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  1. I agree about the tape measure. Because although I seeing the pounds drop on the scale I can’t see it in my body yet. So I measured and found that I had lost inches everywhere as well. I purchased the Rephno tape measure. It’s great because it digital so it’s easy for me to measure everywhere by myself.
  2. I had this same issue. What got me through was the chicken Bouillon with added protein that i purchased from bariatricpal store. The sodium is high but I needed a break from everything sweet and it had the required protein. you could try getting an unflavored protein and add it to a low sodium bone broth. It may be enough to get you through.
  3. LalaTaylor

    Back to regular lip

    From the album: Lucretia

    After steroids and Benadryl my lip returned to normal after about 24 hours

    © 2022

  4. LalaTaylor


    My allergic reaction to either a blood pressure medication or the surgical tape!! It kept swelling and swelling until it was triple the size!! Took Benadryl and a shot of steroids to get rid of it. I’m all better now!!
  5. LalaTaylor

    My lip2

    From the album: Lucretia

    The second stage of swelling

    © 2022

  6. From the album: Lucretia

    My lip

    © 2022

  7. Hey friends. My surgery was February 14, 2022 at 2 pm. My surgery was textbook. No issues for my surgeon. I was in my room by 6 pm that evening. Now what happened after that is a much longer story. If anyone wants to hear it I will be happy to share. I wish everyone else a happy and healthy time as we do this thing!!
  8. Hey Feb Buddies. I am 48 hours away from surgery and I think I’m ready. I’m just nervous. I think I’m nervous about the surgery itself - like the anesthesia, waking up and the post op pain. In the last 72 hours I have had cravings for foods. I think it’s about the very limited diet for the last 12 days. Has anyone else experienced that? Other than the diet and the packing I’m not sure what else I should be doing. Any advice? How are you or did you get ready? What did you do to pump yourself up for surgery? Any advice is appreciated!! Lala
  9. Hi. I am having my gastric bypass on the same day 12/22/21 in Stuart Florida. Do you realize our date is a palindrome kinda. Anyway. I wish you well. I’m struggling to get my insurance company to approve my cardiac clearance testing because they say they don’t know why I’m having it even though my primary sent the referral explaining why and the cardiologist and sent in his notes. It is there requirement that I get the clearance for surgery but won’t approve it. I’m afraid I’m going to have to pay out of pocket in order to have it done in time for surgery. I’ve called multiple times spoke to multiple people but the same outcome. Any advice
  10. Hi. My surgery is scheduled for 12/22/21. I’m still going through the pre op clearances. I’m in Florida. But we can be friends any way
  11. So today was the first of six sessions of nutrition I have to attend in order for my insurance company to even consider paying for my surgery. This is just one of the many requirements as part of my pre-op hoops to jump through. I wasn't sure what to expect, but i thought I would be walking out with a menu plan already done. I wanted to go to the grocery store, buy it and be on my way to immediate weight loss. (Lol-whose dreaming?). Instead I walked out with a better understanding of how food fuels my body, and why I have struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I am thankful for this requirement because without the knowledge I don't know if WLS would have worked long-term. That is my experience thus far. What are the experiences of you? Lucretia
  12. LalaTaylor

    First Nutrition Counseling Session

    Hey girl, I will be your buddy. Everyone needs someone to talk to about this overwhelming process. I haven't been perfect pre-op. But I am not beating myself up about it. If I try to make every change overnight I will be right back where I started. This is a lifestyle change. I am focusing on portion control. I can't spend to much time focusing on what I can't have. That will drive me crazy. If someone has chips and I have a taste, I eat it. But I stop at one. Get the feeling out. I have even had an ice cream cone. A one time decision isn't why I gained all this weight. It is eating junk every day, every meal, and not moving at all. I am learning every day. I will get better and stronger and by surgery time, I will have so much information gathered and incorporated, I will find my own success. My weight loss goals have less to do with actual pounds and more about my knees not hurting anymore. Being able to walk up and down stairs regularly. I want to fit in my clothes. I want to go out dancing. I want to feel better in my skin. I want to take less medication. Hopefully none at all. In the end, I plan to define my success. I have a picture of myself from several years ago. I wasn't small by any means, but my smile was a little brighter. When I get there, I will define that as success. When I can fit in a certain pair of jeans, that's success. When I can wear my favorite heels without pain, that will be success. We are taking a huge step in the fight for our lives. However, we get there we have to be proud of making the effort. Some people never get the courage. L.
  13. LalaTaylor

    CT - Southeastern

    I live in West Haven. Hoping to get the sleeve end of November early December. I hope that we can actually get a group going. You can't get too much support going through the process.
  14. I am required to have 6 months of nutritional counseling. There is no specified amount, but I have to lose a little every month. Any weight gain, and I can be denied. I'm 2 months in. Planning for surgery end of November early December. I am using fitness pal with the goal so losing 1 lb. per week. It automatically adjusts the calorie intake based on my high protein low carb diet. I have managed to lose weight, some came from having a stomach bug, but I'll take it. I already feel the difference in my knees. I'm just taking it one step at a time. I didn't get this big overnight, and I'm not going to lose it overnight...until I get the surgery. Lol. I wish you well on your journey. Lucretia
  15. So I have my first visit with the doctor tomorrow. I've been on the road for 2 months and I go back and forth. I am hoping that this visit will help me remain focused. Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. LalaTaylor

    Psych Eval Sooner

    Congrats. I too am in school and have to think seriously what I am going to do that semester. I may just skip it because the pre and post op diet is probably going to take all my attention. On the other hand, I want to make sure that I don't get so consumed that I over do it. I still have approximately 6 months to go. I am so happy for you that it's going to happen so soon. You have to keep us up to date on your success.
  17. LalaTaylor

    Pre-op Diet Concern/Question

    I think that the actual scale should mean less than your ability to follow the program. Much of your success post op will be sticking to a high protein low carb lifestyle.if you give up now that may create problems for your future plans. As suggested before speak to your nut or dr. You may be "starving" your body too much, and so it is holding on to everything. Also see if you can get a read out on the details, like fat lbs. fat mass, water percentage etc. I wish you well and keep up the fight.
  18. LalaTaylor

    First doctors visit.

    So I had the appointment and I am extremely satisfied. What he lacks in bedside manner, he makes up for in knowledge and push to get it done right. I only had a few questions and he answered them thoroughly. The staff are the real workers in the process and they were all lovely. I think I will have surgery late November early December. So I have the next several months to get my act together.

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