fat wants to hold on it is going to leave the premises. One of the things I realized is that I need to return to more cardio based exercise. This past week I have been battling a sinus infection that has snaked its evil way into my chest, so I decided to stop exercising until I am better. I know what you thinking-- maybe that is why you are having a stall? No friend the stall happened before I got sick. If you do not mind, please partner with me in prayer. 100lb and I still have much to lose. Pray that I continue to stay encouraged and press on. Thanks for reading.
  23. All right folks, this is why I have not been posting. Two weeks ago when I weighed myself I was 207 which was a two pound gain. Every time I weighed myself I was get something different and sometimes drastically. I changed the battery in the scale thinking perhaps that was the issue and I still had the same problem. I even bought a new scale and I would get different readings through out the day. In an attempt to not go crazy I decided to stop weighing myself everyday. This morning I was 205. I realize that is what I was a few weeks ago. To help move things in the right direction I have returned to the pre op liquid diet. Today makes day nine. I hope to have shred more pounds by the time I finish the liquid diet next week. Because of the craziness with the scales I cannot tell you how exactly my progress has been the later half of June. My concern is that I am entering into the phrase when weight loss will be more of a challenge. Around the middle of the month I had my 6 month check up. According to that scale I weighed 208, so if we could think of it as a three pound lost since then. In the last few weeks I have been 205, 206, 207, 208, and 209. Let's hope that from here on out that the scale will continue to move in the right direction. Due to the craziness of the last few weeks I did not think I will hit my goal for this challenge or even be close. I will try to take that in stride and keep pushin'. Once I go back to solid food I am going to go about things differently, so I have a plan in place. I know I have lost close to 100 pounds and that is in itself an achievement, but I am not where I need to be and I have to keep working until I get there. Thanks for reading.
  24. Yesterday marked six months since I had surgery. During that time it has been an interesting journey. Although I tried to prepare myself as much as possible there are still something that I found to be a surprised. However, I still think that having VSG was a good decision for me. If you are interested below are my numbers: 57% of excess body weight lost A loss of close to 20 BMI points 97 pounds lost I do not measure myself, so I cannot tell you how many inches I have lost. Clothing is tricky because sizes are not consistent from brand to brand. And my size is change so often. I was told during my six month check that I am a success. I do not feel like I am a success yet because I have not reached my weight goal, but I feel like I am on my way and the Lord has enabled me to have success so far. I recently saw that someone asked on BP, "What do you want to do once you get skinny?" I am not sure. Yes I do. I am going to say what it is and people can just judge I suppose. I would like to get married. I know we bariatric patients we are not supposed to say that. We are suppose to say I want to look better or improve my health. I assume those things will naturally happen as I become the weight I am meant to be, but marriage is another thing. Ha, I can hear it now. Being smaller does not guarantee that you will get married. True, true. There are many slender, beautiful young women that are very much single. But just perhaps I can improve my odds. And if I do not get married at least I am healthier. Go ahead. Tell me I am wrong. I really would like to be down 150 pounds by years end. I hope I make it and if not we just keep on pushin'.