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  1. lissalv

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    I'm just thankful to get any broth down at all. The sleeve is seriously spasming when I try to drink things. Room temp is the best I've found so far. Any suggestions on juice that sat well for any of you?
  2. lissalv

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    Ha! I'm alive so I believe I should be happy about everything.
  3. lissalv

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    Just had surgery yesterday, I was in a large amount of pain last night. Now I have only 1 more hour until ice chips. I bet they taste amazing! Still unhappily gassy but been up walking around and took a shower. Thanks for all the support all!
  4. lissalv

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    I can't thank you all for the inspiring stories and how you've supported each other. Surgery is 4 days away for me (Thursday) and I have been able to be light hearted thanks to you all. Any suggestions on things you had wished you had gotten done before surgery (shaved legs, cut hair, more Water intake, more pooping!) that I can learn from? My want-tos are helping me get to the finish line (thanks Jencovi!) and not freak out too bad. Melissa
  5. lissalv

    February 2014 Mexico Sleevers!

    Lots of activity and plenty of people getting sleeved today. You are all in my thoughts! Hang in there and good luck on the losing bench. I'll join you soon!
  6. I agree with SoccerMomma. Cut off the hair and make the transformation. If it feels right, and helps to put you in the mindset to succeed, then make it happen.
  7. lissalv

    sleeve size

    I read that the size of the stomach is generally up to the surgeon (sometimes with patient input) and the size of the bougie selected for use in the operation. The bougie is not the size of the new stomach, just a tool that the surgeon uses to inflate the stomach and guide where the staples go during the procedure. Hope this helps some. Cheers!
  8. Hi Ericca, I'm still pre-op myself, but I have been doing quite a bit of reading on here and might give some suggestions. There are a lot of people who have said that their gas pain lasted a week or two after surgery. The main way to combat the pain has been to walk as tolerated, as well as a heating pad on the sore area. Don't forget to get in your liquids, as dehydration is a really big risk in the first couple of months. That will also cause pain/discomfort. Everyone that I've read on here assures that the pain does get better over time. Don't torture yourself though and make sure you take the medications on time for pain management. Hopefully someone else on the losing side can add to my comments. I am by no means an expert or a doctor. Best Wishes! Melissa
  9. lissalv

    looking for support in las vegas,nevada

    I am! Are you planning on getting surgery done locally?
  10. I will be having surgery in Mexico on 2/27/14. I did all of my research and I will be going with Dr. jaime Ponce de leon. I also contacted my insurance who informed me that they would cover complications. It is important to talk to your insurance company to clarify with them. Good Luck and Well Wishes!
  11. lissalv

    4 months post op pics

    You look fantastic! This is certainly a motivator for me. Thank you for sharing your progress!
  12. lissalv

    February 2014 Mexico Sleevers!

    I'm from Las Vegas, NV. It's a much closer jaunt for me, so I plan on driving down to San Diego with my husband. I can't believe that it's only a little over 4 weeks for me. Have you gotten his pre-op instructions yet? Melissa
  13. lissalv

    February 2014 Mexico Sleevers!

    Hi Solea78, I am also going with Dr. Ponce. I've heard many good things about him, and his coordinator Trish is awesome!! I'll be out there on the 27th. I hope to hear how your experience goes. Melissa
  14. lissalv

    February 2014 Mexico Sleevers!

    February 28th for me. Mi Doctor hospital with Dr. Jaime Ponce de Leon. I'm so excited!! Anyone else during that timeframe?
  15. lissalv

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    Hi LivingForGod! My surgery date is February 28th in Tijuana Mexico. I'll gladly be part of your support structure! It's such a huge change that I feel the more support, the better. Much Love!