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  1. CrazyJaney

    Franklin - Columbia, Tn

    Me!!!! I'm preop. Who is your surgeon?????
  2. CrazyJaney

    Franklin - Columbia, Tn

    Me!!!! I'm preop. Who is your surgeon???
  3. CrazyJaney

    Anyone 5'6 And 300 Lbs When They Started?

    I know this an old thread but I'm curious how you are all doing. I'm preop and have similar dimensions. Would love an update!
  4. CrazyJaney

    My Story in Pictures

    I loved it! You shine brightly!!!
  5. I'm just preop but I only do well if I enter every, single morsel that passes my lips into My Fitness Pal. It's the best tool I've ever used. I even ate a cupcake today (not gonna happen after surgery) but I counted it. I took responsibility for it. If I hadn't, I might have added a brownie or some chips that were sitting there too (at a baby shower). I also pre-measure everything I eat at home and enter it into MFP. I bought a scale from amazon and I've been weighing everything. It's time consuming but it's helped so much. I've lost 14 pounds doing this. I need the sleeve though, to help me do this consistently. I'm averaging 1200-1500 calories. I know I need less. Hunger is hard. I'm hoping the sleeve helps with calorie restriction. All of these tools come together and hopefully equal success. I can see if you remove one tool, you can fall apart. I'm just a newbie but I'm just so thankful for everything I've learned from the vets! So much support and knowledge here.
  6. CrazyJaney

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    Hey there. I'm a nurse manager. What happens when a nurse has surgery (at least at my hospital) when they don't qualify for FMLA is, they get an approved medical leave (usually no more than 30 days, or 6 weeks). If you have PTO, you have to use it, but even if you run out, your position is protected. You'd be in a bind if you had complications, possibly, although HR has extended leaves when the person is expected to come back relatively quickly. But it seems like most people are out only a few weeks. I won't let a nurse work on lifting restrictions unless they are 30 pounds or more because the natural inclination is to overdo. Might want to find out ahead what your surgeon would expect.
  7. Clap-clap-clap!!!!! I'm using this later. Awesome!
  8. Oh, honey - you are so not alone. I'm right there with you. I heard my surgeon (I'm still preop) speak at a Cardiology Conference to a huge room full of Physicians. I had no idea that there would be a presentation on WLS. At that time (2 years ago) I had a negative view of the RNY and hadn't heard about the sleeve. He presented HARD data about the success rate of WLS, CURE to comorbidities, and extremely low complication rate. It was overwhelming data. He said "obesity is much more complex than what science can understand, it's not just about diet and exercise and will power. If it was simple, we would not have an epidemic. This is a disease and has a treatment that is successful". I was sold. Still, there are many in the medical community that aren't 100% sold. Change takes time. I've finally gotten to a place where I'm able to see this really happen. I've chosen not to tell many for the simple reasons you stated. I don't need their negativity. This is a life changing opportunity. It's a life SAVING opportunity. I refuse to let others opinions hold me back. I've done every diet out there. The most I've ever lost is about 40 pounds. Usually gaining extra once the diet was done. My high weight was 325. My current is 313. Not a day goes by that I'm not in pain. No Pain, No Gain is a fallacy -unless you want to end up having surgery sooner, rather than later. I am right there with you. But no one is going to hold me back because of their fear or issues. Not this time. Very few people can have true empathy. That's the great thing about this site. I feel like it's really the only place people could understand me. Best of luck to both of us - we can do this!!!!!
  9. Not untrue but definitely condescending. Condescending = Not Helpful. Shame and judgement not appropriate here.
  10. CrazyJaney

    Artificial sweetners

    What's wrong with Truvia? I'm not well educated on this but it's so helpful to put just a drop in Greek yogurt. I thought it was better than some of the others. Does it cause dumping?
  11. CrazyJaney

    How bad is the nausea?

    I'm Pre-op too and have a history of severe nausea post-op, from narcotics and also get sea-sick, car-sick, air-sick. My last two surgeries (Gyn stuff and then my Gall-bladder) they gave me Decadron which is a steroid. IT IS A MIRACLE drug for nausea. I am not sure if they will let me have it this time though because I know they don't like you to have steroids (for healing purposes). I usually stop narcotics ASAP and go to Extra Strength Tylenol - but do they make that in liquid for post op??? I have also needed Zofran for a few days after. Im worried but it's good to know that several had little problem with it. I can't imagine vomiting after surgery on your stomach. I've had the patch, reglan, pepcid pre-op too but the only thing that really works in Decadron (and it doesn't make you sleepy which means you can recover quicker). Fingers crossed I will get a CRNA who agrees to it!
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    From the album: The Before's

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    From the album: The Before's

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    Picture 072

    From the album: The Before's

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    FAll 2006

    From the album: The Before's

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