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    ABLOND reacted to reneeig in Lap band won't allow all of the fill   
    I was banded in July 2015 and have had a fill every month since then. The last two times I went in for a fill my band would not allow all of the Fluid and would give the Dr push back. I do not feel any real restriction and I am able to eat far larger portions than I should be able to with the band. Why is my band not allowing all of the fill? Anyone had something similar? I am worried that something is broke ????
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    ABLOND got a reaction from Clara Moretina in Just Curious about cc you were at for green zone.   
    I have 6 1/2 or 7 in my band (lost track)....but I don't recall how many fills it took to get me there. My first fill was 4ccs then after that it was 1-2 cc's each time....so with that I'd say 3 fills...now some doctors, or so I've read on here, are slow with the fills....1/2 cc or 1 cc tops per fill....all depends as you know...
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    ABLOND reacted to srahjean in Need a Pep Talk   
    My story is a long one, but if you want to read it on my blog http://shutthebitchu...e.blogspot.com/ (bit has changed, I'm 28 now, divorced, and happily in a relationship that is healthy)

    TL;DR version - Lost 85 lbs, (245lbs down to 160lbs) but now have gained 25lbs (186lbs)

    Recently have reduced my weight down to 177.

    I have not had very much liquid put into my band as of late. My doctor is super booked and its seems I can never get in and I am working constantly (paralegal). So without hardly any restriction, I packed on 25lbs. Now, through vigorous exercise and extreme dieting (minimal calories, veggies, chicken, eggs, repeat) I have lost 10 lbs of that.

    I have not been feeling myself lately. I hate the way I look and am terrified of gaining weight back. I seem to have gained it all right in my abdominal region, which makes it so many things do not fit correctly at all. My confidence is low, and I am so sick of dieting I could harpoon something.

    I know the end result will be worth it, and I need to go back in and get a fill, but I am struggling so hard right now. I would do anything to get down past 160 (my lowest) and hit 150 (my original pre-op goal) and I want to be 140 (over the moon, never going to happen goal).

    I feel hungry all the time. I eat good, healthy veggies, I cut out cheese, I make very good choices because the band taught me that, however, my willpower right now is struggling and I want to see lower numbers on that scale.

    Any tips or tricks you guys have to maximize your weight loss would be phenomenal right now. I need a pep talk

