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  1. So perfectly said. ????
  2. I still have plain water nausea 10 months out. Only tricks I know are: hot tea or artificially sweetened tea sit better, and if I eat a small amount when drinking (piece of jerky or cheese) I don't feel the nausea as much. Very frustrating. I loved water preop.
  3. CrazyJaney

    :::TMI::: Ladies chime in

    I think age plays a huge part in this. I'm just heading into menopause. Everything has changed. It was probably going to change anyway. Definitely less libido, less periods, less acne, more wrinkles (in places I didn't know would wrinkle), dry as a chip.... But I'm not so sure that wouldn't have happened anyway, sooner or later. Periods were already irregular preop. I'm 46. But, 115 pounds lighter in 8 months? It's all worth it!
  4. CrazyJaney

    Merry xmas everyone

    Merry Christmas! We have much to be thankful for!
  5. CrazyJaney

    NSV shout outs

    Every little victory is awesome but I really, honestly, (swear to God HONESTLY) get sick of the shock and awe. Just be happy for me, say I look nice and MOVE ON! It's more about how I feel than how I look (most days anyway). On a side note.... NSV of the day: wearing a pair of trouser pants to work that I knew were lose but having to use some stockingnet (I work in medical field - this is the sleeve that goes under a cast) to rig up a belt because my pants were literally falling down. About to say goodbye to size 16 I hope!
  6. CrazyJaney

    Before and After Pics

    first 5K today! Walked all except 1 block (ran across finish line). Next time I run more than I walk. So much fun!
  7. CrazyJaney

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    I wish I was as close as y'all! I'm actually a March sleever and started at 325 so I had a lot to accomplish. I'm down 114 pounds bouncing between 211-212. I was stalled for 6 weeks during sep/oct but then dropped 9 in a few weeks in Nov doing absolutely the same things I'd done during tge stall. Crazy how that works. My original goal was 165. My face is looking so gaunt and the skin is bad, especially my neck. I have a freaking GOOZZEL! Maybe 165 is too low? I adjusted my official goal to 180 but I guess I'll see how it plays out over next 6-8 months. Still working the program. Just shocking how much skin and how gaunt my face looks. I Feel great though and that's more important. Not sure what the end point is.
  8. Jingle Bell 5K next Saturday! I'm not ready but gonna do it anyway.
  9. CrazyJaney

    First Thanksgiving post sleeve...

    Mine looked the same way. It's my first Thanksgiving too. Strange not to have seconds and even stranger was that I was so stuffed with so little. Happy Day!
  10. CrazyJaney

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    I'm 5'6, started at 325 (more like 335 but that was undocumented). I'm almost 8 months out and at 217-219. Need to lose 40-60 more. Feel awesome though!!
  11. CrazyJaney

    Best and worst "compliments"

    Bosses aren't suppose to make comments like that. Talk to HR if it persists. Some people won't pass up am opportunity to make you feel "weak". I'm almost 8 months post and down 108. You keep your head up high. Don't let anyone put doubts in your way! You're gonna do fab!
  12. CrazyJaney

    NSV shout outs

    New NSV's at 7.5 months: Halloween - I led the pack instead if the rear. I had those kids charged up and we forged ahead. I was always the mom at the back wishing we would skip a street and go home. This year, I was the mom who could have kept going. Scrub shopping - preop I weighed 325 and was wearing 4X pants because even though 3X fit, they were snug. So 4x was big but it's what I wore. I rarely wear scrubs to work and had a pair of 2X from a long time ago that I could wear if needed. But I wanted some for the busy winter months. I went to the scrub shop and asked for 2X. I was about to check out And the owner said "I think you should try these on, they might be too big". I secretly thought he REALLY meant he was afraid they were too small because my head can't trust others good opinion of me. So I tried on a XL. Fit. Maybe even a little too big. I almost fell over. He said "I didn't think those would fit you". My brain has a hard time figuring out clothing sizes now. It's a strange thing. Painting - shimming up the ladder to paint my house. No way I'd climb a ladder at 325. I don't love heights but I can do it now. Den has a fresh coat of much needed paint. Hallway and foyer are next. Life is good!
  13. CrazyJaney

