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  1. Sleeved on 12/23. I was on a break from my doctoral studies. I started back up on the 1st. I am having a hard time getting back in the swing of school. I assume it is residual anesthesia and healing. Did anyone delay school after sleeving? Not sure if I should take a break or knuckle through.
  2. Has anyone undergone a sleeve that has Hashimoto's thyroiditis? I have been diagnosed for 7years. Never fully under control. How did you weight loss journey go? I don't eat serious amounts of food and concerned weight loss will be marginal.
  3. Mama Spike

    Hypothyroid & sleeve

    I have a puny thyroid. On Synthroid 150mcg and Cytomel 25mcg. I have lost 45 lbs since 12/23. It has really slowed down the last month.
  4. Mama Spike


    I am 5 months out and have been eating sashimi for several months without problem. I am addicted to yellow tail!
  5. Mama Spike

    Easter Challenge

    194.8 In for Memorial Day. Goal is 189.
  6. I am out 9 weeks and down 35lbs. In the last month my hips have started bothering me walking and during sex. I never had issues preop and my activity is at the same level. Anyone else have postop ortho issues?
  7. Mama Spike

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    Surgery 12/23. Had some postop fatigue for 5 weeks but resolved. Getting in all my protein, water and vitamins but now having another round of fatigue. Drs. Office was no help. What's going on?
  8. Mama Spike

    Easter Challenge

    198.6. Onederland! Made it in spite of spending the week in the hospital with my mom.
  9. Mama Spike

    Easter Challenge

    202.8. Up 0.4
  10. Mama Spike

    Easter Challenge

    CW 202.4 GW 195
  11. Mama Spike

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    Are we doing a Easter challenge?
  12. Mama Spike

    Anyone not tell family?

    Only my husband knows. Didn't tell my kids or parents.
  13. Mama Spike

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    202.8. Didn't hit my goal of onderland.
  14. No but I am interested.
  15. Mama Spike

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    204.4. Down 2.2.
  16. Mama Spike

    Do you take PPI for life?

    I was only on it a month before my physician took me off it.
  17. Yes, gain weight or wear ankle weights to your appointments.
  18. Mama Spike

    help...I can't poop

    I like milk of magnesia and fiber gummies.
  19. Mama Spike

    Kinda gross question! Sorry

    I didn't have a problem but you can always not swallow. I am about 10weeks out.
  20. Mama Spike

    St. Patrick's Day Challenge

    206.8. Down 1.2
  21. Mama Spike

    Blurry vision?

    My anesthesiologist said the Scopolamine patch would make me blurry for a few days and it did.
  22. Mama Spike

    How long do you wait to drink after eating?

    30 minutes after the meal is my doctors order. Sometimes I take a few sips if I feel thirsty.
  23. Mama Spike

    Dry Lips

    Ok. The iron and more fluids did not help me. I am headed to the store today to try the avocado oil. Any other suggestions. They are starting to be bloody.
  24. Mama Spike

    Dry Lips

    I am about 8 weeks post-op. Getting in all my Protein, Vitamins and fluids. I am experiencing TERRIBLY dry lips. My skin is not especially dry. I am putting tons on different lip balms on without success. Any thoughts?

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