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    ABLOND reacted to Kellysue in I'm ready to use my band   
    Honestly I feel like I jumped in so quickly thinking this would be a magic fix. It wasn't. I don't really understand what restriction is. I do get food stuck ever so often so wouldn't that mean I have restriction? But I am constantly hungry
    What kind of dr do I see? There are no bariatric surgeons anywhere within 2 hours of me and to go see the on two hours from me requires $2500 for them to start seeing you for a Lapband they didn't do
    I think the place where I can get a full could help though.
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    ABLOND reacted to bridget77 in I Need Support - Had Lap Band in 2007   
    I got my lap band in 2007 and for a while I was using it and went from 340 pounds to 240 pounds. However shortly after getting the band I got into an abusive relationship that caused me a lot of stress. In 2011 I stopped going to the doctor entirely and I have been overeating ever since. I am back up to almost 300 pounds, which is only 40 pounds less than my highest weight pre-surgery.
    I am now divorced and I know I need to be accountable and go back to see a doctor. I have moved since the surgery and wonder if I should drive the few hours to see my initial surgeon in order to get a referral to a surgeon/doctor in my new town? Also if I have stretched out my pouch is there any hope for me? Or will I have to get a revised surgery? I didn't follow any of the post-surgery recommendations for the past few years. Is all hope lost? I could really use support and advise right now. Thanks.
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    ABLOND reacted to B-52 in I'm not losing any weight and trying so hard!   
    Sounds like something everybody goes through when they are just starting out....I know I did, and was very frustrated to say the least....felt like it was a waste of time.....
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    ABLOND reacted to JustWatchMe in On fence about another fill   
    What I have done. My last few fills were 0.01 each. Now I think it's perfect. For now. I've been at perfect a few times for awhile. I'm still losing so I expect it to change over time.
    Pro tip: the tightest part of my day is first thing in the morning. If I can swallow two Tylenol arthritis caplets with a sip of Water, I am happy that I am not too tight.I actually do that during my fill under fluoroscopy as well.
    Here's what jumped out at me from your post. You should not be eating until you feel like you can't eat any more. You've already eaten too much then. What works for me, is to slow it down a lot. As you approach finishing one cup of food, ask yourself with each bite: Am I satisfied? Is it possible that the next bite might make me feel full? Be honest with your answers. This is difficult to do for people who love food. But if either answer is yes, stop. Physically get up, walk away, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, come back, sit down, wait for a minute. Timing is everything. It takes time for those signals that you ate to reach your brain. It doesn't take long. Two or three minutes at most. Once that happens, and you are no longer starving, you can make this decision objectively.
    Good luck. The band is now working for you. Now we need to work with the band. This is the tricky part.It truly does give us our signals. We just need to learn to listen to them. And then to actually obey them.
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    ABLOND reacted to Julie norton in On fence about another fill   
    Perhaps a very small fill? I truly believe overfills cause many problems...
    You sound like you are close to where you need to be...
    Please ask the doc ... And trust yourself to not overdo the fill.. You can go back later.
    Many of us have been on both sides of too little and too much... Gotta be just right and it works well!
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    ABLOND reacted to ChristineZ in One year April 11th!   
    I've had my band a little over a year. I went and got a fill yesterday cause I was clearly eating to much. It's tight now and I have to chew really really good. I hope it isn't to tight. I hope I just need to chew better. When I chew really well it goes ok. My chest is kinda sore from me throwing up cause I didn't chew good enough. But I just got it yesterday and I can fill the tightness. Anyone else feel that?
    Well here is my photos from a year!
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    ABLOND reacted to Sharpie in Not quite what I expected   
    when I went to my Dr he explained that the lapband is not a quick way to lose. It is slow. I also like you did not have a super high bmi, I needed to lose about 75 lbs. It has taken me 2 years of eating by the rules slow, chewing and Protein first however it was steady and I am healthier by taking it slowly. I do not feel deprived, don't have any dumping problems or hair loss. average loss 1-2 lbs a week is normal. My Dr. was also conservative with fills, you do not want to get too tight, that will defeat the purpose . The difference between having the band and just going on a diet such as weight watchers, etc. is in two years I Have not re-gained even a lb. Stay with it and focus on Protein and start walking or moving to get exercise . It will work but you have to be patient.
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    ABLOND reacted to funky_monkey800 in Wow what a change!   
    Well I finally had another fill almost two weeks ago, and I may be exactly where I need to be.
    This last fill really changed everything.
    Before the fill I could eat steady as long as I ate slow enough.
    Now things have changed.....a lot!
    No huge gulps of Water. Or anything for that matter! And warm drinks are way more agreeable with my band than cold.
    Eating so much slower. Still trying to figure this one out. Seems like I eat too fast....occasional burps!
