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  1. Madelyne Bonthron

    Before and After Pics

    by the way u look amazing
  2. Madelyne Bonthron

    Feeling hungry

    I am 29 weeks and I feel like I am hungry again. I never felt hungry before I got preg. I also noticed I can eat more then before I got preg is this normal? And will that hungry feeling go away once baby is born. I am 1 yr post op
  3. Madelyne Bonthron

    Happy to find out I'm pregnant, but...

    Yes i was in your shoes. I was almost 7 months post op when i found out i am preg i am now 17 weeks along first Two months i was very weak and had alot of emesis ( vomit). So they put me on nausea medications and i focused on eating small meals and thankful my husband took over in the kitchen because i needed as much rest as possible by three month i final felt normal again. Now being four months i am doing great and back to normal so hope yours gets better too.
  4. Madelyne Bonthron

    2 1/2 Months Post Op And Pregnant

    Congrats and prayers for u and babies to be safe
  5. Madelyne Bonthron

    1.5 years out and 11 weeks pregnant

    So beautiful happy for u all. Prayers for all health babies. I know its selfish but i dont want to gain any weight but i know that is not realistic and i want what is best for the baby.
  6. Madelyne Bonthron

    Before and After Pics

    U are doing awesome i am 7 months out with total of 103 lbs gone i started at 330 but yes my weight loss is very slow now but its all good
  7. Madelyne Bonthron

    1.5 years out and 11 weeks pregnant

    You look amazing. I hope when i am that far along i look just as good
  8. Madelyne Bonthron

    Before and After Pics

    Look amazing how far out of surgery are u and how much weight u lose
  9. I have been exercising and using elliptical and tredmill which i am sure is okay but what abt situps? What is safe and for how long is it safe for
  10. I am only couple months preg and i now feel hungry i never felt hungry since my surgery 7 months ago. Which in return i ate to much and got sick and vomited everything so i know i need to learn how slow it down but is this normal to feel hungry with this pregnancy
  11. Madelyne Bonthron

    7 months postop and pregnant

    Very true. I am still trying to wrap my head around this all. As after i had my last son i had an iud that moved out of place and cause alot of trauma. Didnt think it was possible to get pregnant again. But i am very happy. By the way this makes number 6. I have four boys and one girl. So we will see soon what this lil one will be
  12. Madelyne Bonthron

    7 months postop and pregnant

    Thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch i am sure as i get further alone.
  13. We just found out today we are expecting. This was not planned but we are happy. My concerns are the babies health. Any advise would be very helpful. Also since i have lost 101lbs in those 7 months and now 229. Will i gain weight lose weight or stay the same?. This is not my first pregnancy but first after surgery and want to do whatever i for a healthy safe baby. Thank you in advance.
  14. I just found out i am pregnant today and this was not planned but we are happy. Whoever has gone through this please let me know how your pregnancy has gone for you and if any problem or any advise u can give. This is not my first child but is my first after sugery so i worry if the baby will get all nutrition she or he needs. Also i just lost 101 lbs. I original weight 330 lbs now 229. Since i still have more to loss will my body still loss weight or stay same or gain? Thank you in advance.
  15. Madelyne Bonthron

    Before and After Pics

    You look amazing what worked for u on losing the weight so fast