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  1. RJ's beginning Thanks do much
  2. RJ's beginning Thanks do much
  3. I know for my self I am a 57 F, who has tried every diet in the book and failed. It took my health to jar me awake and the Dr telling me if I didn't loose it I would be dead in seven yrs. Some times I slip up like at two am this morning I woke up and got the lat peice of pepparoni pizza ate it cold sitting in the dark. But today I have made good food choices. We have to do our best to make good choices, if we mess up get back on the horse so to speak, don't give up and throw up your hands and say oh well I screwed up I might as well anything I want. No that's what we used to do what did we go thru such a drastic surgery if we'er going to give up so easily. I know personally for my self it was a hard desicion to make, and I know that I will enviably screw up and eat something I shouldn't eat but we are only human and we'er going to make mistakes. The sleeve can only help so far we have to make the best choices that we can make.
  4. weeziex2

    Funny moment. Lol

    I know I broke my tail bone in 1987, and I now have arthritis in my whole pelvic area. So I have problems sitting for long periods too, I have a gel coushion and I love it does help a little. I dread when all the padding is gone, but it'so worth it to get all thos weight off.
  5. weeziex2

    3 weeks post-op: Pizza and Pasta?!

    I used to not be able to eat just a bite of something sweet. I was like the chip commer ial where you can't just eat one lol. But since my surgery I am able to taste some things I used to love and they are so yuckie I don't want it. I broke down and made flourless peanut butter cookies with splend brown sugar they were pretty good. The peanuter butter is a protein, if you only eat one a day you should be ok. If any one wants the recipe let me know.
  6. Thanks RJ I have just recently come to terms about it this summer as I was sitting in the Physcologist office we talked about it, I never told my parents about it or anyone I just stuffed it down deep with food to comfort me and as a buffer against men noticing me. It has caused problems with my husband because after we had our children I lost iinterest in our sex life . He must really love me because he's never cheated on me. I finally told him and he was finally understanding about the situation and never pressures me any more I hope as the New Year progresses I will become more interested . I want to see about us going to a couples counseler to help us work thu it together.
  7. I leave behind the 69plus weight that I lost. The pain I endured from being mosleted when I was 7 yrs., old. I blamed my self amd punished myself, with food, if a man noticed me when I wad on a diet I would immediately start stuffing my mouthuntil I would regain everything I'd lost plus more. I now know and belive I was a innecent child who was violated in one of the worst ways possible by a family member . It was not my fault, I was not to blame so I go into this new year with a lighter heart and a new life and continued weight loss. Happy Year Everyone !!
  8. That's me I would prefer to share with family but no one orders what I want, and I hate to order a regular plate because I may eat off it one more time then have to throw it out. I only have a freezer over my fridge and it's allways full.
  9. Wow yall all look fabulous
  10. That was so sweet, I think having a place for our spouse's,significant others, family and friends too visit to talk out thier worrys.
  11. weeziex2


    If you are like me I always yoyoed,never keeping it off all ways dieting. We have to get a new mind set ad we go forward and rememder what got us to the point where we had no control over what we put in our mouths, and we had to to resort to drastic maeasures to get off the weight. I speak for myself in saying I don't want to eat the things I ate before surgery lots of things don't even sound good that I used to love to eat. I was a sweet ahoclic,I could eat a whole box of ho ho's or a bag of reeses peanutbutter cups by my self, now I don' even want them . When I go down the candy isle now nothing looks good anymore, I'm amazed at the change in me, but I love it . We made gold brick fudge for Christmas I didn't even want any of it and it's always been my favorite. I did lick the spoon one lick and it was horrible. Too sweet it was uckie so I made me some peanutbutter flour less sf cookies using sf brown sugar they were great.
  12. Sugery done he ordered a pizza to eat, I was eating chicken broth and jello for dinner and my Dr came in saw what he was eatting in front of me and started fussing at him, I told the Dr it was fine I wasn't hungry any way it didn't bother me at all before I would have been mad at him eatting thay in front of when I couldn't have any. It's still that way when I was only on liquids or cream of chicken soup, potatoe soups, now I can eat what ever I want to eat.
  13. This is true when you lose the weight fast others are going to notice especially people you havent seen in a while. I went to my Nurologist that I haden't seen since before my surgery in July he came out into the waiting room and said I'll be right back, while he was gone they called me back when he came into the room he couldn't belive it was me he told me how great I looked, and that hedid not recongize me in the waiting room. Made me feel really good, my family never tells me any thing about how I look. My husband has all ways been bad about sabatoging my diets in the past, buying things I loved but wasn't supposed to eat and I had 0 control. But now I could care less the day I had my
  14. weeziex2

    Questran post-sleeve

    I have the opposite problem I take a lot of meds that cause constipation. When I had my surgery my Dr., told me to use milk of mag, well I its not working for me anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions I' ve been tempted to take mag citrate like before my surgery.
  15. weeziex2

    alcoholic beverages

    I had a bout 1/4 of a very small glass of wine at Christmas and was fine. I was told by the Physcologist at my visit that I couldn't drink anymore after one glass that I would be passed out on the floor if I did. I belive if you eat something and wait the thirty min afterwards to drink it you should be ok just don't go crazy amd bing on it.
  16. The last time we ate at IHop I asked if I could havean omlete off the kids meal with a small bowl of fruit and our waitress was wonderfull about it. I still had to take over half of it all home.
  17. Hey Lipstick congrats on your weight loss, what a way to start the new year.
  18. weeziex2


    Congrats Bomb on your weight loss, can't wait untill I' m there.
  19. weeziex2

    Who? Me!? Never! ;-)

    I totally understand, I hate those pics., they never look good at least any I've ever taken.
  20. weeziex2

    Sports bra suggestions

    I used to be a 42dd, but as I've lost my weight my breast have shrunk. I need anew bras but I hate to buy them until I reach my goal weight. I have bought sports bras from walmart that work preety good.
  21. Are you drinking a lot of water, green tea, crystal light in between meals? Also are you taking all of your vitamins since you will have to take them fot the rest of your life. It's very important to take them, if you don't you could lose some hair.also try life water sobe brand it's my new soda to drink.
  22. Wow plays like world champs you look fantastic !
  23. I have to figure out how to do pics., as I am using my daughtwrs phone right now it's her pic that is on now, I''ll have my phone back on after the 3rd. Can someone tell me how too change out her pic for mine? I will post a before and one at 4 1/2 mos , if I csn figure it out.
  24. As long as you are staying on your program and drinking all your fluids you should be fine. As long as your Dr., says your ok just let their comments run off your back. Make sure you get a lot of your protein in to. I have family members that say oh you've lost so much weight and you don't eat anything at all, are you sure your eating enough, your goning to get sick. I just look at them and say I'm getting enough and tell them my stomach is the size of a banana now so I get enough to eat, snce I told them that they haven't metioned it again.
  25. weeziex2

    How bad is the nausea?

    I had the patch before surgery that lasted 3 days and they sent me home with 2 more, also I am on omparazole 40 mg cap once a day for 6mos.I never had any nausea at all I guess I was Blessed.Try drinking green tea with different flavors and use a tsp of honey to a cup of hot tea. It seems to help settle my stomach sometimes.

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