    Hiccups are my new warning bell. It means I am full. My gut knows it, but it has to chime in so my head gets it.
    No meals till mid day, and what I can eat from day to day varies like the weather.
    This road is different and challenging, just as expected.....and I love it!
    I am so glad I took the road to WLS. I have never really listened to my body until now!
    Anyways, I just thought I would share what's going on with my band.
    Does anyone else have similar experiences?
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    ABLOND reacted to laizaone1 in Discomort after fill and hunger Pains   
    Hey Fellow banded friends,
    I have a question?
    I just had a fill on 03/17/2015 and it was a huge fill. 5CC. I feel fine...Im eating less food, not hungry at all, and not feeling too tight. Thank God. But every time I drink Water I have this discomfort that I feel. I am not in pain at all. I can eat and food goes down okay. No vomiting at all. I eat slowly and hear for the burb and I know I'm done. It's just this discomfort.
    I also get hunger pains, my stomach starts to hurt like if I am hungry, but I don't want to eat. I still feel full and not hungry.
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    ABLOND reacted to Susie Taake in My Lap Band Journey   
    @@ABLONDThat would be my spleen, as of right now the surgeon doesn't think it needs to come out. Yes its damaged but they dont think the scar tissue is harmful I guess or affecting it. But scar tissue can cause pain. But I am trying to find answers to this pain and problems I am having. I am suspecting gastroperesis, with vagus nerve damage. And thank you
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    ABLOND reacted to hockeymother in TOM restriction? Is it true?   
    I Didn't believe that the TOM could cause restriction, but I'm starting to see a pattern. I get stuck every time my monthly just about to start. I thought this was an old wives tale but I'm beginning to think it's true. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    ABLOND got a reaction from Susie Taake in My Lap Band Journey   
    Sorry to hear of your trouble...may I ask what the picture you attached, is of?
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    ABLOND reacted to tisty21 in Can my band slip even though it's not filled?   
    I'm a week away from getting my first fill and for about two days I have had some nausea but nothing major and haven't thrown up. I've wanted to though. I know the chance of a slip is rare as it is but could it be possible to happen even before my first fill? Just need some advice to rest my mind until I see the doctor.
    I've also noticed my appetite has increased over the past couple of weeks, is that normal too?
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    ABLOND reacted to toothfairy86 in I need some input...Am I too tight?   
    I finally went to my surgeon yesterday and had .75 cc taken out of the band. What a difference. The cough disappeared and I am no longer vomitting. My only concern is I am able to take in more food . Just afraid of ganing weight but I'd rather have this feeling rather than not sleeping and throwing up...
    Just have to move more, eat less.....:-)
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    ABLOND reacted to jennylaru in Tight band in the morning - what to eat   
    When I was banded I had this problem a lot in the morning. I found that hot tea helped, I'd sip it slow and let my band "warm up". Sometimes it took a couple of hours
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    ABLOND reacted to Kitt3000 in Tight band in the morning - what to eat   
    I found myself sabotaging myself also. But then, I was having trouble seeing a thinner me. The weight gain in part, was to be invisible , and I just was not ready for all the attention that loosing weight was creating. Crazy huh? I'm a bit of an introvert, it's sort of like learning to swim, take a big gasping breath of air, then plunge head first back in the water!
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    ABLOND reacted to Stevehud in Endoscopy -- what to expect   
    it all depends how you deal with the sedatives. Some people are literally ok less than an hour later or almost fine coming out of the procedure. others take much longer. I did mine withno Sedatives at all...DONT DO THAT, unless you like gagging retching and burping on end while having a tube stuffed down your throat and saliva pour out of your mouth like a waterfall. its quite , fun. NOT. lol Good luck.
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    ABLOND reacted to violetsmum in band slip/dilated esophagus   
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    ABLOND got a reaction from toothfairy86 in I need some input...Am I too tight?   
    it would be my guess that you are too tight...keep the appointment with your surgeon...
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    ABLOND got a reaction from PuraVida37 in I screwed up   
    You're right. You've done it before and you CAN do it again. Get to it!!! Lol
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    ABLOND got a reaction from PuraVida37 in I screwed up   
    You're right. You've done it before and you CAN do it again. Get to it!!! Lol
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    ABLOND reacted to jmarie_isme in Belly Flap Blues...   
    I have lost 110lbs... I am 50 lbs from my goal so I am not ready for a tummy tuck...yet. But my issue has been... nothing I do has reduced the density of my belly fat. I would be happy to see loose skin at this point. To fit a pair of pants properly, I have to buy a size bigger than what works for my legs =(. In itself not a problem, beside looking like a diaper. Lol. So dresses are best right now.
    Does anyone have suggestions for how to reduce the dreaded belly flap?

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