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  1. Hello, I just put my deposit down and bought my plan ticket for surgery in Mexico for gastric sleeve in March 2014!!! I'm really excited! I did a bunch of research and landed on Dr. Lopez in Tijuana. I chose this route as my insurance doesn't cover these types of surgeries at all. $4,700 plus airfare and my passport renewal fee so right around $5,000. I'm a 35 year old recently divorced mom to a beautiful, funny, and smart 3 year old daughter. She is the reason I made it through this hellish year with the divorce. I have a career that keeps me very busy along with being a single mom. I'm getting a little cash settlement from the divorce that is paying for my surgery. Hey he was good for something, lol! No I shouldn't say that. He's a wonderful father. Not a good husband, but a great daddy. My current weight is 198 and I'm 5'5", BMI 33. I've struggled with weight my whole life and I'm just done with it. I know I have a lot of work to do in these next 3 months to prepare my self mentally and emotionally so I don't revert back to "eating my feelings". My divorce this year was rough and I put on 20 pounds. I gained 65 pounds during pregnancy and have had a tough time losing it. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I've got a bulging disc in my back and a tear in my shoulder muscle. Also suffer from anxiety. I'm in physical therapy and getting injections for the pain which is helping but losing this weight will really help me with my energy level and the pressure on my joints. I've told my sister and my best friend but I'm terrified to tell my mom. I know she'll just freak out and judge me. She works out all the time and she's prettty obsessed with eating healthy and staying active. I feel like she looks at me with disgust sometimes. I get that she's going to worry that it's in Mexico, that will take a lot educating her on my part, but it's the judgement that I'm worried about. "Why can't you just watch what you eat, why don't you go on a hike with me, blah blah blah." It's hard because before I had my daughter I was in great shape. I was about 145 pounds but that took a TON OF WORK! That was hitting the gym for an hour 5 nights a week and eating 1200 calories most days. I just don't see how I can do that now with a kid and everything else going on. Anyways, I'm super pumped to start this journey. First thing I want to start doing is being more active, but in baby steps. Not going balls to the walls at the gym for a week then hating it, or tagging along with my mother on an 8 mile hike. I'm talking walks with my daughter on the evenings and trips to the park on the weekend instead of sitting on the couch like a bump on a log. Where I live it's nice this time of year. I want to start living my life again!
  2. Well here I am 6 days post op! Got home from TJ yesterday. Today was my first day if feeling really week and blah. Been in bed pretty much all day. I was running around like crazy in TJ post surgery. We walked to the mall and around there and other little trips like that. Got up this morning and made my daughter, niece, and nephew pancakes and had a cup of Jello and felt like I had been run over. My sister is here with her kids for the weekend helping me so I just went back to bed. Also had horrible diahhrea today, first time that happened. Sorry TMI. Got on scale yesterday when we got home, down 5 pounds which doesn't surprise me being on liquids only. I've been drinking/eating full calorie Gatorade, jello, and broth to get some calories in me. Once I can start eating food I will change to all sugar free, zero cal drinks. Can't wait to start on full liquids tomorrow. pudding and Protein shakes yay! I definitely have the desire to eat but I'm not hungry. My body wants to eat for the energy and I'm just used to it! I almost took a bite of my kid's pancake out if habit! Wasn't thinking and put it to my mouth. Realized just before I ate it what I was doing. Still tender and sore where incisions are. Took bandages off so they can breathe now. Bought some Maderma for the scars. Have to wait until they are fully healed to use Maderma but that stuff works! I used it on a previous surgery scar on my stomach and it cleared up the scar in 3 months. That scar was much larger than these tiny incisions. Well I'm going to get up, shower, and take the kids on a short walk.
  3. MissCK

    March Sleevers in Tijuana!

    Update - at the San Diego airport super early. Boooooo. I was told to book my flight around 1 pm so I booked a 2pm to be safe and they picked us up at 8:15 am. The border took 30 minutes so a 4.5 hr wait at airport. Tried to get on earlier flight but no such luck. Feeling ok today but very tired. I did a lot of walking yesterday and had to wake up at 6 am so I'm exhausted.
  4. MissCK

    March Sleevers in Tijuana!

    New momma - I don't think they provide underwear. I didn't have that happen and I didn't hear it was am issue for anyone else I was in the hospital with. Maybe buy some cheap ones you can toss if it does happen.
  5. MissCK

    March Sleevers in Tijuana!

    Ok so I went in for surgery at 5pm. I was sooooo bored. We arrive at 7am. Doing good today. Have killer heart burn that kept me up. I brought Gaviscon because it's always worked miracles for bad heart burn. It didn't work so well last night. They gave prescrptim acid relief in my IV which worked! It's hard to get in and out of bed. That's the onlytime I feel pains from the incisions. I had Dr Lopez. I passed the leak test and haven't thrown up any fluids. Just talking them in slowly with tiny sips. They also have a saline IV in you at all times.
  6. MissCK

    March Sleevers in Tijuana!

    Hi everyone. I'm here at MI hospital waiting. And waiting. Going to go f'ing nuts. We got here at 7:30am and it's almost 1 and I want to pull my hair out. Nobody can tell me when I'm going. Had bloods and EKG, met everyone, in my room in the gown and compression socks on STARVING. Lol. Fuck me.
  7. MissCK

    March Sleevers in Tijuana!

    Hi! Please keep us posted & let us know how it goes. I am having mine done through Dr. Lopez on 3/7. I have 3 kids & I have had the same thoughts that you are having & I am getting really nervous. I just keep reminding myself that this is for my kids also. I need to be healthy so I can be around for them for a long time. Thanks! I will def post my experience here after I have my done. You are right, this is better for my daughter long term if it keeps me healthy and living longer!
  8. Bufflehead that was some excellent advise thank you!!! I'm going to tell my mom tomorrow. She is living with me right now as she is also going through a divorce (lol right???). She's on a backpacking trips this weekend but she'll be back tomorrow. I'm printing my materials and getting it all ready. Thank you again.

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