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    I had major hair loss in month 3,4,5 but has stopped (thankfully). Lots of new regrowth. I was worried it would never stop. I took Bioten starting 2 month pre op and continue today.
  14. OA is overeaters anonymous. I don't go to meetings but some of the principles in a 12 step program are so very helpful. I did a ton of soul searching preop. I basically got down to the deep and dirty of just how, a seemingly intelligent person can get to 325+ pounds. Obesity and chemical dependency are rampant in my family. I really had to examine the why's. I highly encourage a 6 month preop phase for this alone. I was suppose to only do a 3 month one but had a scheduling snafu that moved it out 6 months. That was a blessing in disguise. I was very impatient too. My preop diet was basically the same as post op except I are about 1600 Cals a day. I also went on BP meds with a diuretic at the same time. That probably helped with the preop weight loss. I was in rough shape preop. Just miserable. 28 pounds felt good but not as awesome as 103. Any weight loss before is beneficial. I didn't do perfect though. I had plenty of good funerals throughout, which in hindsight were unnecessary. I can eat almost anything. But cravings are seriously diminished now. I'm one of the lucky ones who have far less physical hunger post op. I still get hungry but sooooo much easier to handle. I no longer feel panicked when hungry. I am perimenapaisal do that is some of the hormone issues. Most women our age have some issues with hormones due to estrogen storage in fat cells. Not all of my issues are weight loss related and I'm sure it's very individual on the changes that occur. Ask away! Personal message me with questions. Very glad to help. I could never have gotten through without this site!
  15. Gosh - I don't think my journey is all that different than most of the successful people here. If I sit and reflect on it, probably the NUMBER ONE thing that has made a difference is I surrendered my ego about food and my ability to control it without "help". I don't go to OA and have not worked with a couselor BUT I have done a ton of reading and soul searching and spent a TON of time on this webstie preop and post op. The only way to go into this successfully (in my opinion) to to be "all in". The emotional side matters. Like everyone else, I have had some success with diets but not long standing. I could minimize my obesity with all kinds of rationales. It took some life changing events in my marriage and my own deterioration of my health at 45 to take this head on. Failure at 45 is not an option. I have a disabled husband and two kids (16 and 9 years old). I have NO OTHER option but success. SO, in knowing that, I invested my everything into this. I looked at how others were successful and followed suit. I am NOT perfect but I am consistent and accountable. The way to win this: 1) Track everything - even on bad days. This is my #1. Without it, I fail. I also weight EVERY DAY. You will see some very succesful people being against this. It is data/feedback that I need to know where I am. It's like checking in with myself. The stalls are tough when you weigh every day. But the succes is SWEET! I know what I am doing every day works. I have emotionally embraced the stalls - to understand that they are normal and a way for your body to adjust. I didn't get to that place emotionally until recently but I think I am fnally at peace with knowing the scale won't always move. 2) Protein first, every meal. Total of 60-80 grams a protein every day. It's all about choices. 3) Carbs. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I have surrendered my powerlessness over pizza. Truly it is a trigger food. I have fallen off the wagon post op with pizza. But I have identified it and turned it around - in part because of tracking. Try to average about 50 carbs or less a day. There are different schools of thought on carbs. At least once a week I DONT track or care about carbs and I think it help reset me metabolism. By carbs - I don't mean sugar. Sugar is reserved for small BITES (and I mean only bites) of Desserts on special occassions. CARBS are my downfall and I have to respect that weakness. 4) Portion control is hugely important. I meansured and weighed everything in the beginning. Still do to some degree. Tracking and portion control are RETRAINING tools - your brain HAS got to learn what real portion sizes are. 300 pound brains DO NOT understand portions - we just don't. Brain has got to be retrained. IT's not as hard as it sounds. The sleeve makes portion size much easier to handle. 5) Stay active. Like anyone who has been obese most of their life, my body had been abused. It's HARD to become addicted to exercise. I am not there yet. My body feels great, until my joints start to remind me that I have abused the hell out of them. But - and I highly recommend - Water aerobics helped me lose weight pre op and in the first few months post op. I have graduated to speed walking and machine weights and I am struglling with an ankle injury now. BUT - at 222.0 pounds, activites of daily living are monumentally easier, thus I stay active. For example, I park farther away in parking lots, I don't avoid walking, I can manage a full day of activity without exhaustion. I have a teenager in marching band - we travel for contests and go to all the football games. I was miserable last fall at 300+ pounds trying to keep up with all that. This year, I have been sooooo involved and active and right in the middle of it - Activity is the way you keep this off - even the little stuff matters. I use a Fitbit. It's also important "data" that keeps me honest. 6) Keep calories low. I didn't believe I could live on 800-1200 calories a day. But I do. Average about 1000 calories a day now but some days are 800. I am very satiated if I eat well. I rarely ever feel like I am sacrificing or being restricted. I eat a little of everything with protein at every meal. I guess those are my keys to success. IT's DATA that keeps me focused and honest. Much like others who post on here - data keeps them focused and honest. I stay involved with this community to keep myself reminded that this is a long term, "forever" fight and does not just end at a goal. Recently, at almost 6 months post, I went home to MI for a family event. I didn't track. I ate carbs of all kinds. I gained 6 pounds in a week. Granted some of that was because I was about to have my first period in 5 months - but - it was a huge wake up call for how "new normal" works. New normal means I can't look away from this. The good news is, I had a period, I immediately identified the cause, I started tracking every morsel, and it fell off in a few days. I have the tools to be successful. I can eat ANYTHING I want but how much is up to me. My BMI is about 35-36 right now. I still have 50-60 pounds to be at a "goal" of 155-165. I am very pear shaped so my upper body looks "goalish" right now but my legs have a way to go. I have lymphedema of both legs so I have swelling that is tricky to get rid of. My legs will never be normal. Even at goal. So I don't really know where this ends. It doesn't end in me in a bikini at 47 - I do know that. I know the end will definitly involve an appointment in a plastic surgeons office - I hope! Regardless, I am certainly on track to better health. Good luck to you! I appleciate the opportunity to reflect. Every few months I have to sit down and process this. I feel so incredibly blessed to do so!
  16. I started Bioten about 3 months preop. I lost a ton of hair in post op month 3, 4, and 5. I have taken the Bioten all along. I added Fish Oil in about month 2 post op because my skin and hair had become so dry. Now, at 6 months post, skin and hair are recovery nicely. I still take both though. I had very thick hair to begin with, thought I was prepared for hair loss, but it was still shocking. Glad it seems to have passed. It's been worth every lost hair (and that's a lot). As far as Bioten goes, I do the highest strength (10,000 I think). I don't know what the dose is for Fish Oil, but I just take one at night.
  17. CrazyJaney

