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  1. I have Horizon BCBS of NJ, they required 3 months supervised, which can be bypassed by your PCP signing off that in three visits he weighed you, and what the weights were. I did go to a nutritoonist though because I felt I needed it. I had a hone sleep study done as well, and all of the routine pre op exams.
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    Weekly Weight Tracking

    Surgery date 9/9/14 @ 330lbs Week 1 317lbs (-13) Week 2 313lbs (-4) Week 3 303lbs (-10)
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    Sudden stabbing pain in Chest, help!

    I had esophageal spasms post op. Stabbing pain in my chest that I felt in my mid back. Go to the ER and let the check just to be safe, which is what I did. In my case it was a Charlie horse in the muscles of my esophagus.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hey all!! My surgery date was the 9th. I can completely relate to the gas. At this point for me it hasn't gone away, but I do find that I experience it most after a "meal" or drink. I have also noted that it is cruvial to SLOW DOWN when eating. If you don't you will feel like you have a knot in ur chest, that only burping and puking can cure. This part totally sucks, and it makes it hard to breathe hard to sit up, etc. I recommend buying a baby spoon to eat all ur meals. And what has worked for me is eating alone while doing something else that is distracting me. For exampke, my meals at work, while emailing etc, are splendid, but at home, while eating with my husband, have been horrible. I experienced esophageal spasms after surgery, especially when I returned home. It literally feels like an explosion in my stomach as the drink is pushed down. It's a horrible sharp pain that I felt deep into my mid back. If u look it up Web MD compares it to heart attack pain. At one point I did think I was totally going to die or sprang a leak. I went to the ER and all came out clear. After seeing my surgeon for my first post op he said it's basically like a Charlie horse in the musculature or ur esophagus and that it would go away with time. I must say it totally has since yesterday. I began feeling like myself again by day 5-6 post op. I will say that I felt totally weak, but tried at all costs to stay hydrated. I just got my Vitamins today so I will be starting on that first thing tomorrow. I had chronic heartburn pre op that i self medicated. Post op i have had none whats so ever. My stool was loose and this has continued. You will feel like ur regaining control of your bowels by day 456 or so. This might be TMI but as my bothers and sisters in the sleeve, it makes it all less scary when you know someone has been there. 17 lbs down so far. Hang in there guys!! You can do this!!
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    sept 9 sleever

    Hey I was also sleeved 9/9. Hope recovery is going well for you!
  6. Recently married, and I didn't want to or tried not to take pictures on our honeymoon. My husband is fun loving and a kid a heart, so I surprised him with tickets to Universal Orlando when our cruise docked. It crushed me to know I couldnt go on any rides with him. "I'm playing the sidelines and warming the bench in my own life!" i thought. And that shoulnt be. I want to live, not just be present, but a tally LIVE! That did it for me. I'm tired of not living.
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    just got my date

    Hey all! I'm scheduled for 9/9
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    Surgery date 9/8

    Hey! I'm Nikki, surgery date is 9/9. I too have my appointment Wednesday. I'm curious to read the feedback for your thread. Thanks for posting!
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    New Jersey Sleevers?

    Hello all! I'm from North Jersey. Just had my first visit with my surgeon today and will be scheduling my screenings for the coming weeks. I was told my surgery will be this coming June/July. I'm nervous but excited at the same time to be going through with this. Any post op sleevers feel hungry with the liquid/shake diet? Or does the extreme hunger really subside?
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    My Journey

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