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  1. I called my doctor and asked to go back on the genetric Prozac.....within one day I no longer had an appetite, lost 2 pounds overnight, and my resriction is back!!! Insofar as the depresssion and anxiety go...well, no problem with depression yet! but the anxiety is an issue. Margo
  2. My doctor changed my anti-depressant from generic Prozac to Lexapro as I was really depressed with anxiety. The Lexapro has worked beautifully, BUT I have lost resriction, have a huge appetite and have gained 12 pounds in 9 weeks. I even had a fill two days prior to starting the Lexapro!! I don't know what to do....change meds, get another fill.....I can't believe the change. Anyone experience this with Lexapro or any other meds?? Thanks in advance. Margo
  3. Margo

    Chinese Food

    Can't eat any Chinese food, but everyone is different!!! I would not try it for the first time with the group instead I would give it a "trial" run prior to that. Good Luck and if you can eat it, have some for me!!!
  4. Love it!!! Good Luck to tomorrow and enjoy your new journey.
  5. Margo

    Ugh, ugh, ugh!!

    Alexandra, So sorry to hear about your husband, but so pleased that he is on the road to better health. I will say a prayer for him tonight! Alexandra, I would bet that your food "orgy" was nothing like it was pre-band days, right???!!! So, as the Italians say "forget 'bout it"!!! You have always been an inspriation to me, Alexandra.
  6. Margo

    In Honor of those who gave it all 5 years ago

    God bless the heros of 9/11.....those who died, those who survivored and those who are still suffering.
  7. I need some support guys...all of a sudden I "don't feel like a bandster". It's hard to explain. I think I feel this way because I am having "head hunger" and my "taste for things" seems to have come back. I am thinking about food too often (like in the pre-band days) and I hate it.... I know I need to focus on my protien, my water and my exercise to get my head back into the game!!! I need to be a bandster and play like one!!! Thanks for listening and letting me vent....
  8. Margo

    The Saddest Thing

    I believe that just because someone has a teaching degree, this does not make one a teacher!!! Case in point.....
  9. Margo

    Weigh too much for band?

    At my first consult with the doctor I was at 350 lbs. I TOLD him I wanted the band and nothing else! He is a major "pusher" of the by-pass, but I think he knew I meant business. On the day of surgery, after being on a pre-surgery diet, I was at 330 lbs. Today I am at 267 lbs.....feeling great and loving my band. So, making a long story short.....find a doctor who is band-friendly and talk with him/her about what you want. Good Luck!!!
  10. Wishing you the best of luck....you are a strong women, Vines.....
  11. Wow, you have been dealt alot....sorry...I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
  12. Margo

    trishs update on surgery

    Trish, Please take care and take plenty of time to heal.....I am sending extra prayers for you.
  13. Margo

    trishs update on surgery

    John, Please let Trish know that I am praying for her and give her a big hug from me....thanks.
  14. Margo

    3 years out

    Vera, You look just stunning!! What a great figure, girlfriend.....you should be very proud of your accomplish.
  15. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.....comments like these help keep me on track and keep going!! j.s. can't wait to shop with you!!!!!

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