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  1. jacileggs

    Pseudo tumor diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with pseudo tumour cerebri about five or six years ago. I felt humiliated because You know your fat when the eye doctor tells you to lose weight. It always worsened with my weight gain and improved with any losses. I am now 145 lbs at 5"3'. No more symptoms. It has completely resolved. I had gastric bypass jan 2013.
  2. jacileggs

    Alternative to NSAIDS?

    I was also given tramadol for post op pain relief.
  3. jacileggs

    What size do you think I might be wearing?

    I am almost 5'3" I weigh 147lbs. I wear between a size 3-7 depending on the brand.
  4. I dump occasionally. I'm grateful for it in a way. Makes me more vigilant about what i eat.
  5. jacileggs

    What did your breast's do?

    I didn't have big boobs for my size before. Went from a 40d to a 34b. I could probably roll em up and stuff em in my bra. The b cup is big. So sad. The weight loss have exaggerated my uneven size so I'm looking at a lift with implants to even things out.
  6. jacileggs

    Lying to feel better?!?

    I don't believe people are actually asking for our take on their fashion choices. They are asking how their body looks in general. And they have worked hard. So yes. I will tell them they look great. Because compared to how we looked before it's definitely true even if you don't approve of their outfit.
  7. I usually go with. "Yes thanks for noticing". If they ask questions I will answer or not. My choice.
  8. jacileggs

    Full Body Lift

    Appreciate everyone's input I am currently looking into plastics also and have a lot of questions.
  9. jacileggs

    Timeline for specific forum

    I agree. It would be much easier if only my type of surgery came up in timeline.
  10. My curiosity was killing me. So I went to the same store where my other pairs of pants were from. I can now comfortably fit the size 3. I honestly don't ever remember being so small. Even as a preteen when I tried unsuccessfully to fit my moms size 5's.
  11. I had gastric bypass. Highest weight was 250lbs aug 2013 Surgery weight was 210lbs jan 2014 Current weight 142 lbs. my weight leveled off by November 2014. I have slowly started to lose again as I have increased my walking. I have been approved for panni. Just waiting on a date.
  12. I was going through my summer clothes to see what fit and what I need to purchase for this year. I found my largest pair of capris from aug 2013 which I kept as a reminder of how big I was. I can now fit into one leg of them. They are a size 22. Today I am wearing a size 5 from the same store which are a bit too big. Love it!
  13. Wow. Amazing job! Your a hottie with a body as my teenage daughter would say.
  14. Congrats. You look great. Keep up the good work! Our stats Are similar. I was also 250 at 5"3' I am 15 months post op and down to 142. 2 elusive lbs from my goal. I'm in a size 5. Waiting for a date for my panni. I have found myself and love for myself again. Don't know where it went but I'm glad to have that love and confidence back again.
  15. jacileggs

    Always always cold

    @@bonnyr where in northern alberta? I live in lethbridge down south. I am 15 months post op. Still cold. But I've heard it can take a year or even two for our internal thermostats to readjust to our new weights.

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