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  1. Whoo hoo! I can't remember the last time I was under 200lbs! 194 baby(: I've lost a total of 73lbs since dec 16! I couldn't be happier. This surgery has changed and saved my life <3
  2. I had the same issue except I've been here for 19 days in the hospital. It took one trip to the er for then to come to the conclusion it was gallstones and the dr sent me on my way with pain meds and said to get in contact with my dr! Well the next day I went to see my actual dr scheduled an appointment on Friday. The Wednesday before my surgery date I had the worst gallbladder attack and was admitted. They had to wait 2 days before even doing surgery because my infection was so high!!! That Friday they went in and removed my gallbladder then a few hours later tried to remove the stones from my duct. Needless to say it was so swollen the dr wasn't able to get in and poked and prodded for 2 hours when it should have been a 1 hour surgery. I then developed one of the most servers cases of pancreatitis they have seen. Worst pain of my life morphine wasn't touching it!! Needless to say if you find out you have gallstones get that gallbladder out ASAP! I hope all is well (:
  3. krysten.warren

    Confessions of the newly sleeved

    This has me ROLLING. A bunch of us girls all bickering.. We just need to support each other. At least she confessed and aired it out instead of hiding it and letting it build up and become a worse problem then it could have been! Ridiculous... Like it was said before we all know our bodies and what we can tolerate. No one is the same and NOONE is perfect. Keep your chin up(: WERE ALL DOING A GREAT JOB!!!!!!
  4. krysten.warren


    I really don't see why not..? It's the inside of you healing. I'm sure if you've been passed to swim and what not your incisions are healed and you should be good to go.
  5. krysten.warren

    Quest pasta?

    I have been trying to figure out their website on my phone to do free samples but it never loads ): I want to try the pasta and bars so so badly!!
  6. krysten.warren

    9 wks out!

    Oh man at four weeks.. Prob about 30. I hit a stall at week 3. And nope no stalls since that 3 and 4th week. Been smooth sailing(:
  7. krysten.warren

    Arm pits and 'back t!ts'

    I'm sure they will!!! Just keep pushing. I've been swimming ALOT! Seems to help (:
  8. krysten.warren

    Arm pits and 'back t!ts'

    Pretty sure these are what you're talking about? Mine have gone down a lot! I'm down 53lbs and 9 weeks out. The one on the right was taken last week!
  9. krysten.warren

    9 wks out!

    As of today I'm down 53lbs!
  10. krysten.warren

    9 wks out!

    Thank you so much everyone! Was so pleased with my progress I had to share(:
  11. I am almost 2 months out and I'll have a sip or two of a diet coke.. Prob shouldn't but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything! Also prob about 3 weeks after surgery I started drinking the sparkling flavored water. The carbonation has not Affected me!
  12. krysten.warren


    21 lbs and I'll be out of the 200s!!! Too stoked. Let's do this!!!
  13. I don't see a video but I want to see your closet so bad!
  14. krysten.warren


    I am so sorry! I hope you get it taken care of! Working out is the best thing for me(: I'm down officially 50lbs since yesterday. Feels SO GOOD!!! we rock
  15. krysten.warren


    Cindy! Arlington tx here (: I actually went out there for vacation a year or so ago! Loved visiting
  16. krysten.warren


    My goal is 150. I don't want to be so small that I look like all bones haha! Yes we're awesome so close!!! We got this what is your over all goal??!
  17. krysten.warren


    I had my surgery December 16th. Starting weight was 267! Day of surgery weight was 257. Sooo happy!!! And yes lots of diets have done me that way as well but not anymore! WE GOT THIS let me know when you hit the 199 mark!!!!!!
  18. Man I'm seven weeks out and caught the flu. I'm having the hardest time getting liquids in even worse i have absolutely no desire to put food in my mouth. This is just terrible! Prayers needed that I get better soon. Thanks guys!
  19. krysten.warren

    Caught the flu

    Thank you everyone I really appreciate it. Got in contact with my dr and may have to get an IV ): not looking forward to it. Feeling a smidge better due to the tama flu. Works wonders. Can't wait To be better so I can start taking care of my sleeve again
  20. Grilled chicken salad. I did not think this was possible but I ate slow chewed slow and stopped after 30 minutes.. I'm 7 weeks out. Is that okay?? I was eating out with my boyfriend so had no way of measuring it!!!
  21. krysten.warren

    Uhm... Ate half of a

    I really don't know haha I'm terrified to stretch out my pouch.. But I did not feel overly full or anything. Plus salad is healthy so I suppose it is! Never thought I would be able to eat that much one sitting ever again haha (:
  22. krysten.warren

    after surgery

    I did a lot of walking but I also found riding along in the car with my seat leaned back and my feet up on the dash board helped shake it all up lol really helped me.
  23. I'm 4 weeks out today and my plan says I'm allowed to have soft flakey fish.. Would grilled shrimp be in that category as well? I'm going to a work lunch in and trying to figure out my options (:
  24. Everyday!!!! I'm a month out and been having money and relationship issues.. It's rough. I find myself thinking about places I want to stop and eat at on my way home from work and remember oops I can't have that!! ): deff not fun. I guess I'm not really coping with it as well as I though haha but working out has deff helped a lot!

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