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  1. This is one of my most favorite threads of all time. The pure honesty hits me square in the chest. It's the first time in my entire life that I see I was never really alone. So many threads on this site make me feel that way but this one especially as I could have written it word for word - broken chair and all. There are so many reasons why I'm doing this. My health that is starting to fail (you can't outrun the inevitable). For my wonderful boys. So I can travel. So I can zip line with my kids (my 8 year old asked me yesterday if I'd do that with him when I "get better"). Because I want to ski again so very badly. Because my much older husband is now disabled and I'm terrified my kids will be without a capable parent. Because I would love to not have sleep apnea. Because I have pain in my feet/knees/hips and back nonstop. I'm just done. Food isn't love. Food is fuel. I can't do it on my own. Having this site and you wonderful people gives me hope. Hope is such a refreshing thing too!
  2. CrazyJaney

    Food Funeral

    Olive Garden "food funeral" tonight. No more pasta. Feeling full, kinda miserable, guilty. Not sure it was worth it. Seems like my confidence level hasn't been as high this week. Started exercising this week though. Hoping to let it go and move on. Just feeling a little pissed. And undone even have a date set yet.
  3. CrazyJaney

    Waiting to have sleeve after another surgery

    Quite a bit of blood loss with a hysterectomy too. Take your time in between no matter which you do. Good luck, hard decision.
  4. CrazyJaney

    Who is in March?

    I'm probably in March. Will submit for insurance approval 2/14. I really like the Atkins products, especially the shakes. They don't have as much protein as some but they are easy to drink. Premier is good too and high in protein. Not a fan of powders. The bubbles caused when mixing it gives me gas. I can't imagine that post op??? The Atkins are delish though. So much so that my 15 year old has been going through them quickly. Lol
  5. CrazyJaney

    Hey I'm New Here!

    Hey Ryan! Welcome! I'm preop too. Been on this site for a few months. It's a wonderful, supportive place. Read, read and read more. It's helped me in so many ways. Good luck!
  6. CrazyJaney

    Food Funeral

    There is a little piece of my brain that thinks "if you could just eat like you had a sleeve all the time then you wouldn't need surgery". Translation : YOU ARE WEAK. But I know, from reading here, and research provided by my doc, that without it, the likelihood of success is poor. Basically I've been doing fabulous preop (lost 19). Then the last 2 weeks, it's becoming too close for comfort to approval and a date and the reality is looming. I've even gained 3 pounds. Then the doubt-guilt-sabotage cycle starts. I read success story after success story on here and I WANT THAT. But the reality of a total game changer is scary. Once the ball gets rolling, I feel like I'll be fine. These "goodbyes" that have me emotional. Thank you for letting me know I'm (semi) normal! It helps.
  7. Brought tears to my eyes! What a great story to share! Congratulations on a new life!!!!
  8. CrazyJaney

    Food Funeral

    There is just something completely satisfying that eating good pizza. It's definitely my trigger. It's definitely like a lover. I'll get back on track. Italian is now off the list. Still want to eat pizza one more time and maybe Japanese steakhouse. Then I'm done. Unfortunately I can clearly see the bargaining aspect of addiction when I talk like that. I am most definitely ready to let go of the power that kind of food has over me (or the power I give it). Can't wait until I get my date, otherwise this feels like purgatory! Lol
  9. CrazyJaney

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    I did not resist the temptation. I had my first food funeral. I planned on 3. I'm so miserable I think this will be the last. I'm frustrated.
  10. CrazyJaney

    Food Funeral

    Sigh.... It's like the loser I get, the less confidence I have, or maybe I should say, the higher my anxiety is. Regardless, I don't think it was worth it. Your date is coming up soon! I saw you were Feb 10th? Do you start liquids soon? My surgeon doesn't do them but I plan to do mostly liquids for 5 days before.
  11. CrazyJaney

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    How fast was your approval? Which insurance?
  12. CrazyJaney

    February/March 2014 sleevers

    I was feeling so good too but as I get closer to being approved, I feel less confident. I feel like I coulda posted this. I had a food funeral tonight too. Just all around discouraged!
  13. CrazyJaney

    Surviving when life sucks

    Many, many prayers for you and your family. What wonderful words to help us all realize there is a much bigger picture besides numbers on a scale and the exact amount of calories/protein/carbs we ingest. Truly, I've been sitting here beating myself up for an exceptionally bad food day, seriously having doubts about whether I'm strong enough to go through this. You are so right! Life is a series of events, many, but not all, made better by WLS. Prayers for peace, comfort, healing and grace for you sweet girl.
  14. I bought a package of Chike. I'm not a fan. I like some of the other coffee flavored products but I don't think I'll ever use this stuff - too sweet. If anyone in the US wants it, I'll mail the rest to you.
  15. Protein drink that tastes like coffee. Has caffeine in it. Like a coffee shake but very sweet.
  16. I just ordered some 4oz glass storage bowls, with tight lids, on Amazon for that reason. I think my estimation skills suck! I measure most everything but when I take stuff to work, I'm not paying close enough attention.
  17. CrazyJaney

    Oh, do please shut up!

    No words sting worse to the ear of an alcoholic than the words of a "sober, recovering" alcoholic. But, I do think most come here for "support" and are in varying stages of recovery. At least on the internet you can take what you want and leave the rest. Some people have super steely constitutions. Some are weak. We all have stuff to learn from one another. But I get your original post. It's the Facebook friend who ONLY posts her EVERY woe. How can someone be truly that miserable???? The ones who do that (from my experience) usually create their own misery. Still, I think leadership means you foster hope in others. There is some "owned" responsibility to help others. Even if they are mind-boggling ridunculous. I almost spit out my coffee laughing at the "not to Scottland" response! Lolololol
  18. CrazyJaney

    sleep apnea?

    I have a love/hate relationship with my mask. I've been waking up with headaches for several years - severe ones the past two years. I was so sleepy in the afternoons. But it wasn't until I sought out WLS that it all clicked. My BP had gone sky high and I was also waking up in the night feeling like I wasn't breathing. I felt put out when my WLS doc, in the preop meeting said "I'm certain you have it". I'm a nurse. I've harped on my husband for years about his refusal to wear his cpap. I had no choice but to have tge sleep study. The results show mild to moderate apnea but I had "severe" drops in oxygen when I had apnea (more than expected). So, I've tried to make peace with it. The pressure of air doesn't bother me in the least. I expected that to be the hard part but it wasn't for me. And I actually feel so much better. Headaches are GONE. BP tons better (started med at same time as cpap). But I loathe that damn mask. It makes me sweat, it itches, it loses it's seal, it leaves a red ring around my nose. Ugh!!!! I'm going to call to see if I can try another mask. I'm roughing it out though. The research is CLEAR. One study quoted at a Cardiology conference I went to in 2012 stated that there is a 35% increased risk of cardiac arrest in people with untreated sleep apnea. The effects to your brain and heart are significant. I absolutely feel better using the cpap. But I sure wish the mask didn't wake me up 10 times a night. Good luck to you. It's really not that bad and it's so worth it. Just frustrated with the details.
  19. CrazyJaney

    Oh, do please shut up!

    I take the pledge too. This is a hysterical post! But where do you go to whine if you can't whine here??????
  20. I had to stop. I recognized the addiction and was spending money. I cursed the thought of it now. I got to level 240 and just gave up. Obviously someone in Vegas developed that game. They knew what they were doing. Good luck!!! This forum is actually a better way to kill time. Good for you.
  21. CrazyJaney


    Use the desktop version to sign up and get started and then use the app. It will make more sense that way. It's similar to WW or Livestrong if you've used those. I like it better than those apps.

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