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    You have such a great point! I've lost 101 with 55-60 to go. I fit in 18 Curvy jeans so I bought 18 curvy, trouser pants at Lane B. Wore them twice and they are falling off. Size 16 in that style fits better. I have walked out of Kohls twice without trying on and had to take back because stiff is too big. Good problems to have but I totally agree you have to take time to try on. Also, try the next size down just to be sure it doesn't fit. My brain is having a hard time thinking it can wear regular tops/jackets. I keep picking XL and they are too big.
  18. CrazyJaney

    Need your Help/Advice - 5 months post Op

    Docs advice needed for sure. As a nurse, I would think it could be: anemia (iron), low potassium, chronic dehydration, or about 10 other things! Get checked out soon! Hope you feel better soon!
  19. CrazyJaney

    Question on Weightloss

    I'm 5'6 and started out at 325 (297 day if surgery). I am 6 months out and have lost a total of 101. I wrote all this down so I went back and looked. I did my first closet purge about 3 months post op and 55 gone. Things were rapidly falling off. I could get into an 18 but it wasn't exactly pretty. All my clothes were falling off. I purged clothes again at about 80 pounds and 95 pounds. I'm very pear shaped so I'm much smaller in top. It's hard to predict. I lost inches even when I was stalled. Go to Target/kohls. I bought a couple maxi sundresses that fit no matter what size I am which I wear when I'm transitioning from one size to next. Good luck and have fun!!
  20. I'd say a shake in 45 min at 2 weeks is normal. You might not feel restriction yet because if fluids but also because the areas healing in stomach may still be numb. Don't push it. Sip and aim for fluid goals and as much protein as you can. The first time you eat refried beans of mushy/puréed, you'll probably feel some discomfort. Sounds about right though.
  21. Oh sister! If you only knew how much better you will feel, how FREE you will feel, you would hand him a suitcase and help him pack. I don't want to minimize the pain of heartache. I know it hurts. He is a control freak to try to keep you from a HEALTHIER life. I have a supportive husband but we have issues. This surgery, and weight loss has been the best thing I've ever done. Yes, I think it's made him feel a but left out from "life" but I won't sit back and let life pass me by! He either sits here or goes with me. So far, he's gone with. You have no idea how absurd this whole thought process will seem in a year. You are so deserving of being healthy! I sure wish you peace and healing through this. Sending you encouragement - you are so much stronger than you know!
  22. CrazyJaney


    I tried it at about 6 weeks out. Did ok, little painful. Easier to handle at 3 months. Now at 6 months, I love the chopped salad kits (I add turkey, cheese, etc). The chopped lettuce is perfect to chew up smaller. Sometimes it sits a little "stiffly" (if that's a word) but it so satisfies a need to crunch! As long as I add some protein, it's good to go. I'm probably rare in that I tolerate most things. I have only "slimed" once (omlette) and had dumping only once (fruo-fruo drink with ice cream in it - only had a few sips). I stick to protein first and count everything. I'm so thankful I can still do salads.
  23. CrazyJaney

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    I'm 6.5 months out and just hit my 100 pound mark. It's a awesome feeling. But I can't tell you how many stalls I've been through - too many to count. My progress graph on MFP is a sharp downward graph, but all along there is evidence of stalls. Most frustrating damn things ever! Good news is that you're perfectly normal. 20 is a perfect start. You're on your way!
  24. CrazyJaney

    NSV shout outs

    Camaro I hit my 100 pound lost this week too! Whoop!
  25. This is still one of my all time favorite threads! More so now that I've experienced the skin changes that 97 pounds can bring. It's humbling, but I feel too good to worry. I have always been inspired by you!

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