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    luvpenguins got a reaction from Lisa LoVuolo in spams in left shoulder blade area   
    This is going to sound strange but ever since the surgery I experience bad spams/pain in my left shoulder blade; happens mostly when I eat or drink; I talked to my surgeon about it & he said it's something to do with having to move my diaprahm during the surgery & a nerve? Anyway I was told to take the indigestiion meds prescribed; no nausea so far but this is driving me nuts!
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    luvpenguins got a reaction from FluffyChix in gastric sleeve consult yesterday   
    Hi, I went for the consult yesterday & was very pleased with bedside manner of doctor..have been going back & forth deciding about whether to have surgery for about 5 years now but have to do it, sick & tired of feeling like crap, having to look for extended sizes of clothes, etc...I'm just worried that I can't do the diet, having the restrictions, etc...and the biggest fear of hair loss! OMG, I'm a fanatic about my hair but hopefully it does grow back as I'm reading?? I hope the diet isn't too hard to follow, so used to just eating whatever I want!! I guess those days will be over too..appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!
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    luvpenguins got a reaction from Nancy E. in Barrett's Esophagus   
    I also just found out that I have Barret's esophagus & have been freaking out ever since as the doctor explained it's a PRE-malignant condition although most people don't get the "C" word; he wanted to do the bypass instead which I'm totally against since I don't that much weight to lose; it was meant for me to explore this surgery since I wouldn't have found out about the Barret's; I knew the sleeve wasn't meant to be so now I have to lose weight the old fashioned way, everything happens for a reason I guess.

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